You’ve been Equi-Fuxed!

In the words of Bob Dylan – “the times are a-changing…” – and NOT for the better. My apologies (not really) for the tile of this entry – but understand – due to this breach – YOU are going to need to spend the rest of your life watching on a monthly basis for any security breach in your economic world. From your bank accounts and trading accounts, as well as your Social Security and Medicare accounts and to all of your retirements accounts, including Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s) 401K/501C3, et al. No one else can do it. You will need to freeze all credit information (which is restricted to a 90 day period – which will unfrozen the minute that you apply for a new loan, for a car, mortgage or anew credit card, after-which you will need to freeze access to it all over again – for another 90 day period. Welcome to the New World. ~ Jeffrey Bennett, Publisher and President, Kettle Moraine, Ltd.


The Equifax Hack Is The Most Disastrous Data Breach In History Because Now Hackers Have The Credit Information Of 143 Million Americans
Talk about a nightmare. It is being reported that criminals were able to hack into Equifax and make off with the credit information of 143 million Americans. We are talking about names, Social Security numbers, dates of birth, home addresses and even driver’s license numbers. If this data breach was an earthquake, we would be talking about a magnitude-10.0 on the identity theft scale. We have never seen anything like this before, and to say that this will be “disastrous” for the credit industry would be a massive understatement…. (Continue to full article)

Thinking Through the Equifax Security Breach
If you’re one of the 143 million Americans who just got screwed by the massive security breach at Equifax, you may be wondering what you can do to protect yourself going forward. For those who’ve been living under a rock, the personal data that was stolen included names, addresses, social security numbers, and birth-dates. In addition, 209,000 had their credit card numbers stolen, 182,000 had dispute documents with personal data stolen, and an undetermined number of people had their driver’s license numbers stolen… (Continue to full article)

Equifax sent customers to a fake phishing site for weeks to check if their data was compromised in historic breach
And is anyone investigating the underlining crimes of ‘Insider Trading’? On August 21, roughly 2,500 put contracts betting on Equifax shares dipping below $135 by September 15 and traded for a total price of about $181,000. By end of trading on September 8, these puts were worth about $2.6million, according to options analytics firm Trade Alert data… (Continue to full article)

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