The Silent Minority

We live in a culture that rewards us when we speak. We blast our thoughts out on Twitter, on Facebook and on Youtube. I’m even blasting my thoughts, currently. While this can be a good thing, I think our culture is becoming so obsessed with always having to be heard that we forget that sometimes silence is just as powerful.

The quote “My dear, you’ve missed so many opportunities to say nothing,” crosses my mind often.

I think that this is a rather radical way to look at life, especially considering that our culture abhors awkward silences and not throwing out the last word during a debate. I find myself mentally combing through my interactions, looking for all the times I forgot to say nothing. Trying to not miss an opportunity to stay silent challenges me. And I think it should challenge you, as well.

The next time somebody tries to bait you into a debate, capitalize upon this opportunity to stay silent and truly learn what and why they believe the opposite of what you do. To do this, you must be prepared to swallow your pride but do so while remembering that you’re learning more about why you disagree with them- not just being reaffirmed that you do.

The next time friends are discussing a subject or hobby that is unfamiliar to you, don’t try to change the subject so that you can contribute, too. Realize that this is an opportunity to stay silent and perhaps learn something new about your friends. Who knows, you might even be inspired to read up on a new subject or take up a new hobby.

Being able to stay silent throughout these examples take maturity. I know it isn’t easy to sit silently while somebody spouts off opinions that you have no tolerance for. I know it isn’t easy to be the odd man out in a conversation.

It isn’t easy because, when we are silent, we hear our own insecurities. When we quietly let others share their opinion, we worry that others will find us to be less intelligent than we are. When we stay silent amongst friends, we worry that they don’t really care for us and that they only put up with us out of pity. Or worse, we feel as if we don’t belong.

But, talking over these insecurities only masks the issue. It is like putting a band-aid over a broken bone. To truly conquer these insecurities we must remain silent and acknowledge that our self-confidence is lacking. You will quickly realize that listening to other’s opinions does not leave you less intelligent- it prepares you for the next confrontation. You will realize that your friends won’t find you odd when you drift out the conversation- they will appreciate your maturity in remaining silent instead of abruptly changing the conversation.

Proverbs 17:28 states that “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.” Staying silent has the power to transform the opinions people have of fools. This is a Biblical testament to how powerful listening is.

So, the next time you find yourself in a conversation, I encourage you to briefly consider whether or not you’re about to waste an opportunity to say nothing.

Written by Victoria L. Sanders and published at Tori’s Thought Bubble ~ November 2016.

~ The Author ~
Victoria L. Sanders (Tori) is a college student at a small Christian university.  She has grown up in a Christian home and considers herself to “be so blessed to be able to proudly announce that I am a firm follower of Jesus Christ.” Her blog is an inventory of sorts to collect and store her various opinions as she tries to figure out the world and God’s place for her. It is WE at Kettle Moraine Publications who have been blessed to come across her work.

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One thought on “The Silent Minority

  1. Neal

    You folks on the Federal Observer readers list may not believe it, but I am a pretty quiet person ‘in person.’ I usually sit quietly among the throngs of people surrounding me listening more than speaking. It is where I get a lot of my ideas for my articles for one thing. But more often than not I just like to listen; sometimes to hear how idiotic people are, others just because I have nothing to add to a conversation. It is only when they say something truly preposterous that I throw my two cents in.


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