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  1. John Slagle

    For many years the highway to hell has been open for criminal gangbangers and transnational criminals.
    In Missouri, an illegal alien Murderer has been a source of public aggravation since January when the thug went on a killing spree. With the recent news regarding ICE which has also worked the Kansas City and St. Louis areas, trust is finally returning under Trump and Sessions for strict immigration enforcement. 1378 gangbangers off the streets is a good start, may the numbers increase with no stairway to heaven or get out of jail free policies.

    Missouri widow says immigration system – Springfield News-Leader


    Mar 1, 2017 … A Missouri widow will tell lawmakers about her husband’s alleged
    murder … was murdered by a Mexican immigrant in the U.S. illegally–adding a … on his
    killing spree, despite several arrests by local law enforcement officials.

    ICE arrests 1,378 suspected gang members in largest sweep to date …

    17 hours ago … The Trump administration has concluded a six-week nationwide
    sweep of suspected gang members with 1378 arrests — the largest such gang …

  2. John Slagle

    Another bump in the highway to hell, many thanks Jackie Junnti.

    Subject: Cover-Up, Scandal Of Dead Border Patrol Agent During Obama’s 2012 Election Revealed

    this is the first I have read of this situation. I was expecting it to be about Brian Terry .


    Cover-Up, Scandal Of Dead Border Patrol Agent During Obama’s 2012 Election Revealed


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