Fasciunism II: Chapter Seven ~ Morals & Responsibility

This is an area where the Fasciunists have really taken over. They, along with their lapdog media, have turned to newspeak and perpetuated more big lies. Some call this cultural communism and that may well be how it began. Remember, Fasciunism is a combination of communism and fascism. One large portion of this lie is that you cannot legislate morality. That statement is a lot of hogwash. Murder, rape, assault, battery, theft, robbery; these are all moral issues and there are laws against all of them. Would it not stand to reason that if you could not legislate morality, these things would all be legal? Another lie is that we are told being amoral is fine but being immoral is not. That statement is actually a contradiction and is used just to placate people that do not truly understand the English language. Either that or the people that choose to do what they want and do not want to be told that it is wrong. The reason that it is something of a contradiction is that being amoral you have no parameters so each person gets to judge their own behavior. That means that whatever they do is neither moral nor immoral, it is whatever they choose to call it. Should this go on long enough and reach far enough it could turn the country into total anarchy. I truly believe that this is what the Fasciunists want, then they can take over completely.

Going hand in hand with the lack of morals is the lack of responsibility. When someone breaks one of our laws that is based on morality, it is never their fault. When a teenage girl gets pregnant, it is not her fault nor is it the father of the baby’s fault. When someone robs a bank or convenience store, that is not their fault, it is because of their childhood. When a teenager kills his or her parents, it is not their fault. We have no fault divorce, no fault insurance and who knows no fault anything else. You cannot blame young children for the things that they do because you may hurt their little feelings and harm their psyche. You cannot blame adult criminals because, as children, they were never taught any different. If they were disciplined, the harm that that did to their psyche is what caused them to turn to a life of crime. It is a now win situation. Take some of the mass shootings that have taken place over the years. Everyone is always looking for a reason to blame someone else than the shooter. When Gabby Giffords was shot it was Sarah Palin’s fault. Because she used an age old custom of putting bull’s-eyes on areas she was going to target in her political campaign, that made her somehow at fault for a whack job to shoot people. With school shooters it depends on who does the shooting. If it is students or ex-students, many excuses are found. Some even look for excuses for older shooters. It is never their fault, it I the fault of the NRA, the gun store that sold the gun or some other made up cockamamie reason. Let’s take a look at some of some things that have changed and how the Fasciunists are using these changes to further their own cause.

Let’s begin with abortion. This is a subject I can well remember arguing back in the nineteen sixties. When I said abortion was the murder of a baby and was wrong, I was told that it was a woman’s right to do with her body as she pleased and none of my business. As I stated earlier in the book, I was also told that it was not a baby, it was a fetus, (typical newspeak). Besides as I also stated earlier they told me that abortions would always be limed to the first trimester because anything after that could be considered murder. I used to argue that before it was over they would be aborting babies on the day they should have been born and possibly doing post-birth abortions. How many times have we seen that being done with babies that were just born being found in trash cans, dumpsters and other our of the way places. The Fasciunists in government, the courts and the media have made all of this possible. What ever happened to the responsibility of unmarried women not getting pregnant? What ever happened to the responsibility of young men not to get girlfriends pregnant in the first place? What ever happened to the idea of getting married and raising the baby? Oh, that went away when the one night stand became an accepted part of many young people. There is never any blame put on anyone when the woman gets pregnant or when she has the abortion. That would be bullying and that might hurt someone’s psyche. Abortion is still murder and changing the word baby to fetus doe not make any less so. A human life is a human life. Scientists have proven that life begins at conception so there should be no debate about it. However, the Fasciunists need abortion as another wedge between the two different sides of the argument. You have pro life and pro death people arguing and marching for their causes. The more wedges the Fasciunists can drive between groups of people the better they like it. They say if it feels good do it, “no morals no responsibility”.

Euthanasia falls into the same category. Once we have been desensitized to the death of the unborn, we can start killing of the very old. It is currently called assisted suicide now, but it is killing just the same. Once the concept of taking a life by assisted suicide becomes common, it may no longer be the patient themselves who makes the decision to terminate their life. Imagine if you will, once the world gets still more populated, people being chosen for death because of their age, some deformity, a costly problem or any other criteria that someone else, (probably some government bureaucrat) lays down. “That could not happen in America,” you say. Think about what you just read about abortion and the answers to my concerns in the sixties. There are already people in this country that are already saying that old people are costing the country too much money and a top age should be set on how long you can live. Then there are those that feel that there too many people on the earth. What better way to get rid of them than to kill off the old and infirm? Kind of like ethnic cleansing, but with a different set of parameters. There is also the cost item at any age. As I write this there is an eleven-month old baby in England that is about to die. He has a brain disease that cannot be treated in Europe. However, in America there is an experimental treatment that could give him hope. The doctors in England say he does not deserve to live. The parents got together enough money to bring him to the United States, but the government will not let them leave the country. The courts have weighed in on the case and also denied the family the ability to come to America. Who the hell do these people think they are that they can say who can live and who is not deserving of life and a chance to be healed? President Trump has requested that he be allowed to come here and now the congress is going to make him a resident of the United States, so hopefully he may get to come and get treated. Under Obamacare, this could be coming to this country as well. That is why getting rid of Obamacare is important.

The Fasciunists used the sexual revolution to promote other things that have been heretofore considered deviancies. First it was homosexuality and lesbianism and lately it has become what you feel your gender is and taking a choice. I have also heard rumblings that very soon there will be a push to make both bestiality and pedophilia legal. These things have been around since the beginning of time. However, until this past century these things have been considered wrong and sinful. This is not only a Christian tenet; it is that way in Judaism, the Muslim religion and every other religion that I am aware of. Both the Christian and Jewish bibles consider it an abomination before the Lord. By using amorality as their code the Fasciunists have brought homosexuality and lesbianism up to the level of heterosexuality. Many times I believe they even try to make it out to be a superior lifestyle. Besides, this is not their fault, they have no responsibility, they were born that way. I personally believe that they were born that way is pure hogwash. There is not one bit of scientific evidence to back that claim up. All it is, is the word of a bunch of psychiatrists wanting to make a name for themselves. Another thing is that up until several years ago we were always told that it was none of our business what they did in their bedroom. Then little by little we were pushed into accepting them. Finally it became an in your face project with them demanding not only equal rights but special rights. All of a sudden what they did in their bedrooms became our business. That not being good enough, they began having parades, which included sex acts and other depravities. Then came marriage. Since the beginning of time marriage has been between one man and one woman. The main aim of marriage has always been procreation. There is no way two men or two women can create a baby without outside help. However, the Fasciunists, seeing a way to push us further don the road to depravity and immorality, went ahead and made gay marriage legal.

Now we come to the next step in the process; flexible gender. Now all you need to do is to say that you are the opposite gender of what you were born and I am supposed to accept that. Men can now use women’s rest rooms, changing rooms and locker rooms. Women can do the same in men’s private rooms. I am supposed to let my ten year old daughter go to a public bathroom and see some dirty old man playing with himself because he said he felt like a female when he went in. If it bothers her and she says something about it, it becomes my fault for not raising her correctly. If my six year old son says he wants to be a girl and I try to dissuade him from that the possibility exists that the Fasciunists will soon be able to take him away. It has already happened in Canada and many Fasciunists in this country are looking to get laws passed so they can do the same thing. We already have localities that allow you to put an x on your driver’s license where sex is listed.

So, how did we come to this point? First it was celebrities like Bruce Jenner having sex-change surgery and the media being one hundred percent giddy over the fact. They pushed so hard and s fast that it soon became the thing to do. It was a short step from there to being told that the feelings about your gender were all that was important. Once again, it was the media that pushed this. While there is no evidence that homosexuals and lesbians are born that way, there is positive proof that gender switchers are not born that way. You are either born with an x chromosome or an xy chromosome and the proper plumbing to go with it. Until science can prove that people are able to change the molecular structure of their genes, it is impossible for one to change their gender. However, this does not fit the long-term goals of the fasciunists. They want to push this country down until there is nothing to do but to accept them as the way out.

As I stated I am even hearing more and more about making pedophilia and bestiality legal. They tell us that young children have sexual urges and they should be fulfilled. They also tell us that an adult should be the one to fulfill that need so that the children are taught properly. They also say that both boys and girls of eleven and twelve should be able to give consent, as they are sexually active by that time. This is another barrel of hogwash promoted by those same psychiatrists looking to make a name for themselves the way that Kinsey did. As for bestiality, the argument here goes; “If it is okay for two men or two women to love each other, why can’t a man or a woman love a dog, or a sheep or a horse in the same manner”? It is a sick world out there and the Fasciunists are trying to make it sicker.

We are not quite fond because the Muslims want Sharia law where they can legally have seven wives and female genital mutilation is legal. I would also make honor killings legal. The female genital mutilation and the honor killings are going on in this country to some extent but are not yet legal. Now the Fasciunist in the media and in the Democratic Party are saying that we cannot insult the Muslim religion and have to accept what they want and need. They feel that the only religions that can be denigrated, insulted and hopefully done away with are Christianity and Judaism. You are not allowed to say bad things about the Muslims no matter what they do. I do not know where this one will go but it scares me to think about it.

So where is the country going? Well, one of the ways the communists intended to take over the country was to eliminate our moral standards. The Fasciunists are going about it in a very precise fashion. Once we have learned to accept one deviate act as normal and natural, they take the next step. They keep pushing the envelope until soon we will have no moral code whatsoever. When that happens this country will fall into a state of total anarchy. As I previously stated and will continue to state, this is exactly what the fasciunists want. Anarchy is just one short step from turning a country into a dictatorship.

Where does the responsibility for all of this lie? Well, first we have to look at responsibility itself. I stated earlier that no one seems to be responsible for their own actions. However, during the presidencies of Slick Will Clinton and especially B. Hussein O, white Americans of European decent are to blame for every problem in the world. O made a world apology tour taking the blame for America and apologizing to every country he visited. We are responsible for all of the wars ever fought, even if we had nothing to do with them. It was that we were rich and did not give these warring countries welfare that they went to war. Being rich we are also responsible for the worlds poverty. All of that is a bunch of crap. Most of the tie the people and countries that are responsible do not take any of the responsibility.

What I really believe is happening here is the government is trying to tell us what we are responsible. They want to take this decision out of our hands like they want to take all the rest of life’s decisions out of our hands. According to our government we are not smart enough to make our own decisions. They feel that they have the capacity to run all of our lives. This, again, is another step toward the dictatorship of Fasciunism. We are told that there is no individual responsibility, yet as a group we are responsible. The more we allow the government to continue with this the more freedoms they will take. Right now I believe we have a respite with Donald Trump as president. At least so far he seems to know what America should stand for.

While the country may be responsible for everything wrong with the world according to the Fasciunists, the people in government do not seem to claim any responsibility for their actions. Hillary Clinton was not deemed responsible for using a private server for classified messages. Comey has not yet been held responsible for leaking classified information. O was not held responsible for “Fast and Furious” or the many other things that the government flaunted to law about. Hillary was not held responsible for Benghazi or the lying afterward. But yet they feel that they can blame us for everything bad in the world.

Another show of where responsibility is the gun issue. When a mass shooting takes place or when a city like Chicago has shooting and killings almost every day, it is never the person that pulled the trigger that is responsible, it is always the gun. This is just another way they are trying to take away our rights. You will notice that in every dictatorship one of the first that happens is firearm confiscation. A dictator cannot allow his subjects to be armed. If the right to keep and bear arms ever is repealed, the rest of the right in the constitution and Bill of Rights do not stand a chance.

Blaming the gun for the crime is kind of like blaming the automobile when a drunk driver kills someone in an accident. Laying the responsibility of gun violence on the manufacturers of guns and the gun dealers is a lot like laying the responsibility for drunk drivers on the automobile manufacturers and the car dealers. The fact is that the responsibility lies with the individual. This is true whether it is a criminal that kills with a gun or a criminal that drives drunk and kills with a car. We need to get back to accepting individual responsibility for our own action. However, this is not whet the Fasciunists want. They want us to ignore individual responsibility while accepti9ng general responsibility for all of the ills in the world. This will help to bring on the much needed anarchy, which will help them fulfill their aims. I will get into more of this in the next chapter.

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past seventeen years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

One thought on “Fasciunism II: Chapter Seven ~ Morals & Responsibility

  1. John Slagle

    Outstanding article, Mr. Norling, many thanks for your efforts. Most people do not realize that the original fascists were on the left, and liberals from Woodrow Wilson, FDR, the Clintons and Obama have advocated policies and principles similar to Hitler’s national socialism and Mussolini’s fascism. The Nazis believed in free health care and guaranteed jobs. They confiscated inherited wealth and spent vast sums of money on public education and indoctrination. They purged the church from public policy, promoted a new form of pagan spirituality and placed the authority of the state into every moment of daily life. The Nazis supported abortion , euthanasia and GUN CONTROL. They hated the free market and maintained a strict racial quota in colleges and controlled campus political speeches.

    On Gun Control in the U.S. an excellent book written by Wayne Lapierre , chairman of the NRA reveals the U.N. Agenda on this issue. America disarmed , inside the U,N. and Obama’s scheme to destroy the second amendment is a classic and informative book written in 2011.


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