Fasciunism II: Chapter Ten ~ The Imperial Presidency

This country is very close to having an imperial presidency. It probably began with Franklin D. Roosevelt. He stacked the courts, he had a congress that went along with him, we were just coming out of a depression and we got into WW II. This also got him elected more times than the constitution allowed. I believe that had he not died when he did he would have been elected again and again until he either quit or died. One of his famous quotes was; “In politics nothing happens by accident, if it happens you can bet it was planned that way.” Now you look at the times he was elected and the things he did and you can see that by his own quote, he was headed to being a lifetime president or possibly even a dictator.

For several presidents after FDR the specter of an imperial president did not raise its ugly head. People like Truman, Eisenhower, Ford and Carter just kind of let things go, as the congress wanted them to. Kennedy was not in office long enough to make a fair judgment, in fact by today’s standards he would now be closer to the Republican party. Had it not been for the Viet Nam war, I believe that Lyndon Johnson would also have tried to be what FDR was. In his time in office he expanded the government as much as he could and that was way too much. All of these men, up to the election of Ronald Reagan were one world Fasciunists. Yes, that includes supposed conservative Richard Nixon. Even Reagan could not undo everything that had been done since the nineteen forties.

After Reagan, George H. W. Bush became just another one worlder in the presidential office. He openly talked about it. When he lost to “Slick Willy” Clinton, we once again got a true imperial president. Clinton’s political hero was FDR and he tried his best to do more to send this country into true Fasciunism than FDR had done. One of the things that proved his intentions and ability to be an imperial president were the fact that the senate refused to remove him from office after his impeachment and at the same time he had people working in the background to find a way to allow him a third term.

With Ronald Reagan we had what I would consider a populist president. He was for the people and believed that the United States of America was the greatest country in the world, “A shining city on a hill” as he put it. Did he make mistakes? You be he made mistakes, he was human. In my opinion his biggest mistake was taking George H. W. Bush as his vice-president. Is I said, Bush was a one-world government person that wanted the United States in that one world government.

Let’s take a look at the presidents since George H. W. Bush. First you have Clinton. Here is a man that prior to becoming president was an anti-Viet Nam war demonstrator. While in college he camped out in a tree as a war protest. He spent days there defecating and urinating on the ground under the tree. He was a draft dodger, lying about wanting to join the ROTC in college. While they were awaiting him he went to England to study at Oxford. Later he stated that he never said he would join the ROTC. But then lying was a way of life for Clinton as would be later proven. While he was in England he made an illegal trip to the then Soviet Union. No one knows for sure why he went there but it is surmised that he went to teach the Russians how to hold anti-American war protests.

Actually I believe that doing something like that would make him a traitor and border on treason. I suppose that is seems logical because right after his trip the protests began. He eventually became the Governor of Arkansas where he had a reputation of being a sexual abuser. He was accused of rape and other sexual crimes. He was never convicted as being the governor he got to control the judges and the law enforcement people. His wife (Hillary) was involved in several shady deals and should have been accused of insider trading. But again “Slick Willy” kept her out of trouble too.

Once he became president he did not change, but got worse if anything. First of all there was WACO Texas and the burning of the David Koresh compound and church. Over Eighty people including children were killed there. Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno took full responsibility for the action. To my way of thinking this made both of them murderers. He is a philanderer and his many escapades with women were proven. Last and certainly not least, he is a liar and a perjurer. He lied about his intent to join the ROTC, He lied about his trip to the Soviet Union, he lied about his sexual escapades, both to the American people and the court. When pushed into a corner he always turned to newspeak. He stated that he merely misled the American people. That in newspeak means that it is okay to lie. When pressed about his perjury he simply went into redefining words into newspeak. He stated that a certain statement depended on what the defination of the word is, is. The word is, is an absolute and there can only be one definition. Is, is the present tense third person singular of be. Without newspeak there can be no other possible meaning.

The things listed here are but a few of the atrocities that “Slick Willy” committed. There were a multitude of deaths surrounding his presidency, Chinese unconstitutional contributions to his re-election campaign, granting special favors, shady deals by both he and his wife and I could go on and on. Things that he did both as Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States would have gotten the average person thrown in jail for life. However, Clinton was the imperial president and the media loved him so he got away with anything he did and his popularity just kept going up. Most of that was due to the media.

After Clinton we had George W. Bush. While Bush was a one-world globalist, he was a Republican and the media was not on his side. This did not allow him to do the damage that he might have done had he had the media and the left-wingers on his side. He did not really have the chance to make his presidency an imperial one. He was not really liked by either the left or the right. He coasted along winding up with just an average ho-hum presidency.

And now we come to B. Hussein O. Here is a man that took the imperial presidency to a new level. He did whatever he wanted and if anyone questioned or disagreed with what he did they were labeled racist. When he was elected the media compared him to God and to Jesus. They never questioned what he did and supported him to the max. In my mind I still do not believe he was an American citizen, no matter what he tried to show. His birth certificate was an obvious fake and his social security number was from a state that he had never even visited. He spent millions of dollars to make sure his college credentials were sealed and could never be seen. He had a name change from Barry Soreto to B. Hussein O. and for what reason? Even if he was truly born in Hawaii there are many things that should have raised red flags about him before he was elected. However, the media was so enthralled with having a black man running for president that they refused to vet him in any way whatsoever.

Looking at his upbringing we find that he was raised as a Muslim. Now he stated that he converted to Christianity but I find that difficult to believe. Anyone that converts from Muslim to Christian is automatically under a death sentence from the Muslims. Him being still alive tells me that although he attended a Christian (?) church, his conversion was for show only, he remained a Muslim. There were other things also like not wearing his wedding ring during Ramadan. He spent over twenty years going to a church where the pastor, Jeremiah Wright, hated America and even called for God to damn this country. Louis Farrakhan, a true Muslim, called him a savior and I do not believe he would have called a Christian a savior.

Another thing about his upbringing was that from about age twelve a man by the name of Frank Marshall Davis was his adult role model and mentor. He admitted this in his autobiographies. Davis was a known Communist and purveyor of pornography and this man instructed B. Hussein O. When he came to Chicago, who were his best friends? Two of the sixties communist sympathizers, rioters and bombers. Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn were founders and members of the Weather Underground, a domestic terrorist organization. Ayers’ organization hired Obama to be a community organizer in Chicago. Obama was a great believer of disciple of Saul Alinsky and his book “Rules for Radicals”. A book I might add that Alinsky dedicated to Lucifer. This is the kind of ma that this country elected as president twice. He never held a real job and when he ran for the Illinois state senate he kicked off his campaign at the home of Ayers and Dorn.

This man did more to bring down America than any president before him, possibly more than all presidents before him combined. The left wing news media loved him and to them he could do no wrong. While all presidents use executive orders to a certain extent, Obama actually used them to make law. This is unconstitutional but the media never questioned it. Obama did more to make racism worse in this country than the Klu Klux Clan. By constantly siding with the blacks involved in a controversy before even knowing all of the facts. When he was later proven wrong he never admitted it or apologized. The man was an egomaniac, a true narcissist that I believe thought he was perfect and could not make a mistake. He was a true imperial president in the fact that he did everything that he wanted to and no one held him accountable. Every time someone tried to hold him accountable they were called a racist. He pushed through Obamacare taking control of fifteen percent of the economy. This was an utter failure from the beginning and was always meant to be a failure. The reason it was meant to be a failure is that Obama always wanted a single payer, government run health care system and Obamacare was supposed to usher that in. Had Hillary Clinton been elected president we would probably have the beginnings of that already.

When Clinton was Secretary of State she allowed our ambassador in Benghazi to be killed along with several other persons and then not only she, but Obama and everyone connected with him lied about what happened. Until this day no one has been held responsible for the atrociousness of the act and the cover-up. Imperial presidency at its best. When Obama used the IRS to try to take down conservative non-profit groups, he was never charged with anything. He actually changed immigration law so that illegal immigrants could stay here and collect welfare and vote for the democrats and nothing was done about it. I could go on and on with the things that he pulled as an imperial president but you get the idea.

The imperial presidency is partially the result of the Democrat party controlled media. By using fixed polls and telling us exactly what the Democrats and the progressives want us to hear, they attempt to set up the president to either succeed or fail. There is no longer any truthful investigative reporting. If you do not believe me ask Cheryl Atkinson, she was fired for doing some investigative reporting. Today’s media have their minds made up and they will not let the facts get in the way of what they think.

I mentioned the executive orders that Obama put into effect earlier. These executive orders play a large part in the making of an imperial president. Some presidents now use these executive orders to make laws that no citizen or congress has voted on. These orders range from mundane things to having a great bearing on our freedoms. Some things that have been passed off, as executive orders were actually the ratifying of treaties, which is the job of the congress according to our constitution. While B. Hussein O. was president there were two very egregious executive orders that were unconstitutional and were actually both treaties. One of these was the Paris Accord on global warming. Obama had the name changed to accord instead of treaty so that he could sign it and make it a law. No matter what it is called it is still a treaty. The only good thing about is that President Trump was able to withdraw from the Accord with just another executive order. The second treaty that was misnamed was the deal with Iran on their nuclear preparations. We dropped our sanctions and all Iran had to do is to lie and say that they would no longer attempt to develop nuclear weapons. This was a treaty pure and simple but Obama treated it as a simple accomplishment.

Presidential executive orders have been around for a long time but I believe that probably Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama made more use of them and more inappropriate use of them than any other presidents. These executive orders have a place in a president’s power, but should not be used to circumvent the constitution. Depending on who the president is and what party he belongs to the mainstream media give the democrat, progressive, liberal, communist, fascist, Fasciunist presidents all the latitude they need to become imperial presidents by the use of executive orders.

The imperial has been created for a purpose. The big money people like George Soros and others along with the major mainstream media have made all of this seem normal, like it is what the American people want. For instance with Obama, the powers that be and the media wanted us to pull out of Iraq. Obama not only did just that he gave the enemy several months’ notice that he was going to do it. The media lauded and applauded him for this decision. When ISIS came in and took over Iraq the media was strangely silent. When he drew a red line in the sand over Syria using chemical weapons the media was ecstatic. When Syria went ahead and used the chemical weapons anyway and Obama did nothing about it, once again the media was strangely silent.

One of the things about the media is that they think that we are totally ignorant, especially those of us in the middle of the country, in what they term as fly-over country. They thing that we will believe anything that they say and if they say something today they think that we will forget it by the time they contradict it. This is how they hope to convince us that the imperial presidency is a good thing.

One factor of the success of an imperial presidency unfortunately lies with many of the American citizens. There is a large segment of the population that is filled with greed and apathy. They do not care what goes on in the rest of the country and especially the rest of the world as long as they are making a good living or keep on receiving their welfare checks. They love their so-called freebies that the government gives them as a bribe. As much as I hate to say this because I know I will be called racist is that the democrats and the progressives have convinced a majority of the blacks in this country that they are entitled to the government giving them everything that they need. Of course someone has to pay for all of these perks and that falls to the working class of all colors.

The Fasciunist in the media, politics and wealthy of this country are behind the imperial presidency. They have to have this before they can take the country over and turn it over to a one-world government with a supreme dictator. When you take a good look at the presidency and what the constitution says it should be, what do you see? I believe now with Donald Trump we once again have a president of the people but if the Fasciunist media have their way they will get rid of him and attempt to find a person they can turn into an imperial president.

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past seventeen years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

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