Mortier: Medicaid, Pre-existing Conditions and the Doughnut Hole

They are all subtle genocide, Taking Medicaid from the disabled and poor seniors. There was a blind woman on local TV who only gets a couple hundred a month and she said not be able to make it without Medicaid. A lot of people not just seniors, but the young people and children have preexisting conditions. Cancer, Diabetes, Asthma, MS, Mental, knee replacements every l0 years, Heart problems, Kidney disease, Lupus, etc. which i could go on forever are all preexisting conditions. Then that Medicare Doughnut Hole where you have to decide between the food on your table and the roof over your head or your medicine. I have already given up two medicines, because of the doughnut hole. Brand names only – not generic.

The brand names and do not always have generic for it. Brand names are the new drugs and generic older drugs. Which means you either pay as much as $325 a month for your medicine until it gets to be $4,000 which goes into then next year or do without it. Like the two I had and refused, because we can not afford it. It was to help with my bones being brittle from the Lithium and to help with my thyroid being low that in my forties that had it from the Lithium on top of the thyroid medicine, which is generic. Brand names which are new medicine and only ones they have to help people or second generation being better than the generic. Talk about going against the US citizens for the insurance companies and the rich. A better country would not do this to their people. It is like the Republicans and Trump are trying hard to get the Democrat presidency and Congress back in 2020. But in the meantime the US citizens have to exist with this government being cold-hearted and not having compassion for their people. It is unbelievable how mean they are to the US citizens. Love it or leave it? If we had the money love to leave it.

Just like the quote from Gandhi applies to the US by the way it’s animals are treated with Greyhound and Horse Races, experimenting on animals when people and animals not alike, sending the horses to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for human consumption etc. Then that last e-mail that in 44 US states they are allowed to kill cats and dogs for human consumption. No never knew that before. But Gandhi’s quote: “The greatness of a nation and it’s moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated.” It means that the US is not great and immoral in regards to their animals. Plus you can substitute US citizens in that quote for animals too, because of the above paragraph against the US citizens the US is not great and immoral, because of the way they treat the US Citizens as well as the animals. Unbelievable how the US treats it’s animals and it’s people. Well the animals can not talk to stick up for themselves. But we can speak up for ourselves and the animals.

Barb Mortier
June 12, 2017

~ The Author ~
The Author and this publisher have spent some years battling back and forth over one issue or another – and sometimes we block each other off for weeks or months at a time – but there are times that we DO agree – and this is one of those times. Thanks Barb. ~ J.B.

One thought on “Mortier: Medicaid, Pre-existing Conditions and the Doughnut Hole

  1. Bill Wallace

    A civilized nation would recognize my right to a free education till I desired to leave that endeavor but no.

    A compassionate society would recognize my right to three four week vacations, all expenses paid, to the destination of my choice, but no the running dogs of wall street cried.

    A decent nation would compensate me for being color blind by giving me priority in education and work opportunities.

    A feeling country would recognize past injustices that deprived my ancestors of decent medical care that have resulted in a stunted stature by insuring I get my choice of new car every three years or till the ashtrays are full.

    Of course an advanced society would pay for all this. Because why should I?



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