Ross: Our Government Is Evil

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

“…or that people ignore the fact that the evil exists.” ~ Neal Ross

There are a great many things which bother me with people today, but at the very top of that long list is the fact that very few people are willing to consider any facts which may shatter the illusion that the government we have is benevolent and has their best interests in mind. When people align themselves behind political parties, or more specifically, agendas, they become blind to the atrocities committed by their party and government as an entity.

Take for instance the endless push to find some proof that the election of Donald Trump was the result of Russian interference in the election process itself. Those on the left who oppose Trump push this as their mantra while the news media gives the story credence by their endless reporting on it.

It’s funny that at the end of the day on 9/11 we knew more about who committed those terrorist acts than we do now after 6 months of investigating the Trump/Russia connection. Yet a great many people still continue to believe that some connection exists, and that Hillary lost the election to Trump due to Russian interference in our election process. I don’t know if these people are simply sore losers or if they are truly upset that the possibility exists that our election process was tampered with by outsiders.

I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate for just a minute and pretend that I believe that Russia somehow hacked into the DNC servers and released damaging info on Hillary to Wikileaks that caused her to lose to Trump.

So what! You heard me, so what. First of all, if the info was so damaging, then maybe the Clinton camp should have kept their affairs above board in case they became public knowledge. Secondly, even if the means by which this info was released to the public was illegal, does that negate the fact that it was so incriminating that it caused enough voters to switch over and vote for Trump? If someone were to break into your house and discover evidence that your spouse was cheating on you, who would you be upset with more, the person who broke into your home or your spouse for cheating on you?

Finally, and this is what really gets me, America itself is not innocent in regards to our involvement in the internal politics of other countries. How many times has the U.S. sought to topple dictators who were unfriendly towards our business interests, or who was considered a threat to national security. If the claim that the Russians stole the election from Hillary is true, at least Russia allowed Americans to vote; how many times have we ousted duly elected leaders from other countries, on invaded them to topple dictators?

Going back in history we have the CIA led coup which saw the duly elected Prime Minister of Iran ousted from office, to be replaced by a more U.S. friendly Shah; who went on to brutalize his own people during his time in office. We have the failed Bay of Pigs fiasco where the CIA sought to oust Cuban President Fidel Castro. There is the Second Gulf War which saw the U.S. led invasion result in the overthrow of the administration of Saddam Hussein. There was the invasion of Panama to oust Manuel Noriega; who at one time was once a staunch ally of the United States. There was the U.S. involvement in the Arab Spring movement which led to the death of Libyan President Moamar Gaddafi. Then there is the continued U.S. support for Syrian rebels seeking to oust President Assad.

These are probably just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to U.S. meddling in the internal politics of OTHER countries. What is clear is that the hands of the United States are certainly not clean when it comes to interfering with the internal politics of other nations. Yet Americans cry foul when there is the hint of Russian involvement in OUR internal politics.

You want the definition for hypocrisy; that’s it right there. But I’m not done yet; in fact I’ve barely gotten started. I mentioned 9/11 a few moments ago, and I did so intentionally to tie into what I’m about to say.

I can make no claims as to who orchestrated the events that transpired on September 1, 2001. What I can claim is that I believe the official story to have been concocted to lead us into war in the Gulf and the Draconian Police State designed, not to keep us safe from terrorism, but to control us and diminish our rights.

Just as American political leaders knew the Japanese were going to attack Pearl Harbor, leaders in our government knew that something was going to happen on 9/11, and they either allowed it to happen or they facilitated it to benefit themselves and/or certain special interests. The amount of evidence which supports the idea that those towers came down, not due to the planes that struck them, but by controlled demolition is too strong to deny the possibility that 9/11 was pre-planned and carried out to enrage the American people and garner support for the U.S. led war on terror.

Yet when I tell people this the first thing that happens is that they pull out the old tin foil hat conspiracy theorist label and pin it on me. Then they inevitably say that our government isn’t capable of that kind of evil.

Really… you honestly believe that?

Have you ever heard of Operation Northwoods? Of course you haven’t. Operation Northwoods was a plan proposed by the Department of Defense and Joint Chiefs of Staff in which CIA operatives were to commit acts of terrorism against both American civilians and U.S. military targets, and then blame them on Cuba to justify a U.S. led invasion to topple Fidel Castro.

Although the Kennedy administration rejected the plan, the fact that there existed people in positions of leadership within our government who would come up that kind of a false flag event prove that the idea has at least once crossed their minds. Who is to say that the events on 9/11 were not a similar event orchestrated by certain people within our government to garner support for everything from the U.S. invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan to the creation of the Department of Homeland Security and the passage of all these Draconian laws to fight terror?

Not enough to convince you? You still believe our government is not capable of committing such an evil act upon the people of this country. Let’s see what I can do to change your minds…

Ever hear of the Tuskegee Experiments? Between the years 1932-1972 the U.S. Department of Health conducted experiments on African-American men in Tuskegee Alabama to study the effects of syphilis on males. The men who underwent these studies were not told they had syphilis, nor were they given the cure when it was proven that penicillin would cure it. The subjects of these experiments were simply guinea pigs for the Dept. of Health. And in case you didn’t know, the Dept of Health is PART OF THE GOVERNMENT.

Have you ever heard of Operation Sea Spray? Once again, I doubt you have. Operation Sea Spray was an experiment conducted by the United States Navy in 1950 where Serratia marcescens and Bacillus globigii bacteria were sprayed over the city of San Francisco to see how it affected the people of San Francisco.

Later, in Senate hearings, the military admitted that it had conducted up to 239 open air tests of biological agents within the United States; subjecting untold numbers of Americans to pathogens. Yet people laugh at me when I suggest that our government is doing similar experiments now; experiments which people see with their own eyes every day in the form of chemtrails.

How about Operation Top Hat, ever hear of that one? Operation Top Hat was a 1953 exercise conducted by the United States Army in which unsuspecting soldiers were exposed to biological and chemical agents to test methods of decontamination.

But that’s not all our military has done in the name of science and experimentation. For years the military conducted scores of tests on the effects of radiation on human beings. Purposefully infected radioactive food was fed to mentally disabled children or conscientious objectors in the military; radioactive radium rods were inserted into the nasal passages of schoolchildren to monitor the effects; and radioactive particles were intentionally released over both U.S. and Canadian cities to study the effects of radiation on human beings.

In 1986, years after these experiments ended, the United States House Committee on Energy and Commerce released a report which sums up what government had been doing; American Nuclear Guinea Pigs: Three Decades of Radiation Experiments on U.S. Citizens.

The of course there was MK Ultra; certainly you’ve at least heard of that one…haven’t you? MK Ultra was a CIA run program to study mind control. It used many methods to achieve its goals; including hypnosis, sensory deprivation, as well as the administering to unwitting subjects of the drug LSD. The Mel Gibson movie Conspiracy Theory is based upon the MK Ultra program; yet people see it and think it is pure fiction.

Project Bluebird and Project Artichoke were similar CIA run programs which tested the use of drugs and other methods to conduct interrogations. Yet lest people forget, the CIA is also PART OF THE GOVERNMENT.

People focus on issues like universal health care, illegal immigration, gay rights, abortion and all other manner of ‘issues’ when considering who to vote for. They refuse to even peer into the dark side of our government; which is its belief that we are subjects and guinea pigs to be used, tested upon, and controlled to achieve its goals.

Yet I am laughed at because I believe our government is capable of orchestrating 9/11 to manipulate the sentiments of the American people to support its desire to invade Iraq and Afghanistan, and further its goal of a massive police state where the rights of the people are further diminished.

History proves that our government is not only capable of committing atrocities, but that it is willing to do so if it furthers their goals. Why is it so hard to believe that it would use a false flag event such as 9/11 to do the same? If you cannot accept that 9/11 may have been staged then I suppose you believe that the Bay of Tonkin event actually happened according to official reports, that the USS Maine sunk according to the official reasons given, and that the U.S. was surprised by the attack upon Pearl Harbor.

I don’t know about you, but a government that uses its people as guinea pigs, and one which actively seeks to deprive us of our liberty is NOT one that I care to throw my support behind. A government which would do things like that cannot be called benevolent and kind; it can only be called evil. And it doesn’t matter who sits behind the Resolute Desk, government will continue to be evil until we have the courage to admit that this kind of evil exists, and then to stand up and fight against it.

~ The Author ~
Neal Ross, Student of history, politics, patriot and staunch supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Send all comments to:

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4 thoughts on “Ross: Our Government Is Evil

  1. John Slagle

    Well stated. Neal. It seems with every passing day, swamp bound elected politicians in both political parties prove that their best interests are self serving and far from the wishes of the majority of citizens. Perhaps it is time for a Convention of States under article 5 of the Constitution. The Federal Government has long over-reached boundaries established by the Constitution. Article 5 of the Constitution allows a convention of states to restrict the jurisdiction of the Federal government effectively returning to citizens rightful power over the ruling political elite. State Legislators and U.S. Citizens can restore the checks and balances on Federal Power that were put in place by our founding fathers to protect our liberty from the abuses in Washington, D.C.

    Incidentally, my granddaughter truly enjoyed your book Ross Unmasked…

  2. Dagny

    I agree with your assessment and would add though that not just this government is evil. they ALL ARE…and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. this is the inconvenient truth people don’t want to accept. when you give a person power they always abuse it. then they get drunk on it and crave more, and more and more. to the death and destruction of many. also. those experiments have not ended. they simply expanded, went dark. they are all around us all the time. the mk ultra didn’t end. it changed names. it changed chemicals. but the mind control techniques expanded. these programs NEVER end. they just change names and go underground. the horrors that is known are just a tiny portion of the whole. their crimes are many and we only hear about a tiny bit of them. the eugenics, the tortures, the Japanese internment camps and subsequent tortures that took place. the experiments that were done on those people as well are largely unknown. all done by people who worship the state and its power. always done by people following orders.

  3. Rosemarie Neuman

    I have read so much about these, some by Jesse Ventura. I am 89 years old, but have been following what has been going for many years. My parents who came from Switzerland in 1927, my Father was a great reader, they both read all our school books and learned to write,read and write English. I and my 2 brothers could not speak English when we went to school. This has been a great asset for me when I have visited Switzerland, which I have done many times. In fact I am returning from a family now. I am still in NY, but will fly home to Montana tomorrow. Keep up the good work, I know it is hard, the younger love in la-la-land, although I have some grandchildren who are somewhat aware and some who believe what the media lies. Thank you for what you do. God Bless

  4. John Slagle

    Neal , I just wanted to comment on Project Mkultra a CIA mind control project, 1953-1964 that was a source of interest for many military veterans who entered service in 1963, but was largely silenced until 1973 other than brief news concerning providing LSD and other drugs to volunteers.

    In a prepared statement by Admiral Stansfield Turner, CIA director of research in behavioral modification joint hearing before the select committee on Intelligence, January 1973 .149 Mkultra projects were in operation during the time period from “53 to 64.

    Disturbing is the fact that the extent of experimentation on human subjects was unknown. The records of all CIA MKultra were destroyed in 1973 and despite inquires by the health sub committee and intelligence committees, no additional records or information was available to congress.

    Thanks Neal, with a Freedom of Information act request letter on Sidney Gottlieb’s MKULTRA program
    interested citizens can contact the Co-ordinator, Information and Privacy Department, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington, D.C. 20505

    sources.. non-classified books and


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