Chromosomes and Common Sense

NOTE: The following was posted on FaceBook and forwarded to me by a very old and trusted resource. Something to consider – for ALL of you. I’ll see you all in a few days. Loading my bait bucket now. ~ JB

The United States Military is not about indulgence, political agendas or pointless self-expression; it’s overriding mission is to mold a group of men (or women) into an effective fighting force designed to achieve a strategical objective with a minimal loss of life. These protocols are not an open invitation to debate, nor a stage for interpretation, for they are intended to instill respect, minimize distractions and foster an undying sense of unity. From the rigid specifications of uniforms to the perilous details of combat training, the single greatest modality of interest to our Armed Forces is that of conformity. Furthermore, any perceived physical weakness or sensory impairment, such as obesity or a lack of visual/auditory acuity, are routine grounds for denying applicants admission. While their unflattering methods and stringent regulations may seem harsh or even unnecessary, they are deeply rooted in scientific observation – psychological precursors and suppressed deviant behaviors – forged by centuries of military training and global conflict. Maintaining a modern army is far more of an applied science focused on cultivating a productive environment…definable roles, unwavering discipline, steadfast resolve and group morale…in lieu of entertaining a social experiment designed to stretch the whimsical boundaries of gender identification.

So what do my boring textbook affirmations have to do with Trump’s “discriminatory” transgender ban? Everything. Supporting one’s right to be gay, a private matter and sexual orientation, is by no means the equivalent of indulging a recruit’s fantasy to live as the opposite sex; a psychological disorder known as gender dysphoria and recognized by both academia and the medical community. While I highly commend anyone’s willingness to serve their country, a truly honorable endeavor, that selfless commitment must respect the privacy/safety of other soldiers and abide by universal gender norms. Wearing a dress no more grants one the unabridged right to shower and bunk with actual women, than it affords a man a special accommodation to wear female attire or present himself as a woman among a male company of servicemen. It’s not a matter of tolerance; it’s a matter of functionality.

If enlisting is truly paramount to your beliefs, distinguishing yourself according to your actions instead of merely collecting a check and free government healthcare for a complimentary sex change, who in their right mind would confuse their wardrobe with their career? Considering recruits must bunk with the same sex and wear the same standard issued clothes regardless, what is the purpose of declaring your imaginary gender except to bring undue attention to yourself or seek special treatment? On the binary battlefield of life or death, whether pulling a trigger or residing in its cross-hairs of denial, any issue that distracts from your mission and threatens your camaraderie is but another senseless casualty of the progressive culture war on common sense.

Before the Obama administration rejoiced in mocking our military and societal values, the U.S. Armed Services, like a majority of reasonable Americans, only recognized two God-given genders; that genetic dichotomy defining every human being’s anatomical birth. (And please spare me those rare genetic mutations and birth defects contrarians invoke as irrefutable proof of gender fluidity) These military institutions do not believe bathrooms or gender exclusive units are a matter of personal preference and wishful thinking. Being denied a locker room of your choice or entrance into a military branch hardly constitutes discrimination simply because you refuse to accept reality by acknowledging the tangible genitalia of your natural born sex. That is your failing alone. Likewise, any attempt to link the historical fight for racial equality or women’s rights with this campaign to secure transgender privilege is a callous and ignorant disregard for the millions who suffered under a sordid legacy of oppression, human servitude and bigotry. Could a runaway slave magically change the color of his skin to evade his captors any more than a mother could alter her anatomy to cast a vote in 1919, avoid sex trafficking in Asia or become a Catholic priest? Nor should they have too. There’s a stark contrast between the systemic persecution of one’s biological heritage, an involuntary target of circumstance, and decrying the uncooperative consequences of one’s actions or blatant lack of accountability.

While I do not deny the transgender community endures ridicule and hate, often stemming from their insistence to demand acceptance, supporting one’s conscious decision to identify as “transgender” does not transform his or her true identity. Asking society to forgo verifiable truths, those natural constructs of gender delineation used to identify our strengths and weaknesses or ensure your safety, is as absurd as calling your poodle a cold-blooded invertebrate because it likes to drink from the toilet. Honestly, how long will it be before uncooperative bystanders are reprimanded, expelled, fired or sued for not entertaining the gender delusions or advances of their peers? Enjoying the individual freedom to pose as the opposite sex, for better or worse, does not change your gender, suddenly invalidate the legitimacy of public standards or displace your neighbor’s right to reject your lifestyle without reason or explanation.

Conspiring to make the world “gender neutral” will not end discrimination, save more lives or heal the planet by placing our cognitive abilities in a plastic bubble of “unoffensive” ambiguity. And it definitely won’t improve the mental health and emotional stability of our youth – those impressionable minds now being conditioned by schools and pop culture to question or reject their natural gender while attempting to overcome the everyday challenges of adolescence. Teaching our sons and daughters to appreciate their innate differences and symbiotic connection is not regressive; it’s indigenous to our survival and evolutionary proliferation as a sentient species. Nevertheless, a biological woman or man can still play sports, fire a gun, open a boutique and love the gender of his or her choosing without regret. However, breaking barriers solely for the spiteful sake of eradicating biological order or any remaining sense of basic decency is about as logical as a man who identifies as a pregnant mother attempting to publicly breastfeed his own baby to protest gender bias; excluding those cute little pink or blue blue booties of course. The more the rational world accommodates this destructive nonsense, the more future generations will be unable to distinguish the most elementary truths or God forbid complete the simplest tasks without having to first visit the Island of Misfit Toys in hopes of saving the malformed appendages of gender fascist capitalists.

The difference between a privilege and a right is that neither you nor I can dictate the terms of our desired acceptance. The same LGBT activists demanding political concessions to appease a blissful state of mind, are also oblivious to the fact “old, sexist” generals originally spurned women in combat roles because studies confirmed their male counterparts became psychologically distraught by the mere site of their deaths and needlessly lingered over their dismembered bodies. Should I even mention the exponentially higher risk of rape at the hands of enemy combatants, including the increased incidents of abuse, fights or operational dysfunction among transgender integrated troops? Contrary to the victimization propaganda of science fiction fans, not every pragmatic decision requires a politically correct pronoun to appease any one of the approximately 58 genders now claiming dominion over the human anatomy and the social gentrification of modern warfare. It merely requires a sensible leader willing to understand the mental manifestation of transgenderism, an aesthetic desire for sexual transfiguration, does not supersede biology or negate the necessity of maintaining gender norms in the private barracks and front lines of national security.

Xavier Kenough, July 29. 2017

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  1. Jackie Juntti

    Saw some FEE MALE TRANNY on one of the web sites that is a retired Doctor and he/she/it is volunteering to do the surgery for free on those Tranny’s in the military now. Is he/sh/it also going to reimburse the PAY they draw while they can’t serve as they are to do??? hmmm As I said – not one cent should be paid for any of this by tax funds. Let these idiots finance it all thru their own bank accounts.


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