Patriots Make ‘Mother Jefferson’ The Biggest Joke At MTV Awards

You’ll Love It!

“Oh, Louise!”

The biggest farce of the year happened at the MTV Awards as Maxine Waters showed up to present a far leftist award for “fighting against the system.” Waters looked like a complete fool as she took to the stage and ignorant celebs wildly clapped for their new tool and the hate she spews against President Donald Trump. Well, you’re going to love how Maxine Waters ended up the biggest joke of the night as patriots set the record straight.

Sixty-seven percent of all Americans think the Democrats are “out of touch” with reality in America, and that makes sense if you consider their new star, 78-year-old Maxine Waters, otherwise known as “poverty pimp” by her own constituents.

So, when the idiots at MTV thought Waters would be perfect to give out an award for “fighting against the system,” it rubbed most Americans the wrong way. Not only that, but the award was meaningless as black actress Taraji P. Henson proved when she accepted the award on behalf of the winning film, Hidden Figures, which is about African-American women who worked for NASA in the early 1960s.

The movie shows that in the pre-Civil Rights Amendment era, NASA was employing black women “in the system.” The film had nothing to do with fighting against the system; it was about smart African-American women working for the system. The award illustrates MTV’s leftist agenda, and everything about this ridiculous award, especially the presenter, Waters, made no sense at all.

Fawning all over Waters was actress Tracee Ellis Ross, and it was embarrassing to watch. “The liberal lawmaker was accompanied onstage by Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross, who showered praise on Waters,” reports Breitbart. “Thank you, for your work. Thank you, for your voice and how you use it. And thank you, for being an extraordinary example for all of us — especially in these times,” said Ross, gushing at Waters, who took a bow.

Patriots watching Waters were livid, knowing that she is one of the most inept politicians in Washington, D.C., today. Then, the “poverty pimp” took the stage and the nutjobs in the audience exploded, giving the congresswoman, who said “Putin invaded Korea,” a standing ovation.

Obviously, she had rehearsed numerous times and was given a script because everyone knows you don’t let “Auntie Maxine” talk off the cuff. Waters read from the teleprompter, her face frozen with newly injected botox, “Artists, actors, singers and citizens have a unique opportunity — the ability to speak out and inspire change. Each of these stories pushes back against the bullies and uses its platform to unite us all.”

It was all such a big farce that social media commentator Mark Dice made a YouTube video on Waters’ big night at the MTV Awards, and it’s going viral. Patriots on Twitter let the congresswoman from Los Angeles know she didn’t fool anyone with her schtick.

Waters once said, “I have to march because my mother could not have an abortion,” and she also told Chris Matthews, “[I] believe that Trump is somehow being held hostage by Vladimir Putin because of information on his behavior.” Obviously, Waters mental capacity needs to be checked; she has no business holding any government office, even something as simple as dog catcher needs to be off limits.

As you can see, Americans across the country refused to buy what the MTV Awards was selling, and Maxine Waters demonstrated that these Hollywood celebrities have descended into the gutter with one the most corrupt rats in Washington, D.C. Waters is the epitome of a swamp creature, and her nickname “the poverty pimp” is the biggest joke running, yet the Hollywood crowd give her a standing ovation. That’s how out of touch these so-called celebs are with middle-class patriotic Americans, and that’s why they cried their eyes out when We the People elected Donald Trump.

Published at Daily Info ~ May 8, 2017.

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