MS-13 Street Gang ‘Is a Far Greater Threat to Your Life Than ISIS

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson argued that MS-13, an organization he described as a “mostly immigrant street gang” a bigger threat to public safety than ISIS.

Carlson offered examples of MS-13 violence and pointed out that while there are likely a “few hundred” active ISIS members in the United States, there were 6,000 members of MS-13 domestically and 30,000 abroad.

Transcript as follows:

It’s fair to say, ISIS is the new global gold standard for offal. Combined the Orlando, San Bernardino and Chattanooga terror attacks, and the groups is responsible for at least 68 deaths here in the U.S. over just the past three years and that is bad. On the other hand, it’s nothing compared to MS-13. That organization, a mostly immigrant street gang is a far greater threat to your life than ISIS is. It’s the numbers.

It’s not just the body’s pile up in smaller numbers and the coverage isn’t a splashy when they’re covered at all because often they are not. Besides the four killings you just heard about in New York today, there’s Raymond Wood. He’s the Lynchburg teenager apparently murdered and left by the side of the road two weeks ago by a group of MS-13 members. All of them were here illegally by the way.

There Kayla Cuevas and Nisa Mickens, a pair of teenage girls butchered with machetes by MS-13. They’re walking off from school in Brentwood, New York. We could go on and on and on. And in the future editions of the show, we will. But killing is not the end of the problem with MS-13, its members have been caught running child prostitution rings, they’ve been contacted by Mexican drug cartels, and paid their operations. And of course, they engage in the usual extortion, drug trafficking and human smuggling.

But unlike ISIS, MS-13 makes it hard to live in certain neighborhoods here in this country. Also unlike ISIS, there are a lot of them. ISIS may have a significant pass of supporters in the U.S. and a lot of a suspected does but true active ISIS members ­ pretty small, maybe a few hundred and most. MS-13, by contrast, has approximately 6,000 members according to the government in this country. And they’re supported by more than 30,000 abroad. Yes, abroad.

Because MS-13 is fundamentally a foreign threat. Now, the administration is using a lot of firepower to defeat insurgents in the Middle East right now and good for them. But what about the insurgency right down the road from you here in America? Because that’s exactly what it is.

Written by Jeff Poor and published by Breitbart ~ April 14, 2017.

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3 thoughts on “MS-13 Street Gang ‘Is a Far Greater Threat to Your Life Than ISIS

  1. John Slagle

    From 1980 to 1992, the El Salvadorian Civil War was responsible for a large influx of foreign nationals crossing our borders claiming refugee status and fear of death if deported to their country of origin. With many legitimate refugees were a growing number of international criminals, MS-13 gangmembers also known as La Mara Salvatrucha, a vilolent organized group of “Thugs” who killed police, soldiers and anyone who impeded their illicit activities.

    Over a span of 12 years, the Border Patrol arrested and interviewed hundreds of these “Tattoed” gangsters all claiming refugee status. On the I-213 Deportable Alien statement, we recommended to the Immigration Judges, immediate exclusion and removal from the U.S. as organized criminals who were a national threat if granted refugee status. Most liberal Immigration Judges despite our objections allowed Mara Salvatruchas to remain stateside.

    The debate over illegal immigration in the 1980s revolved around the so-called Sanctuary Movement. The liberal Migration Policy Institute tells the story of how “Large-scale migration to the United States from Central America began, as hundreds of thousands of Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Nicaraguans fled north from civil war, repression, and economic devastation” led to a Left-Right political battle which continues to this day.The protagonists in the controversy included, on one side, immigrants’ rights lawyers, liberal members of Congress, religious activists, and the refugees themselves. On the other side was the State Department, the Department of Justice (including the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)), and conservative members of Congress.

    The surge of illegal immigrant “children” and families in Obama’s administration was called a humanitarian crisis. The trespassers were supposedly fleeing drug gangs, rampant violence and state failure in Central America. This was exactly the same arguments used to justify the acceptance of “refugees” from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala in the 1980s. Many of the illegal aliens pouring into the U.S. are not fleeing chaos; they are bringing it with them and many are responsible for creating the chaos.

    Zack Taylor,chairman of the NAFBPO, a retired Border Patrol agent with over twenty years experience, has stated that MS-13 trains gang members from age 8, including how to be an “assassin.” Though the Obama administration has tried to control media access to the processing centers, enough photos have gotten out to show that these “children” are far from being the cute tykes the liberal press likes to depict.

    Bringing in another generation of street gangsters, drug pushers and killers under the false rhetoric of providing sanctuary from “violence and oppression” in Central America would be foolish and dangerous. The U.S. has been down this road before and it has been a nightmare.

  2. Osh

    …so..where is the wall? If and when it goes up, I’d like the specs to be written so that it is a two way…just as difficult to get over in either direction. When it hits the fan, I’d like for our militia NOT to have to chase them all the way to Guatemala …yes..militia…because obviously the only thing our military will be allowed to do is die in foreign shores protecting the SOP cumshaw… and of course, remember Bundyville…if the trend we’ve seen there is any indication, the “contractors” will be on the “wet” and not the WE THE PEOPLE side in any conflict.. C’mon Donald, get this show on the road…

  3. John Slagle

    Osh, it’s good to hear from you again. I agree 100 per cent, it is time for President Trump to get the show on the road, enforce all existing INA laws on the books, target MS-13 gangs nationwide with ICE Special Agents and local police plus defund sanctuary cities for a start. My biggest source of aggravation working a Category One anti-smuggling investigation in 1988 and 1989 which involved thousands of illegal aliens enroute to California was Sanctuary City Los Angeles. Identified Smugglers and Transporters were MS-13 gangsters who were granted refugee status and found that as much money was involved in human trafficking as narcotics and extortion rackets. Working the Oxford Street areas of L.A. controlled by gangs and Sanctuary policies in effect by LAPD was an experience in futility. No cooperation …


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