Juntti: Get Involved Locally ~ You Might Just Save the Country

September 1, 2017 ~ I have watched how people treat and react to ‘politicians‘ since I was a young kid. Not sure why but I never developed or acquired that “AWE” so many people have towards those in public office. They should (providing they deserve it) be treated with respect but they are not gods to be worshipped as so many treat them or as many of them deem their right.

Neither of my parents were political in any way so not sure where this became a part of my attitude towards politics or those so called celebrities. I have always looked at these people as no different than me – they simply held a different kind of job than I did. I rubbed elbows with many of the so called powerful politicians and called them all by their first name and they knew me by my first name. I have always shaken my head at how so many exhibit this worship attitude towards another human being. Too bad they don’t hold the same kind of WORSHIP attitude towards God The Father and Jesus Christ.

I’ve known people who will do anything they can just to get close to someone they consider famous, influential, etc. I can’t imagine that kind of thinking. To me God has created each of us and to each He has blessed with a certain talent or talents – 1 Corinthians 7:7 – Each one has his own gift from God – and we each need to examine our own work.

Some of us are created to lead – some to assist – and some to follow. If we spend our time trying to get close to those we think are famous we miss out on the Blessing, the Talent, that God put in us at conception. Instead of whining about things – get off your backside and begin to DO something to make the changes you want to see happen. All those so called ‘famous‘ types can’t do it all by themselves – they need helpers, assistants, advisors – all those folks we seldom see or even think about but they have a Talent that God gave to them to serve. The janitor, the waiter, the technicians that set up the mic’s etc are just as important as the Guest Speaker. How many people push their way up to touch or say something to those folks as they do to the Speaker??

Figure out what YOU CAN DO to initiate the changes in government that you want to see happen – then DO IT!!!!!

It could be something like interceding in prayer for those who are doing things. ~ Jackie Juntti

Follow Link to the subject column – it is well worth the read – then pass it on. Get Involved Locally ~ You Might Just Save the Country

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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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