Any man who thinks he can be happy and prosperous by letting the Government take care of him better take a closer look at the American Indian.” ~ Henry Ford

Just don’t look at Princess Poke Your Hontas…

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  1. John Slagle

    Despite what many people believe due to longstanding and inaccurate accounts in history books and movies such as Disney’s Pocahontas, the true story of Pocahontas is not one of a young Native Powhatan woman with a raccoon friend who dove off of mountain-like cliffs on the coasts of Virginia. (Note: there are no cliffs on the coast of Virginia.)

    The true story of Pocahontas is a tale of tragedy and heartbreak.

    1. John Smith came to the Powhatan tribe when Pocahontas was about 9 or 10 years of age.
    2.Pocahontas never saved the life of John Smith.
    3.Pocahontas never defied her father, Powhatan to bring food to John Smith or Jamestown.
    4. Pocahontas Did Not sneak Into Jamestown to warn John Smith about a Death Plot.
    5.As Colonists terrorized Native People, Pocahontas married and became Pregnant.
    6.Pocahontas was Kidnapped, her Husband was murdered and she was forced to give up her first child.
    7.Pocahontas was raped while in Captivity and became Pregnant with her second child .
    8.John Rolfe Married Pocahontas to Create a Native Alliance in Tobacco Production.
    9,Mattaponi history is clear that Pocahontas had a son out of wedlock, Thomas, prior to her marriage to John Rolfe. Prior to that marriage, the colonists pressed Pocahontas to become “civilized”.
    10. Pocahontas Was Brought to England To Raise Money and Was Then Likely Murdered

    Captain John Smith is Saved by Pocahontas, 1608

    Captain John Smith describes being saved from execution by Pocahontas. …
    Jamestown, 1544-1699 (1980); Smith John, The General Historie of Virginia,
    New …


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