Trump will, yet again, be one man against an entire corrupt political apparatus

DACA Timing – President Trump is Probing, Testing, Gauging, Timing for “The Big Ugly”…

As most know – I am a hard core anti-ILLEGAL American Citizen. We have legal ways to enter and to live in America. However we have allowed politicians to profit from their open violation of the EXISTING laws related to and governing Immigration. I see all those who PROFIT from the Illegal invaders as lower than those who embezzle from their employers… or those who shoplift rather than purchase the items they steal. I feel sorry for these children and young adults whose parents placed them in this situation but that is NOT of my doing and it is NOT my responsibility to foot the bill to keep them here. They need to return to the country they were brought from and then if they still want to come to America they need to follow the LEGAL avenue already set forth for them to come here.

They and their supporters all present this false premise that just because they are here they have a ‘RIGHT’ to remain and we should hand them anything else they may want. Sorry Charlie – that is not the way it works when the LAW is obeyed.

If a foreigner enters your personal home and plops down with their kids and stays there in violation of the trespass laws does that mean after a few years they are now part of your family and you must now accept them and care for them?

America is the personal home of LEGAL Americans just as your personal house and home is your personal property. Some stranger has NO *RIGHT* to claim ownership simply by ILLEGALLY SQUATTING on your property. The police or the courts will remove them and that same rule should apply to these DACA individuals.

Simply WANTING to come to America isn’t sufficient – Those who do need to comply with the LAW to immigrate here and they must also ASSIMILATE (learn to speak ENGLISH and adopt our CULTURE) once they do get here. If they prefer to bring their Culture and language then they need to remain in their home country where it already exists.

If the DACA kids want to get angry then direct their anger at those who put them in this situation, their parents – not at those of us who are trying to protect this land for our LEGAL children. The American resources the DACA kids take means that much less for our LEGAL American kids. ~ Jackie Juntti

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3 thoughts on “Trump will, yet again, be one man against an entire corrupt political apparatus

  1. A Reader

    The corrupt politicians deceptively refer to those DACA children as those who were brought here “through no fault of their own”.

    The correct and fair statement, though, is that these DACA children were given huge reward through no virtue of their own.

    They were given a much better life in America, with generous freebies that most of their compatriots can only dream of, all as a benefit of a criminal act of their parents.

    Millions, if not billions, of foreigners would love to immigrate to the U.S. They and their children suffer poverty, shortage of space to live, and often malnutrition. Mexico has higher living standard than most of the Third-World countries, and most of DACA children are much better off than children in these countries. And now we are supposed to be sorry for them because they were brought here “through no fault of their own”? That is absurd.

    Lets stop rewarding children of illegal aliens with goodies that they did nor earn or deserve. If we want to be generous for a million kids then we can easily find plenty of those who deserve to be rewarded, and will be forever grateful to America for their chance at the American dream.

    As many of the DACA children are concerned, they not only show no signs of gratitude, but engage in anti-American protests and demonstrations, demanding “their” share of the fruits of our hard work. And many are quick to join MS-13 and other criminal gangs that are so harmful to us and our children.

    Mr. Trump, please stop rewarding them. There is no good reason for it and plenty reasons against it.

  2. John Slagle

    Jackie and reader , a major pet peeve through several decades on the Border was the apathy and
    weak kneed decision making ability of career politicians , both republicans and democrats when it came to immigration law enforcement. The Immigration laws established by Congress are outstanding and need to be enforced to the letter, not compromised by ineffective political hacks who are loyal to lobbyists and open borders NWO minions. Most people are unaware that Mexico has very strict Immigration laws that are enforced by immigration agents as well as rural, state and Federal Police nationwide . Minor children traveling with parents from Central America or any country including the United States without proper documents are considered illegal aliens and subject to arrest and confinement unless Mordita” graft money is paid. Mexico’s laws regarding Human Trafficking and re-entry after deportation mean long jail terms for smugglers. Our
    U.S. Congressmen are as aware of international immigration laws of exclusion, regulatory statutes as are those of us who enforce the Immigration and Nationality codes stateside.

    For the first time in the history of the U.S. Border Patrol dating to 1924, over 18,000 Active Duty Agents have supported a Presidential Candidate, Donald Trump, mainly on the issue of illegal immigration . The same holds true for retired Agents who have seen the political nonsense involving so called immigration reform, Amnesty since 1965 and the 1986 IRCA Amnesty. POTUS Trump has some great advisors on border issues and will not allow the current ‘Do Nothing” Congress and Senate to derail his goals. Between RINOs, Deep State operatives, Democrat obstructionists, ANTIFA and the usual suspects, he has more enemies than I’ve seen in a Presidential administration since JFK and Nixon. He’s doing well in Texas with the Flooding disaster
    and support for citizens which was not a reality under Bush and FEMA handling in Katrina.

    Draining the swamp in D.C. is similar to working the storm drains under the City of Nogales, Arizona. Along with the large number of people found, there was also a great number of carnivorous sewer rats that were a constant irritation and lived only to feed and multiply.

  3. Günter Tretrop

    President Trump has to leave the Republican Party and start a new national Party. He could call it “America First Party” (AFP) or something similar! The Republicans are now a divided, gutless and for those reasons, a self-destroying Party. That is how I see the political situation in the US as a foreigner.


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