Fasciunism II: Chapter Six ~ Racism and Immigration

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the first use of the word racism in this country, was by an American Fascist, Lawrence Dennis in 1936. It seems that both the word racism and racist came from a German-Jewish medical scientist and author around 1933 or 1934. Does it not seem strange that a word coined in Germany in the thirties and first used here in America by a known Fascist, would become such a catchword for the left wing, politically correct progressives? My feeling is that these words are being used by Fasciunists to provide a starting for what might be called tribal warfare.

Since I first wrote that paragraph in the 1990s much has changed and the tribal warfare may have already started. When you look at groups like The New Black Panthers or Black Lives Matter, It is easy to see where the war has already begun.

Right or wrong, America was meant by its founders to be a white, homogeneous nation. Prior to the 1960s, the great majority of the white citizens of this country were, what would now be labeled racist or even white supremacists. All of our presidents through Dwight Dl Eisenhower were known to hold a view that America was a white country. There was never any reference to multi-culturalism or multi-racialism. Many other great leaders of this country were also known to have had the same idea; that America was a white nation of European immigrants and their descendents. Even writers throughout our history have made references to that fact. People like Walt Whitman, Jack London (a known socialist), and Mark Twain all believed in a white America. These people, (presidents, politicians, leaders, writers, etc.) are now either eliminated from history books, severely criticized or their works are distorted or banned. A good example of how far this can be taken is the inscription on the inside of a monument to one of the greatest Americans who ever lived; Thomas Jefferson. The inscription reads; “Nothing is more certainly written in the book of fate than that these people (the Negroes) shall be free.” That is only half the quote. The rest of the quote was left out for obvious reason. It reads; “Nor I it less certain that the races, equally free, cannot live under the same government.” This is the way the Fasciunists misuse our real heroes and change their intentions.

Do I think that whites are better than blacks, Asians, Hispanics or American Indians? No, not at all, they are just different. Thee differences should tell us that a multi-race, multi-cultural country will not work. Even the Roman Empire fell soon after their version of multi-culturalism was introduced. For this country or any country to survive and prosper, there must be a dominant culture.

Immigration falls into the same category as race. We are told that we must accept any race, creed or nationality and make them feel welcome. Our original immigration laws were written to favor European immigrants. The purpose of making these lows favor Europeans was to make sure that the country remained homogeneous. The laws have since been changed by Fasciunists to favor any group that is not European and basically not even white. Illegal aliens (invaders) are breaking the law by being here, yet they are given as many or more rights than citizens. If I break the law I am tried and if convicted I go to jail. The invaders do not go through that, they are welcomed as heroes, especially due to the fact that they are not usually white. Anyone that disagrees with the Fasciunists that these people have as many rights as citizens is immediately labeled a xenophobe. This is just another ploy of the Fasciunist, labeling anyone that disagrees with them. So let’s take a look at the different races and cultures and see how this works. Before I go there let me just say that it is not the different races that bother me, it is the different cultures and the refusal to change.

The blacks were originally brought here from Africa as slaves. More than two hundred years later, the descendants of these slaves are still calling for retribution. While I do not agree with slavery, I had nothing to do with it. I have never owned a slave nor did any of my ancestors. Yet, I am supposed to pay and keep paying for the injustice done to the ancestors of today’s blacks. We suffer not only financially, but in the loss of our freedoms. Because of Affirmative Action laws, I am no longer free to hire who I want, sell to who I want, rent to who I want or many other things. When looking for a job, I have to go on a list and not be hired until a quota of blacks, (and women and other minorities) is filled. This is wrong, it is totalitarianism, it is Fasciunism pure and simple. Now comes the big lie, “This is what Americans want.” We are also told it is good for America with no mention of the rights and freedoms it takes away.

While as I stated, I am not in favor of slavery and I think that it is despicable, I wonder where today’s blacks would be if it were not for slavery. If their ancestors had not been brought here from Africa as slaves, today’s blacks would probably still be in Africa. Maybe they feel they would be better off in Rwanda or some other African country. Many African countries are nothing but cesspools of murder and mayhem where tribal warfare and mass slaughter is going on constantly. Another point to remember is that a large share of the slaves that were brought here were purchased from black slave traders.

The Hispanics that come here are mostly from Mexico. Most of these Hispanics, both Mexican and South Americans are here illegally. Yet, we are told that we should treat them as good or better than Americans born in the United States. They are told they do not need to learn our language, we are supposed to learn theirs. Tests and instructions need to be printed in their language, their children are taught in their native language, they are given welfare, food stamps, medical care and anything else that the Fasciunists think they need. At the same time people born in this country go hungry because of it. They take jobs that Americans need and complain that they are underpaid or taken advantage of. Where in our constitution does it state that we are supposed to treat illegal invaders better than natural born citizens? Many of these border crossing invaders are drug dealers and other criminals. When they are caught, it is almost like they are told its alright, we know you are just trying to make a living by killing our youngsters. They may get a slap on the wrist and deported but wind up back here time after time.

All of these things are promulgated and promoted by the Fasciunists. It is but one more step to take America away from the constitution and put it on the road to a third world country. This country would definitely have a dictatorship as most third world countries currently do.

Here we see a little bit of a different problem. The Chinese were first brought here as coolies to work for next to slave wages. May of them were used as laborers to build the cross-country railroad. Others were cooks and other servant types. Much of how Asians assimilate depends on what country they come from. Some assimilate very well while others refuse to learn our language and do not want to assimilate into the American culture. Many of them want to keep the customs that they had in their home countries. First the Fasciunists tell them that this is fine until they find our what some o these customs are. For instance, there are Asian countries in which the use of cats and dogs for food is normal. Now the Fasciunists contradict themselves and tell these people that this is not done in this country. These Fasciunists seem to not realize that the eating of pork in some Asian countries is forbidden and in a couple the eating of beef is forbidden. Even the Fasciunists seem to want it both ways.

American Indians
This is one group that I have mixed feelings about. On one hand they were here longer that us Europeans but we won the wars. One of the things that bothers me is the number of treaties that were made and then broken. To me if you sign a treaty you should honor it. To me it looks very bad for a country to make treaties and them decide that they do not like the treaty and then abrogate it for no good reason. This was done many times in our brief history and for that I say the United States was wrong. Now we have gone the other way, bending over backwards to make things right. My feeling is that it cannot be done. The Indians currently have all the same rights under the constitution as any other citizen yet have reservations that are considered sovereign nations. Also, the treaties are now being looked at again and being honored in ways that our forefathers could never imagine.

We are told by the Fasciunists that the reason for this is that we took the country away from them forcibly. That, my friends, is a lot of garbage. Looking back into history, it can be found that in almost every country in the world, wars were fought, people were conquered and the country was taken over by the conquerors. This is why wars are fought in the first place. As late as 1957, the Jews fought for and took over what is now part of Israel. Do they give the Arabs special privileges? Are the Arabs treated as good or better than the Jews that conquered the country? I think that the question will answer itself on the nightly news. The answer is a clear no. We fought long and bloody battles for this country and we won it. The Indians should be made equal citizens under the constitution and not given any special privileges. Reservations should be a thing of the past and the Indian’s sovereignty should be eliminated. However, this is not good enough for the Fasciunists. They need this time of disunion to further to split this country into factions.

What I say here will get me labeled anti-Semitic, that will go good with already probably being labeled and racist and a xenophobe. But what I am about to say may just play a large part in our problems. I am not anti-Semitic nor am I racist or xenophobic, I just think along lines that are purely American. Jews are not really a separate race, however, as a group they need to be looked at. While many Jews are fasciunists, hold to political correctness and preach multi-culturalism, they are one of the most homogeneous groups I this country. Jews are told to marry other Jews; they form close-knit groups, live in Jewish neighborhoods and teach their children the ways of the Jew. There seem to be dome differences the various groups of Jews, The Orthodox Jew believing one way, the Zionists another and the secular Jew believe something different. Many Jews believe themselves first citizens of Israel and secondly citizens of America. They feel this way even though they were born and raised in the United States. This and the fact that anytime that you do not agree with the Jew’s point of view or even question them on their point of view you are often called an anti-Semite. I would like to relate a little incident that happened to me in Chicago. It was at a job and several of us were in the break room having lunch. The conversation turned to world war two and Russia. It was mentioned that Stalin probably had twenty million people killed. A Jewish man that also worked there and was in the lunch room at the time jumped in and said, “Well Hitler killed thirty million Jews.” When I asked him where he got his information, he promptly called me an anti-Semite and left the room. He went to the office and reported me for being anti-Semitic. This is just one incident but I feel that it does say something about some Jews. As an aside this man was very anti-second amendment and saw no relationship between Hitler confiscating all guns before executing the Jews. Prior to that I always had excellent relationships with Jews and enjoyed being around them. After that their feelings toward me changed.

These are just a few examples of how immigration and race are being used by the Fasciunists to foment the American public. Much has been written about this by others and is still being written. I merely picked a few subjects to show what is going on. America should be a homogeneous country. Instead it is becoming a multi-cultural, multi-race, multi-hatred country.

Let’s take a look at what is going on in immigration right now. We are being told by the Fasciunists, the Democrats, the mainstream media, and the progressives, (that is being kind of repetitive, they are all one and the same) that we MUST take in anyone from the Middle East that wants to come here. There is no proper vetting process to eliminate the terrorists from the immigrants. When President Trump decided to temporarily bar immigration from seven Middle Eastern countries, The Fasciunists got two of their Fasciunist judges to block the ban. They block the ban of a perfectly constitutional order on the basis of things Trump said about Muslims during the campaign. That had no bearing on what he did as President. They also stated that his hatred of Muslims was the reason for the ban and that he could not ban someone because of their religion. Yet he only banned immigrants from seven countries that have a high incidence of terrorists and there are a dozen or more Muslim countries that were not banned. Facts do not matter to Fasciunists. Our President is elected to first protect America. That is what President Trump is attempting to do, but the Fasciunists are doing their best to stop him.

Immigration has always been important to America. One of my sets of Grandparents were immigrants. However, they came in through Ellis Island and had relatives and a job waiting when they got here. They were given no special privileges and did not expect any. They became Americans and raised their children to be good Americans. In other words, they assimilated. Today’s immigrants, especially the Mexicans and the Muslims do not want to assimilate they just want welfare and free anything the can get. If they want to make this country just like the one they left, why did they come here?

There are many things about other cultures that we are now told that we must celebrate to make the immigrants, both legal and illegal, feel at home. First there is Kwanza, a supposed African holiday that was invented by a convict that was in jail for beating up a woman. This takes place at the same time as Christmas and we are told that we should give up our Christmas and celebrate Kwanza. One of the reasons that the Fasciunists want this is to rid the country of anything Christian. Another one of the holidays we are told that we should celebrate is Cinco de Mayo, Mexican Independence Day. There are actually cities that spend more money on Cinco de Mayo than they do on our own Independence Day. This shows the lack of regard the Fasciunists show for the freedom and independence of this country. Then there is Ramadan. Many Muslims want special privileges at their jobs during Ramadan. They do not want to work on certain days and they feel that they need special prayer rooms and special times off for their prayers. The Fasciunists agree with them while attempting to eliminate holidays of Christmas and Easter. We are supposed to change all of our beliefs to fit the beliefs of any immigrant group that decides that they want special privileges. All of this in the name of multi-culturalism. As I have already stated, a multi-culture country cannot long survive. Of course you have the Muslims that are allowed seven wives according to Sharia law and are also allowed honor killings of wives and daughters. In Europe there are already many Sharia courts that is what the Fasciunists and the Muslims are pushing for in this country. They claim that this is part of the Muslim religion. That may well be but it goes against the rest of the constitution and the Muslim religion is a religion of hate. I have read the entire Koran and have spoken with several ex-Muslims that have created to Christianity and they say the same thing, the Muslim religion is a religion of hate. Also, if you are a true Muslim and believe in the Koran, you cannot be an American because you cannot belong to any country that is not Muslim.

We need to say a little more a racism here because since I wrote the original book there have been many changes in the attitudes of the population. I was always told that blacks could not be racist against whites because they had no power. We have black mayors, black governors, black congressmen, black senators and we just had a black President. Speaking of the black President, racism has taken a very big turn for the worse in the eight years he was in office. He fomented more race hatred, especially for blacks hatred against whites than any President before him. Whenever there was a problem between the two races, he immediately took the side of the black without knowing the facts. When he was proven wrong he never apologized and never really admitted it. Black Lives Matter is not a racist group but if you say white lives matter, that IS racist. If a white beats up a black it a hate crime. However, I have never heard of blacks beating whites, (which is much more common) being called a hate crime. This, even though hatred of whites can be proven. Blacks kill white cops and very little is said, in fact groups like Black Lives Matter cheer. When a cop, usually white, kills a black criminal there are riots for days. The Fasciunists almost always side with the blacks. I believe that all of this is being promoted by the Fasciunists to drive a wedge into this country and break it apart and perhaps start a civil war.

All races, religions and nationalities should be treated the same. They should be given equal opportunities and equal rights. However, no one should be given special rights or special treatment because of their color, race or ethnic background. As a sovereign nation we have immigration laws and they must be followed if we are to remain a sovereign nation. Immigrants must come here through the proper channels and in this time of terrorism they must be vetted. They should strive to learn the English language as soon as possible and to learn the American customs. This IS America and if they do not wish to do this, they have no business wanting to immigrate here. It is perfectly fine to keep in touch with the customs of your native country and to celebrate those customs in small groups and family groups. However, do not expect me to learn the customs of every nationality and ethnic group that immigrates here. The Fasciunists would have us believe that we not only must learn every nationality’s customs, the United States, as a country, must celebrate all of them. What they want is for us to become so used to other country’s customs that we will just roll over and accept the one world, Fasciunist government.

When our constitution was written virtually all Americans were immigrants. They were from various different countries and yet there is nothing in the Declaration of Independence or the American Constitution that gives anyone special privileges. This country was built on equal opportunity for everyone. Whether you are black, white, Jewish, Irish, Catholic, Protestant or agnostic or even atheist, you should have that equal opportunity. You should not get special privileges. We can all be proud of our backgrounds, but we must also be more proud to be Americans.

I believe that Israel is one of the greatest countries the world, but it is not my country. I think that most of the Jews are great people, but I have no use for the ones that scream anti-Semitism at every little slight. Africa is a great continent, but how can someone that has never visited there call themselves an African-American. Either you are an African or you are an American. I also have a great admiration for most blacks. However, there are too many that use the race card and scream racism at any little remark that they do not like. They are the ones, along with the help of certain Fasciunists, that foment, all of the unrest and rioting. The mainstream media gives them all the publicity they could hope for and this only exacerbates the problem. I could go on through the countries and nationalities but it think you get the idea. If you want to live in the greatest country on earth and reap the benefits of that country, then assimilate and become a real American.

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past seventeen years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

One thought on “Fasciunism II: Chapter Six ~ Racism and Immigration

  1. Bill Wallace

    I’d argue that East Asians have blended into this country in a fashion that the founders would approve of. They have not demanded their traditions be incorporated. There are no or few East Asian concentrations beyond the China towns that serve as rallying points for new immigrants, yet East Asians are disproportionately represented as professionals. We see no Asian upper class enclaves to compare to Jewish ones, nor the social or institutional instituions that Jews have embraced and support. Asians get no preferred treatment, in fact they are routinely discriminated against in universities.

    Jews is also a too encompassing term. Religious or orthodox Jews are little different from Catholics or other religions. Secular and reformed Jews have much in common with Anglicans, Presbyterians etc-they are basically heathens. Hell not exactly, they worship the state and are the true fascists.

    Most hispanics are good Americans but there are rable rousers who look to the black model as a ladder to success rather than embrace the traditional immigrant model-hard work.

    As for blacks, without a firm family life, a true adherence to religion anything can and will be believed. From there the abyss is only too easy to enter and many have.


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