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Respect is something everyone believes themselves to be entitled to, but something which many people refuse to show for others. Some people believe that respect is something they are owed, while others believe it to be something that is earned. Respect is also kind of funny in that you can respect a person’s skill or abilities, but not respect the person.
My beliefs on respect are that people deserve a certain degree of it in the daily interactions between individuals; you don’t need to be rude or purposefully offensive from the get go; but true, deep abiding respect is something which can only come after you begin to know a person and the traits they exhibit. For instance, you can be respectful of someone you just meet, but then if you find out they are a thief or a habitual liar, then you are entitled to lose respect for them; at least that’s how I see it.

I’d be willing to bet that each of us has this kind of internal list of things which would cause us to lose respect for someone else; I know I certainly do. Now people may think that if I lose respect for someone I will stop speaking to them. While that is certainly the case in some instances, it is not always so. Some people I will continue to speak to, even though I have lost a great deal of respect for them.

Now this may cause some of you reading this to start questioning whether I respect you or not. While that is understandable, I suppose before you begin asking that question you should know the things which cause me to lose respect for others before you start wondering if I do, or do not have any respect for you.

I have absolutely no respect for people who are habitually lazy–NONE WHATSOEVER!!! Sure, it’s okay to be lazy from time to time; to just lounge around doing nothing; but when it comes time to work, I have no respect for people who don’t give it 100%. The way I see it is that they know what the job they are doing entails, and they are being paid to do that job, so if they are going to take their employers money, they damned sure better give their job the best effort they can muster, EVERY SINGLE SECOND THEY ARE ON THE CLOCK!!!

I have been told that my wife and I are the two hardest workers in the specific job we do where I work. I have also been told that my wife and I make others look bad. I’m sorry, but we don’t make anyone look bad; in fact making others look bad is the last thing that is on our minds. We only do what is expected of us to the best of our ability. That’s called integrity; something that many people seem to be lacking in substantial quantities. So if you think we make you look bad, maybe you need to stop looking at us and go find a mirror.

Another thing which causes me to lose respect for people is habitual lying. Sure, I can tolerate the occasional fib, or white lie, and even the expected exaggeration of details when repeating a story, but to lie constantly to the point where people never know if you are telling the truth is a deal breaker for me; I have no respect for people who cannot find it in themselves to be honest.

Double standards are another character trait which causes me to lose respect for people; and I see my fair share of this all the time. For instance, where I work there are both men and women doing all the jobs; well almost all of them that is. Yet in many instances I have personally been told that I cannot expect a woman to do the same things a man can. Why can’t I if they are getting paid the same as men? They preach about equal rights in the workplace, but when it comes to equal expenditure of actual work they back-peddle and tell me that women aren’t capable of working as hard as men.

Let me tell you something, I outweigh my wife by almost 80 pounds and I am 7 inches taller than she is; yet she runs circles around me on the job. In fact, she is the hardest worker I have ever met in my life. Don’t tell me women can’t work hard. In fact, if you’re a woman you ought to be ashamed of yourself when a 4′ 11″ 105 pound woman makes you look like a lazy piece of shit.

My dislike for double standards is not just confined to the workplace either. What really angers me is when I see people on one side of the political spectrum become angered when those from the other side push for measures, or laws, they disagree with, but then go deadly silent when their side is guilty of doing the very same things. As laziness is a matter of lack of personal integrity as it relates to physical performance, double standards in this regard are a sign of mental laziness; or at least a lack of intellectual integrity; and I cannot abide it.

That leads me directly to the next trait which causes me to lose respect for people; that being hypocrisy. I once worked with a guy who claimed to be a good God-fearing Mormon who attended church every Sunday. Yet when this guy was outside the walls of his church he was the vilest and most perverted man I’ve ever encountered. This guy was constantly swearing, telling dirty jokes, and talking about what he’d like to do in bed with the women he saw.

I won’t go into the dictionaries definition for hypocrisy, but I consider it to be when one claims to be one thing, but their actions prove them to be the direct opposite of what they claim to be. I see a lot of hypocrisy, not only in people’s claiming to be one thing, but in reality being something else; I see it in politics as well. The very fact that each and every elected official takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution, but in the day to day functions of their jobs they violate the Constitution shows me that there are a lot of hypocrites in our government.

What’s sad about that is that the worst offenders are the ones going around masquerading as conservatives. At least the liberals are somewhat honest about who and what they are; but the conservatives hide behind this banner of holding to traditional values, but then every chance they get they push for things which violate the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You wouldn’t believe how much that angers me; and if you had even an inkling of how much it pisses me off you would avoid me at all costs; just knowing how I felt about you.

Willful ignorance is another thing which causes me to lose respect for people. When information is so readily available, and easily accessible, there is absolutely no excuse for ignorance these days; unless of course it is due to the fact the people don’t care about the truth.

I could tolerate ignorance; hell I’m ignorant about a great many things; such as the laws of physics. But when it comes to politics, the history of this country, and the manner in which our government was established, and the powers it was given, I have absolutely no tolerance for an ignorant populace; especially when they go to the polls and vote without any knowledge or understanding of the system they are participating in choosing people to hold positions in.

What angers me even more is when people willingly choose to reject facts which shatter the lies they have been taught about events, or the current state of affairs of our government. Patrick Henry, on that fateful day in St John’s Church in 1775, uttered the following words, “For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to provide for it.” People today not only do not want to know the truth, they actively avoid it. Instead of picking up a book, or going online to do some research, they prefer to glue themselves to their TV’s, or their social media accounts so they can post pictures of what they ate for dinner. Is that how an informed and politically engaged people act? Not in my book it isn’t.

As I’ve explained a few of the big ticket items which cause me to lose respect for people, maybe now is the proper time to ask yourself if I respect you or not. I think those who I truly respect know that I do, and if you are still questioning whether or not I respect you, then maybe it’s high time you look inwards and begin questioning the things you do and the traits you exhibit; that is if you value my respect. Otherwise, as Credence once sang…

Since I was growing up I’ve always been pretty much a loner; I never had many real friends and learned to be comfortable without the acceptance or respect of others. So if what I’ve said has offended, or upset you, I’m sorry; but don’t for a minute think that I’m going to lose any sleep over it.

But if you value my respect, then you are going to have to start earning it all back; because what respect I did have for the people in this country, they have lost due to their exhibiting at least one, if not all of the abovementioned traits. Oh there are a few who haven’t, but like I said, I think they know who they are, and aren’t worried about whether or not I respect them.

A good way to begin earning back my respect is for a decent consideration for the truth. If you have an opinion, that’s perfectly acceptable; we all have opinions. Just be able to support them with concise facts and I’ll at least respect you for putting forth the effort to argue fact against fact. But if you continue running off at the mouth without any facts to support your positions; then forget it; you’ve already lost my respect.

In closing I would like to leave you with an idea that came to me at work last night, and was the genesis for this entire rant:

My respect for you as an American is directly proportional to the extent to which you either support or oppose a government which either upholds or violates the limits imposed upon it by the document which brought that government into existence in the first place; The Constitution.

You do that and we can be the best of buddies; but you ignore that and you will get no respect from me; it’s that simple. So choose wisely if you want any chance of having my respect.

~ The Author ~
Neal Ross, Student of history, politics, patriot and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Send all comments to: bonsai@syix.com.

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