Burkert: Bill of Divorcement

Originally posted on Federal Observer on April 20, 2017 as a reply to Is America In The Throes Of A Nasty Divorce?, by Ron Ewart. In a rare move – we felt that the author’s commentary warranted a posting of it’s own. ~ J.B.

I don’t think that there’s any doubt, that the American Union will eventually be dissolved. How that happens is what is in question. Will it be a violent dissolution, or will it be peaceful. Will each state become an independent nation, or will some states join in new, but much smaller Unions?

There is a large secession movement in the State of Texas. It’s been around for a long time. Texas was indeed, an independent nation, from 1836-45. Texas is the only state, that joined the Union through a Treaty. So, Texas was never a territory, unlike every other state after the original 13 Colonies, became the United States.

But Texas is not the only state, where a large portion of her people are dissatisfied with the Union and with Washington, and the Ruling Class, in particular. There are others as well. California comes to mind. There, the people apparently WANT more government, more government giveaways, higher taxes and as many illegal aliens as they can get. In short, California WANTS a Socialist government to RULE over them. Californians are unhappy, because their desires for Socialism are not shared with people in other states!

Texans do not want Socialism. Texans do not want Washington politicians and unelected “civil servants” telling them what they can and cannot do in their daily lives. Texans will not suffer the yoke of TYRANNY around our necks, for long!

Texas, like California can make it on our own. California, for now at least, has an economy that can sustain themselves with no need for the Federal government. California, however, is in dire need of WATER. If their water is cutoff, they wither on the vine!

Texas, while concerned with water is in much better shape in this regard. Texas also has an economy of manufacturing, energy and food production that is superior to most nations of the world. We are the only state, to have its own electric power grid! Texans send MORE money to Washington in the form of TAXES than we receive in return.

The time will come when Texans finally have enough of Washington DC, New York, Illinois and a whole host of Liberal Socialism. Texas will eventually go its own way. The question remains, will the Washington government once again attempt to pin Texas back to the Union, with bayonets, or will we be allowed to go in peace? The same question is on the minds of people in California and other states who for whatever reason, no longer see the Federal Union, as their means of a future!

Finally, it’s probable that several states will bind together in confederations. States like California, Oregon and Washington as an example, have similar Socialist leanings and will need each other. Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and the Dakotas, may well form a confederation of states and prosper with their agriculture and energy sections providing better lives for their people.

But what of the Northern, Liberal Socialist states? They too will join each others ranks. They share the Liberal Socialist ideology that is tearing our nation apart and will naturally flock together. Many other confederations will result as North America is transformed into blocks of nations. Washington DC, will be abolished! And…good riddance!

Michael Burkert

3 thoughts on “Burkert: Bill of Divorcement

  1. Mark

    Having lived in Texas for four years and visited it regularly the last 25 years I agree with this article.

    Below is a breakdown of the 11 major cultures in the US today that ties into Bill of Divorcement.


    I have been thinking maybe one of the reasons the US is not a major player in the 66th book of the Bible is because of our self imposed shattering balkanization …Civil War 2 that is coming?

  2. Mark

    A few more comments

    I believe the coming Civil War 2 will balkanize the United States roughly by the map cultures we have evolved into as the individual responsibility melting pot has become the welfare social engineered multi-cultural salad bar.

    • Obama’s real legacy will be setting the stage for our break up as a coherent nation across the fruited plane from sea to shining sea.

    • The map author has made the Tidewater area larger than it really is in NC, as outside the small dense (every pun intended) academia enclaves and EBT card hungry blue bubbles of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill central NC is more Greater Appalachia and Deep South then Tidewater.

    • The Greater Appalachia’s and Deep South’s similar merging culture’s and values are today as much a matter of “Altitude then Latitude” That is why veterans nationally are flocking to them (and the Far West) and so many others who believe in personal sovereignty, individual liberty, are intensely suspicious of lowland aristocrats and Yankee social engineers alike, and fight against government regulation that threatens individual liberty are self-sorting from other parts of the country.

    • The Greater Appalachia and Deep South are Cultural Cousins. Both have a burgeoning veteran population, are seriously agrarian with large swaths of fly-over rural country, somewhat feudal, committed to chivalry, honor, tradition, courtesy, social graces, defiant independence, strongly held Christian faith. Both are filled with hard scrabble people clinging to their Bibles and guns. A formidable people who will never accept the Orwellian Political Correct Crap (PCC) tyranny the Left is spewing. A people who will act lethally long before being acted upon.

  3. Mark

    oops…accidentally sent the above link before finished….much of the grist for the mill came from Lt. Col Tom McKenney USMC out of his powerful book, Jack Hinson’s One man War; A Civil war Sniper…a must read.


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