Fasciunism II: Chapter Five ~ The Financial Aspect

The world of high finance is actually the power and brains behind the Fasciunism movement and it is a movement. Through the Trilateral Commission, the CFR and somewhat the Bilderberg and other lesser known national and international organizations, they attempt to control and most of the time do control what goes on in this country. These are the super-rich of the world and they feel it is their privilege to tell the United States and the rest of the world how it should run. They have been successful in Europe, creating the European Union. Just look at the terrorism there because of the no borders policy. More on this aspect of it later. Most of the very wealthy people in power are left wing ideologues. They know that Communism and Fascism do not work in the long run. However, they will profit from either ism, thus Fasciunism. These are billionaires like Warren Buffet and George Soros. Soros has his fingers in every anti-American organization on the planet. He funds such groups a Black Lives Matters, AMTIFA and others. He was a big funder of occupy Wall Street. He has no favorites; he funds communist groups, fascist groups, anarchist groups and any other group that is anti-American. My feeling is that he is behind at least ninety percent of the anti-Trump demonstrations and the pro-illegal immigrant demonstrations.

When you look at the organizations that I mentioned at the beginning of the chapter you will see that they are intertwined. Many of the members of them belong to all three and possibly several other lesser groups that I did not bother to mention. They all believe in one world government and hope to be the ones to bring it about. Even many of our presidents are involved in this act of treason. Remember, It was George H. W. Bush that first talked publicly about the “New World Order”. Remember, the Bushes’ are up there in the wealthy elite. There may be an “R” by their names but they are RINOs (Republican In Name Only). They are also Fasciunists. The government they really want is communistic in nature. However, they realize that this is currently virtually impossible here in America and other countries where sovereignty is very important. Here in the United States, where we still have the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and some other freedoms and where many of us are still very individualistic, Communism does not play well. This is why the financiers and other elites of the world have decided on the Fasciunistic approach. Using the big lie nationalist approach of the Fascists, they feel that they can turn the country first to National Socialism and then world Communism. In reality I believe that they are trying to accomplish both at once.

Follow the money and you will find some interesting things. For one thing, people like the Rockefellers and big international bankers finance both sides of most political races. There are even politicians from both parties within the family itself. They are not the only mega-rich family that is involved in this conspiracy, just one of the most recognizable. By financing both parties and being active in both parti8es, these nabobs can control government no matter which party is in power. On the other hand people like George Soros finance only one side of the political spectrum. They are trying to take over the country by sheer Fasciunism. They feel that if they cause enough problems and throw enough money at the right groups and the right politicians they can cause enough unrest that the country will accept the Fasciunists.

Speaking of following the money, take a quick look at the Clintons. They started the Clinton Foundation as a supposed charity organization. They took money (billions of dollars) from any country and any corporation that would give to them. At the time Hillary was the Secretary of State and it is fairly certain that some of this money was for favor from the United States. She took money from Muslim countries that have terrible human rights records. She claimed to be a champion of women’s rights and yet took money from countries in which women have NO rights. Both she and her husband, our former president, gave speeches to banks, other countries and others and were paid millions of dollars for a half-hour speech that really had no particular value. Why should this be? Think about this, as soon as she lost the race for president the funds dried up and they had to shut down the foundation. Actually, the foundation was not really a charity but a slush fund for the family. Chelsea got big money for very little work along other perks. Had Hillary won the race for president and followed the eight years of Obama by now this country would be in the toilet.

I am going to talk a little about the Bilderberg group. Many people, especially the main stream media, pooh, pooh the idea that these people have any sway over what happens in this country. One of the reasons for this is that most major media companies have their chairman or CEO on the membership list. The members are sworn to secrecy, so it is difficult to find out what really goes on. Why all the secrecy?

Let’s look at a couple of things here as a comparison of the Bilderbergers and other groups. Say a group of patriots form a militia and gout every month or to have maneuvers and practice. They may have semi-automatic weapons along with handguns, bolt-action rifles and other firearms. They may play some war games with paint ball equipment. When the major media gets wind of this they make a federal case out of it. The patriots are called terrorists, anti-American and other derogatory names and we are made to believe that this type of action should be banned. What they are doing is called a “right Wing Conspiracy” or may be a “Fascist Conspiracy. Now take a look at the Bilderberg group. A couple hundred of the world’s richest, most influential people get together. These people take over entire hotels or resorts, including all of the surrounding grounds. This building and the grounds around it are patrolled by heavily armed guards. These guards are carrying FULLY automatic weapons. The meetings go on in secret and anyone not invited is turned away, (and not politely) by these armed guards. Yet, to the major, controlled media, this is a non-story. If it is mentioned at all it is buried deep inside some paper and is definitely not called a conspiracy.

I have a question; If a few people with SEMI-automatic weapons, openly meeting on private property is such an important story and a conspiracy, why is the secret meeting, guarded by people with FULLY-automatic weapons a non-story and definitely NOT a conspiracy? Is patriotism somehow offensive, while secret meetings of influential world financiers not? Is a group a couple dozen patriots more of a threat to America that a couple of hundred foreign and American financiers and leaders? Which group has more influence of what goes on in this country? I am not sure that the Bilderbergers do constitute a conspiracy, but as long as they stay a secret society, the case is open.

Now that we are looking at the Bilderbergers and their membership, let’s take it a step further and look at trade and financing. The Bilderbergers are all people of high finance and political power. I believe that they, the CFR and the Trilateral Commission are responsible for the downhill slide of this country’s manufacturing base. Back in the 1990s the CFR, in their magazine, bragged about being responsible for moving the center of banking from the United States to Japan. Soon after that NAFTA was signed and after that several other supposed free trade deals. I have no idea whether these deals are legal or not, I just know that they have the force of law. What I do know is that they are not fair and they are bad for the United States. At least now we have a President in Donald Trump that will renegotiate some of them and make them more equitable for everyone. I can attest personally to the fact that jobs are moving out of the country. During the 1970s and 1980s I worked as a manufacturing supervisor. The last two manufacturing plants I worked in both moved to Mexico, leaving me unemployed. When the last on closed I lost a plant superintendent job that paid about $35,000 a year. That was in the 1980s so you can see what it would be today. That was the last manufacturing plant I was able to find to work in. After that I wound up in retail management for about half of what I was making in manufacturing. We need the good paying jobs in America.

We are told that America is going to be a service country. First, jobs in the service industry pay less than those in manufacturing. Second, there is no added value to services. Manufacturing takes raw material and turns it into something more valuable. A service simply passes goods or services along with no added value. They just move what they have and expect someone to pay for the service.

I liken the service industry to six people sitting down at a table to play poker. Each player brings fifty dollars to the table. No matter how long they are at the table playing, there is never going to be more than three hundred dollars in the game. Unless money is brought in or borrowed, the amount brought in is what will be there to the end of the game. Now let’s call the table “government”. We now have to pay the table, (government) a table fee, “taxes”. For illustration the value of this fee or tax will be fifty cents per pot. If twelve pots per hour were played, it would take just over eight hours to transfer the wealth of one person ($50.00) to the table, (government). The rest of the money has probably been redistributed, so that some of the six are nearly broke while one or two have a large gain. If they keep playing enough there will be only one or two people with money at all, after all the taxes are paid. That is what a service economy is like. Of course, the table (government) can give or loan some of it back to them, for just a little control of their lives. And that, ladies and gentlemen is where this country is heading. Their aim is to eliminate the middle class so they only have the elite and the needy. Then they can supply all the needs of the needy and totally control them.

Think about all of the services we currently pay for that just a few short years ago we did not have. Cable or satellite TV, cell phones, the Internet, home defense companies, identity theft protection and more. Then we have all of the insurance policies; life, home, health, pet, auto, etc. etc. Then there are all the policies for repairing things; cars, appliances, computers, etc. Then there are the old services; water, electricity, gas and phone. By the time you have paid all of the service companies, you are broke and there has been no value added. Add to this all of the taxes we pay and you can see what is going on in this country. I believe this is also part of what is sucking this country and is making the country ripe for Fasciunism.

Another thing that I believe is making this country ripe for Fasciunism is the disparity of wages. A few short years ago CEO’s of most companies made approximately twenty times the annual salary of the average wage in their company. In other words, if the average worker in a company was earning twenty thousand dollars a year, the CEO was paid approximately four hundred thousand dollars. This is no longer the case. A company with the average worker making fifty thousand dollars may pay their CEO fifty million dollars or even more. This will eventually cause workers to rebel. It is not right but it happened in every country where the wage difference went this way. At the point of the rebellion the Fasciunist government can put controls on wages and price controls on goods and controls on the people.

Another place to look is the sports and entertainment industry. People who provide entertainment by playing a game or portraying a character are paid millions of dollars. This causes the working individual to pay more to see the entertainment. Back in the late sixties and the seventies I could take my wife and four children to see a major league baseball game several times a year. Today, I cannot even afford to go with just myself and my wife. I have less money than I did then and not only has the ticket price of the game, play or movie gone up sharply, parking and refreshments have also gone up. There are also the hidden costs that go with these entertainment venues. Think about all of the advertising that goes into ball game or movies or plays or concerts. The money it costs to advertise on TV, radio in print goes up all the time, think Super Bowl. These companies are not going to take less profit; they are going to raise their prices to cover the cost. Now, the consumer, whether they go to thee venues or not are forced to pay more for their product. All of this just to pay the salaries of a bunch of people to entertain us and add no value to the economy. Part of this is our fault. Most of us have become spectators rather than participants. We also want to be continually entertained if we are not working. The government lap dog media are all in favor of this. After all, they are in the entertainment industry too. For instance, most of the talking heads that bring us what passé for news are making million dollars a year too.

All of this started back in 1913 when congress turned control of our money over to the Federal Reserve Bank. This is illegal, as the constitution gives the congress and only the congress the power to coin money. The whole idea of a Federal Reserve Bank is based on a conspiracy and a lie. The lie is in the name. This bank is in no way part of the Federal government, so how can it be the “Federal” Reserve Bank. The other part of the lie is that there is no reserve about it. The Fed merely creates money with the stroke of a computer key whenever it is needed. Unlike real money, it has nothing backing it up. While it states that the United States stands behind it, that may simply not be true. If the Fed is not part of the Federal government, why would the government have to stand behind it. Besides, with the hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt in this country, what good is that guarantee? The United States borrow their money from the Fed and we pay interest on it with our taxes. Congress needs to take back their authorized duty and issue the money. It will probably never happen because the Fasciunists have too much control.

The Fed and its member banks along with those mega-rich bankers and businessmen are thus able to control the economy of this country with just a few strokes of the computer keyboard. They can increase or decrease, increase or decrease the interest rates, cause inflation or deflation and do all sorts of damage to the economy. Why should a few very wealthy people be allowed to do this? The conspiracy that is the Federal Reserve has come to fruition.

The taxes we pay are another way the one worlders have of controlling us. Taxes eat up over fifty percent of the money we make. The media and most financial tell us that taxes are only about thirty percent of our income. While this may not be an outright lie, I consider it an obfuscation. They tell us that all of the fees we pay, the license fees, the user fees, the state and local taxes and on and on, these are all paid to some form of the government for certain services. To me that is a tax. Just remember, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you can be pretty sure it is a duck”. Then there are the taxes that businesses pass along to us. The controlled media always screams that the rich businesses and their owners should pay more taxes. They do not seem to realize that businesses do not pay taxes, they just add them to the cost of their goods or services and we pay those taxes. They also want to up the taxes on the very rich. This does not work either because it is those very people that invest and make jobs for the rest of us. How many people have you heard of getting hired by poor people? The rich provide jobs, that is how many of them got rich. We do not want to penalize them for providing others with a decent living. Besides the government collects too much tax at this time. Remember, the power to tax is the power to control. The more the taxes are the more control they have over all of us.

All of these things cause many people to take chances. They borrow money to play the stock market, they play the lotto games, (another form of taxes), or go to some casino, always hoping to strike it rich. Most people that try these ways wind up going broke. However, that being said, more people move from middle class to wealthy class than drop from middle class to poor.

Debt is the one thing that can bring a country down faster than anything. The Fasciunists love debt because it gives them more control over the people. Our national debt has been growing for years. Under Obama that debt exploded. The known debt is about twenty trillion dollars at this time. If you add in personal debt, corporate debt and unfounded items in the Federal budget, one hundred trillion does not even cover it. The interest we pay on the money, whether it is paid by the Federal government, corporations or personal debt, all goes to the owners of the Federal Reserve Banks. It may pass through the hands of other, smaller banks, but eventually it winds up at the big banks. Should there be a major financial failure, the banks would probably own most everything. The scary part of it is that the Chinese have lent billions to this country and should that collapse come, we could be speaking Chinese in the future. The Fed is in collusion with the Chinese and other countries and is just waiting for the right tie to take over and turn this into a Fasciunist country. We must do something to stop it.

~ The Author ~
The author (Stephen J. Norling) is retired from the work world and does freelance writing. He has served in the armed forces and worked in various industries, has worked for both political parties and found them both to be lacking. After watching politics for a long time he came to all new conclusions and why he is warning people of the politics of this country. He has remained a (somewhat) regular contributor to the Federal Observer and Kettle Moraine Publications for these past seventeen years. We are glad to have him back – as accurate, angry and straightforward as a TRUE Patriot can be. Send the Knifeman an email with your comments.

Publisher’s NOTE: The two images embedded with the article, are the front and back cover for a multi-audio-tape album of Mr. Norling’s original 2000 book, “FasUNsim” which we were privileged to record in our studios in that year. Norling’s definitive rendering of TRUTH, which once and for all set the record straight about AmeriKa in that day – is bringing this horrid tale up to date in 2017. The original presentation was written and recorded during the closing days of the Clintonian Regime, its message continues to transcend all Administrations. ~ J.B.

One thought on “Fasciunism II: Chapter Five ~ The Financial Aspect

  1. John Slagle

    Mr. Norling’s outstanding summation of events and times in this nation are clear and precise. For many years, I have appreciated the research and truthful presentation of facts by free lance writers and reporters who often stir the hornets’s nest of politics and leftist goals mainstream media elite prefer to keep silent.

    If the American people cannot see the extreme liberal controlled bias in the major network newsrooms that shortchanges the truth on a daily basis, these are sad times. We have all events in history when many so called investigative reporters, watch dog journalists based their stories on assumptions the vast majority of people did not believe especially during the Clinton , Bush and Obama administrations. Talk about slanted news where any contrary views were not welcome or appreciated, those were amazing times. For over a year, I had the opportunity to write as a immigration and law enforcement examiner for a major nationwide internet news agency. Many articles were left untouched by editors, but crossing the line of political correctness and presenting the truth was always met with the usual leftist point of view.

    Outstanding series of articles by Mr. Norling. As Neal Ross often stated on the Federal Observer, the truth is out there. A person must have the will to find the truth from past history of this nation or present. In 2017, with the concentrated Media Elite distortion and political Bias in the news, POTUS Trump seems to stepping on some major toes in the NWO and career corrupt politicians in Washington.


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