A Communist Cleansing of America

With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably.” ~ Jeri Taylor, Star Trek script

Americans witnessed more violence, yet again, on August 12th 2017, in Charlottesville, Virginia, during a Unite the Right free speech rally, that also hoped to stop the removal of Confederate General Robert E Lee’s statue from Emancipation Park. While an unknown number of counter-protesters who truly see Confederate monuments as painful reminders, of a time of bondage in America’s past, were there, many were simply good and decent conservatives, who understand that America cannot allow Her history to be re-written and eradicated.

Unfortunately, the roots of violence in Charlottesville, that ended Heather Heyer’s life, is the same sort of violence America witnessed in the 1960s and more recently in Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas and Baton Rouge and now dozens of other cities across America, but its cause goes far deeper than a few Confederate monuments. Removing the monuments will solve nothing.

It’s hard to imagine that the hard-core left of Antifa and Black Lives Matter had any noble purposes, once one discovers they came prepared with clubs and urine and feces filled bottles and balloons; and, it is even more telling that Charlottesville Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy is a black supremacist racist and a member of the New Black Panthers, who tweeted, “I don’t like whit[e] people so I hate snow” on December 20th 2009, and “I hate seeing white people in Orangeburg“, on February 13th 2011.

The violence soon started, once a state of emergency was declared at 11:06 A.M. and law enforcement called the event an “unlawful assembly” at 11:36 A.M.. Law enforcement forced conservatives, Nazis and KKK alike out of Emancipation Park and directly into the violent hordes of waiting Antifa, who hurled their urine filled containers. And in essence, the police failed to maintain order; it’s been suggested by ACLU investigators that the police were given a “stand down” order.

Swastikas, Antifa black flags and Hammer and Sickles flew in despicable fashion over America’s horizon in Charlottesville, and the Nazis and Antifa Marxists engaged in hand to hand combat. At the height of the violence, Sheryl Gay Stolberg (NYT) wrote, “The hard left seemed as hate-filled as the alt-right. I saw club-wielding Antifa beating white nationalists …“, but she then corrected her report to cover for Antifa’s evil, writing, “Should have said violent, not hate-filled. They were standing up to hate.”

One cannot ascribe varying degrees of blame to the radical groups in Charlottesville. The Neo-Nazis’s venomous racism is no more or less contemptible than Antifa and BLM’s belief that offensive speech, other than their own, must be banned at any cost, as they endeavor to destroy our republic. These young fascists and communists have far more in common with each other, than they do with decent conservative and classical liberal thinkers and patriotic Americans, which is always true of violent radicals and totalitarian minded petty tyrants.

If we are to survive as a republic, we must condemn the violence and evil philosophy of those members of the Neo-Nazi and KKK groups; we must condemn the violence of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers, and Laraza and their communist ideology. We must also stop allowing the mainstream media to falsely label all conservatives as bigots and racists and all left wing activists as moral crusaders. Otherwise, with our honesty as a society in question at the moment, America will soon cease being a free society.

It is important to note that the radical Far Left has grown enormously, since the 1960s, and even more over the last decade, Their most recent violence was witnessed in Oakland 2009, Pittsburgh 2009, Akron 2009, Oakland 2010, Los Angeles 2010, Oakland 2011, Anaheim 2012, Brooklyn 2013, Ferguson 2014, New York 2014, Baltimore 2015, Oakland 2016, Portland 2016, Washington D.C. 2017, Olympia 2017, Portland 2017 and Berkeley on three separate occasions this year, along with massive property damage,injured citizens and hundreds of hurled Molotov cocktails.

There isn’t any comparable list of Neo-Nazi or “alt-right” protests. There have not been many in recent years, and it is a factual error to call the entire alt-right movement “racist”; it started as an organization that noted one could be white, or any color, and be proud of one’s race without hating other races, and that one need not apologize to people of color for their ancestor’s sins of slavery or for being white.

However, heavily laden with Leftist propaganda mouthpieces, the mainstream media is unwilling to take an honest look at Antifa and the evil it perpetrates, because that would not advance their false narrative of America and people of color still being victimized by conservative groups. America’s media provides cover for the anarchists and communists, who hide behind self-proclaimed righteousness to commit criminal acts of violence.

Now, the media castigates President Donald Trump for not condemning the Nazis and white supremacists harshly enough, after it gave President Barack Obama a pass , when Black Lives Matter, other communists and anarchists and ISIS sympathizers tore Ferguson. Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland apart. this is typical Leftist media hypocrisy, but to hear it from a number of Republicans, like former presidential candidate Mitt Romney and Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) is inexcusable. Where were these Republicans, when black thugs posing as “activists” were destroying U.S. cities and attacking white people?

In Durham N.C. shortly after Charlottesville’s violence, our own Taliban smashed a statue of a Confederate soldier. Near the entrance of Duke University Chapel, a statue of Lee was defaced, the nose broken off.

Takiya Thompson, 22, was the young lady who helped tear down the Confederate monument in Durham, identified through on site video. She was soon arrested after addressing a press conference of the World’s Workers Party, a Marxist melange that stuck with the Soviets through all their human rights abuses.

On August 16th, Baltimore carried out a cultural cleansing by taking down statues of Lee and Maryland Chief Justice Roger Taney, who wrote the Dred Scott decision and opposed Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus. Approximately 100 other statues from Chattanooga to Murfreesboro and Franklin to Tampa, Dallas and Houston are facing the same fate.

If America starts tearing down all the statues of Confederate heroes, like Robert E. Lee, “Stonewall” Jackson and Nathan Bedford Forrest, why stop there? What about the nine presidents of the United States who owned slaves?

Laura Ingraham, renown talk radio host, along with President Trump, myself and many others, is right to ask, “What else will be subjected to their eradication and denunciation”, further noting, “This is not about racial healing. This is about the control of the narrative and the destruction of historical recognition.”

Perhaps the Left will start purging their own Democratic Party, as good communists often do, of displays that honor racist Democrats. There’s a statue of former Senator Robert Byrd (D-WVA), a Grand Keagle in the KKK, in West Virginia’s state capitol. There also exists approximately 56 buildings, bridges, highways and centers that are named after Byrd. Do they need to be renamed or destroyed now?

What about Senator J. William Fulbright (D-MO)? Fulbright was a segregationist who voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1957 and 1964, and he opposed implementing the Court’s ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.

W.E.B. Du Bois

Should statues of NAACP co-founder, W.E.B. Du Bois, be toppled? Du Bois was kicked out of the NAACP (now far-left), because he supported segregation. He became a communist, renounce his U.S. citizenship and praised mass murderers Joseph Stalin and Mao Tse-Tung as great leaders.

If the Jefferson Memorial or the Washington Monument was blown up today, who would America blame — the Islamic jihadists or the Antifa fascists?

This is precisely what the Left intends on accomplishing, because at the core of their evil little hearts, these Antifa and Black Lives Matter types are outright communists. They will burn America’s biographies and histories and write new texts aimed at abolishing eternal truths and all religion and morality. They will “cleanse” our modern society to prepare for the “classless society” where what was and is no longer exists. And finally, they will indoctrinate our children and demand that they tear down and destroy what their fathers cherished.

America is in a fight for Her very life, because the “protests” by the radicals of Antifa, Black Lives Matter and other communist backed groups are focused on taking down Our Republic by any means necessary. America is under assault by communists and anarchists bent on defining our rights through the state communist “elite”, more than they have any real concern over “white supremacy”, and in order to succeed, they must undermine and destroy the U.S. Constitution and complete the “fundamental transformation” of America into an authoritarian socialist state.

Every American, who loves America so well, must fight in the halls of state legislatures and the U.S. Congress, and the streets of America if necessary, to protect America. We must demand that our leaders properly use the tools of the Constitution and America and guide America back towards American traditions and the Western and Judeo-Christian principles and ethos, that have always defined America’s free society, in order that America’s Children and Her Children’s Children will continue to live, under the rule of law, free for all eternity.

April 20 2017

~ The Author ~
mr_smithJustin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Dept – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Magestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

5 thoughts on “A Communist Cleansing of America

  1. Edith Hedges

    Thank you for the article! We must pray for our country and its leaders.. We are in such sad straits with many of our younger(30″s on down) thinking that Antifa & BLM & the socialist/marxist groups have a righteous intent.

    I don’t like to claim J. William Fulbright, Democrat senator for so many years. He is an Arkansan, not a Missourian, who kept being elected in AR because of his seniority & what people stated he could do for our state! THOUGH his extremely anti-Vietnam stances were not shared by the majority of Arkansans. Such is the pity with good, respectable, uninformed people continuing to elect some senators & representatives, especially in leadership, who do not have America’s Constitution & best interests & people at heart.

    1. Justin O Smith

      Thank You Ms Edith Hedges for Your thoughtful and accurate comment. You are absolutely right that Fulbright was a Senator for Arkansas. I must have slipped on that point, because I had previously been reviewing his early years in Missouri, his place of birth.

      Thanks again for keeping me straight and honest. It’s a small fact, but important nevertheless.

      I’m more worried for America and decent Families of God and the principles that built Our America than I have ever been in my entire life. You’ve made a fine observation that I have addressed numerous times, and now, it’s up to Us and all who think like Us to find better ways to solve this problem, by removing educators who do not stick to known and observed facts of history and implement indoctrination programs filled with obvious propaganda.

      This must occur on the local level in the School Boards and at the State Regents level. In the meantime, with large problems in government, 2018 is the year to REPLACE Every Single Known RINO and weak conservative, with REAL And KNOWN [through past verified actions and records] Conservative Moral and Principled Statesmen of Integrity, who stand for a financially responsible and limited government and the U.S. Constitution.

      I hope such Statesmen exist. Of late, they are like the mythical unicorn.

      In Liberty ___ Justin O Smith

  2. John Slagle

    Justin, outstanding article many thanks Sir. I watched with great interest President Trumps’ rally speech in Phoenix, Arizona last night and was impressed on points covered from support of the U.S. Border Patrol, clearing the air on the ANTIFA-White Nationalist induced riots in Virginia , fake news nonsense to former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a good man highly respected by anti-smuggling agents in Tucson Sector. The Sheriff was charged for criminal contempt of court for defying a judges order to cease detaining suspected illegal aliens in his jurisdiction. A point that rarely was discussed was the fact that 160 deputies completed immigration courses with INS investigations and were certified to make arrests secondary to their normal duties. Joe’s deputies could arrest illegal aliens under 8 USC 1325 as well as human trafficking smugglers under 8 USC 1324.

    The usual protests expected by ANTIFA , open border zealots and anarchists started to gain steam last night but was quickly suppressed by a no nonsense approach by Phoenix PD. Violent protestors were warned and aggressive individuals wearing gas masks oblivious to CS-cannisters quickly dispersed
    when a rubber 12 gauge riot control slug (non lethal) ended the situation, knocking down a gas masked individual. In other parts of the country, stand down orders by leftist political city leaders to law enforcement actually allowed mayhem on the streets.

    As you stated Justin, getting rid of self serving corrupt politicians in both political parties is a start. Drain the swamp state to state. I’ve been a conservative constitutionalist for decades and RINOs who lie to get elected are the majority reasons for a ‘Do nothing Congress and Senate” that never accomplishes anything for the people of this nation.

    1. Justin O Smith

      Mr John Slagle,

      I thank You for recognizing and understanding the truth when You see it, and I thank You for Your fine observations regarding our current situation in America.

      I write in the interest of leaving a better America for my Children and in order that freedom and Liberty are preserved.

      I always try to encourage every speaker of the TRUTH, I may meet or know, to continue in their strengths and present some form of their message, no matter how great or small, to someone, somewhere and daily.

      Keep Fighting the Good Fight Mr Slagle. America needs You and Your discernment, Your skills, now more than ever.

      To Your point, “speaking the truth and sharing the facts” is the only way Our society and this America We Love So Well will stay Free, short of taking up arms.

  3. John Slagle

    Curious day Justin , a southwest Missouri man has been identified as one of the more prominent faces of a white nationalist rally held in Charlottesville, Virginia last week during the riots. The 29 year old man said he traveled to Virginia with a group of area residents to protest the planned removal of a statute of Confederate General Robert E. Lee . ”The rally was not a racist rally”. It was a rally to save our history”, Von N. stated and that he does not identify with groups that attended the protest, including white supremacist, alt right, neo Nazi and pro Confederate groups. Von N. stated that the Charlottesville protests were supposed to be peaceful and blamed Black Lives Matter counter protesters for the escalation of violence .

    Regarding Confederate monuments in the Springfield, Missouri National Cemetery, a petition drive
    was underway by the usual suspects to remove a statute of Sterling Price, a former Missouri Governor and Confederate General. Price was a key officer of the Confederate forces that won the battle of Wilson’s Creek in August 1861, one of the first major civil war skirmishes. The site of the battle is now the Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield which features a monument to Confederate troops in the Missouri National Guard, In the Springfield National Cemetery monuments stand where Confederate soldiers are buried or memorialized. According to V.A. spokesman Curt Cashour, the aim of the U.S. national cemetery system is to balance “history and respecting our fallen Veterans and those that come to honor them”. We do not allow Confederate flags to fly from a fixed pole and only allow small confederate flags to be placed on CSA soldiers graves on two days a year, Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day.

    In Arizona , a statue of Pancho Villa was placed in the park at downtown Tucson, Arizona while I was still on active duty with the USBP. The left loved the statute and people that disapproved of the mounted gunman knew the history of Pancho Villa as a border bandit, rapist, murderer and cutthroat.

    People believe just about anything they’re told if repeated often enough by politicians who wanted open borders and a symbol of Villa cemented their goals.


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