ROSS: An Argument in Defense of the Right To Carry Arms

Just a few moments ago I hung up the phone from some guy who calls about once a year asking me to donate to some fund to support law enforcement officers across the country. Usually I simply tell them that I cannot afford to contribute at this time, and that ends it. This time, however, I decided to be an asshole about it.

When he began his spiel I interrupted him and said, “I will begin supporting law enforcement when they begin protecting my rights.” There was a moment of silence on the phone, and then he said “What do you mean?” I then said, “If I were to walk outside my home with a pistol strapped to my side, I would be accosted by the first law enforcement officer who saw me. If I did not have a permit I would be arrested; am I not correct in this?” He then said, “Of course, it’s the law.”

I then said, “Aha, but Thomas Jefferson said the law is often but the tyrants will, especially when it violates the right of the individual.” I then said, “The 2nd Amendment only says that my right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed, does it not?” To which he hesitantly answered, “Yes.” I said, “Then why do I need a permit to exercise a right?” He responded by saying, “You need to prove that you are proficient and safe in the handling of a firearm before are allowed to carry one on your person, that’s why.”

I then again said, “Aha. Okay, let’s say that is true. Why then do they not pass a law which prohibits people from speaking in public who cannot speak fluent English, or those who are not proficient in the proper use of grammar?”

I think he began to see where I was headed with this, but he slowly answered, “Because the freedom of speech is unlimited by restriction upon proficiency.” To which I exclaimed, “Exactly, as is my right to keep and bear arms.”

So I then asked him, “Why is it that you law enforcement officers will arrest a person who is exercising their constitutionally protected right to carry arms on their person for their own defense?”

Again, being slow to respond, he said, “Because it is our job to uphold the law.”

Then I came in for the kill shot and said, “But if my right is unrestricted, and the law is often but the tyrants will, especially when it violates the right of the individual, then does that not make you law enforcement officers tyrants as well?”

He then politely said, “Have a good day sir, and hung up.”

I’m sure he’s adding my name to some sort of a terror watch list, but it was totally worth it to silence that guy. Now let’s see if they call back again next year.

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Neal Ross, Student of history, politics, patriot and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Send all comments to:

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4 thoughts on “ROSS: An Argument in Defense of the Right To Carry Arms

  1. Neal

    I had a woman tell me at work today after she heard people talking about this that nobody should be allowed to have more more than one gun; that it was not necessary to have more than one. I then asked her how many purses or pairs of shoes she had. She said what difference does it make? I said, “Well, you only have one pair of feet, and only need one purse, so you shouldn’t be allowed to have more than one pair of shoes and one purse.”

    She said that she can buy however many purses or shoes she wants. I said, oh yeah, where is that right protected by Constitutional Amendment? She said, nowhere, but I have the right to buy whatever and however many I want. I said so do I, because my right to keep and bear arms IS protected by Constitutional Amendment and I don’t care what any one says, they want my guns they are gonna have to walk through a wall of lead to get them.

  2. John Slagle

    Neal, here in the Midwest, in Illinois and Missouri telephone scammers have been active in contacting people claiming to be police or firefighters on a fundraising effort . Many of these “wastes of human skin” also present themselves as IRS tax agents followed by a call from a phony police officer. Modern technology allows a scammer to display false numbers on caller ID which can list police department origin.. Confronting these scammers as you did is the best way to deal with the situation as well as hanging up on these “peukes”.

    Across the county, police agencies will never call at random numbers to solicit money for any reason .
    Re; Right to carry arms, In my state open carry is allowed and appreciated but most serious gun owners take the time and small expenditure to obtain the state or national CCW permit which covers all bases other than “gun free zones”. The so called ‘gun free zones” are areas that are kill zones for every lunatic, criminal or terrorist minded individual in the country. I don’t frequent many gun free shopping malls but when I do, I’m armed as are the majority of CCW holders in this state including my wife.

  3. Jackie Juntti

    I hope after you read this that you share it far and wide!!!! Common sense is so unusual any more. I have learned that when someone TWISTS the true meaning of something – that person is, either or both, DECEIVED and DECEIVING.
    The father of Lies is Satan and his goal is to destroy all he can.

  4. John Slagle

    Jackie and Neal, an old sign purchased in Oklahoma after 911 states the facts past and present.

    “My guns will never be “Illegal “, just “Undocumented”.
    The second amendment has provided “homeland security” for over 200 years against foreign and domestic foes.


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