Poking the Sleeping Dog

Just a few thoughts from an America loving simple man on the whole situation that we find ourselves in…

To all of the anti-Trump hateful leftists that will undoubtedly troll this post… Our eyes are closed no longer. We see you for what you are. We see your destructive and divisive agenda/ideology, AND WE REJECT IT….

This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals“, the leftist bible…

All the attacks against Trump are just part of the leftist/media/deep state coup attempt that we are currently in the midst of and have no doubt, this a coup… After years of their failed liberal policies, We The People FINALLY became engaged. Conservative America rose up, spoke out, voted and won the House, Senate, Presidency and a record number of state legislative chambers. The leftist are simply losing their minds and they will do/say/try ANYTHING in a desperate attempt to remain relevant.

It seems to me that to a leftist, God is power, control and money. They worship daily at the altar of their false idol, their golden calf. They want to control your every action, your every thought. From the bedroom to the boardroom, they want to have a hand in everything that you do, say, think or acquire. If you do not subscribe to their groupthink, well you simply must be destroyed. Individual thought, individual liberty is not allowed… They seek to fund their scheme by denouncing and vilifying the productive members of society, stripping away their ill-gotten gains and redistributing them to the victims of society, the ones that they deem worthy of receiving the fruits of YOUR labor.

They overtax and overregulate any item, action or behavior that they disapprove of in an effort to force you into compliance with what they see as their leftist utopia. They adore Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. They have embraced Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” as their bible and have become quite proficient in using his tactics. They divide and concur with their identity politics. It may be white vs black, man vs woman, rich vs poor, gay vs straight or any other combination that they can come up with to advance their leftist agenda. If you are anything other than an employed, straight white man, then you are a victim, and you must be avenged… God help you if you do or say anything that they don’t collectively promote and embrace. It will “trigger” them and their fragile snowflake hearts will begin to melt and their psyche may be damaged beyond repair. The mainstream media, Hollywood and the entrenched swamp creatures (on both sides) are their pawns and they work tirelessly to promote and expand their destructive and divisive leftist ideology.

Trump isn’t a politician. He is not a member of their elite club. He is an outsider and a threat to their power and corruption. There is in fact hate on display, but not by President Trump. The leftist, media and entrenched swamp creatures on both sides feel threatened and they are exhibiting a level of hate for the man (and by proxy his supporters) that I have never in my lifetime witnessed before.

I do NOT support any racist groups on EITHER side of the political/social conflict that continues to intensify. I DO stand with America, the country that I hold so dear. I will protect Her with any and all of my ability. I stand with our President, unapologetically, and thank God that we rose up and averted the disaster of a HRC presidency.

The left continues to poke, poke, poke a sleeping dog, and that is not wise… There are only so many times that you can do that before you get bit. I myself have grown very weary of their multi-month temper tantrum filled with deception, hate and hypocrisy. Can no one else hear, see and feel it? Trouble and anger hang thick in the summer air. We are at the brink and if we continue down this path I do truly fear that something wicked this way comes…

Author Unknown from a post on Facebook

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One thought on “Poking the Sleeping Dog

  1. cali

    Thank you for putting these thoughts in writing who are felt by millions over including myself! Yes – we all feel they are stoking, stoking and provoking. There is only so much the silent majority is willing to take and tolerate. I’d say this: If they continue with the summer resistance and violence in their attempt to succeed with the coup against the president there will be at minimum 10 millions marching in the streets.
    The cold anger felt by the silent majority is palpable!
    Again thank you for sharing your thoughts that mesh with millions of us!


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