Deranged vs. Sane

Who outnumbers who? The deranged, with differing degrees of severity, dominate most important institutions—education; media; politics/government all levels; also the military/industrial/surveillance/banking complex.

The variably deranged dominate the indoctrinated young; the power-hungry, warmongering elites & neoconservatives; the Democrat party; the propagandized “victims”, e.g. gays, lesbians, LGBTQ’s, blacks, Hispanics, OTM’s (other than Mexicans), “refugees”, illegal aliens….illiterates, semi-illiterates, pyschos, neurotics, misfits & other “challenged” individuals.

The Deranged among those listed in the previous paragraph are much easier to comprehend than those of high ranking positions, I.Q., academic achievements, etc. Usually such intelligent individuals might be expected to excel in common sense, intellectual honesty, strive for peace with law & order resulting in justice. Unfortunately for the sane, the educated, intelligent deranged are more energetically driven for power & wealth and lack a conscience on how those goals are obtained. They look down with disdain at the sane who honestly work for a living, pay their taxes, raise their kids, live on a budget & believe in self-reliance, liberty, Constitutional Bill of Rights, property rights, etc. and who mostly cannot comprehend the motives of the deranged and or of what terrible things they are capable.

The Deranged have many labels…Liberals, Progressives, Cultural Marxists, neoconservatives. The latter has been especially successful with their psychological warfare. For example, their creation of phantom enemies/false flags have drummed up “patriotic” hysteria which lure the young to join the military in their “eternal wars” (power & $Trillions) as their cannon fodder and keep the public in line with their bromides of “keeping us safe”, all the while scoffing at the stupid, compliant, insouciant public. One of the worst, ironic results of their wars is the creation of “refugees” who have every reason to seek revenge for their war torn countries and are being welcomed into the deranged Western countries who ravaged those countries. How insane is that?

This is a pivotal historical time in the USA & all Western Civilization nations. Whether the sane or the deranged tip the scales—so goes the world.

The Sane are not in positions of power and many are misinformed and misled, making solidarity nearly impossible. Without cohesion, comprehension, and a solid truthful knowledge of history their coming together as a force to be reckoned with is doubtful.

Since the decades of deliberately dumb-down/indoctrination, It appears too late for the sane to reintroduce the Enlightenment—logic, common sense, merit, achievement, rugged individualism, et al to save us from being led back to the Dark Ages & thence back to the jungle where might makes right & dog eats dog and the individual is sacrificed to the Deranged Collectivists?

Never has a society been so relentlessly conditioned to accept serfdom in the name of “diversity” & “social justice”—never so intent on its own white race genocide. (“White Guilt”)

History & science prove that the white race has the genes which drive progress, prosperity, innovation, greatness in music, the arts, and sciences, and most importantly the will & knowledge required to install Constitutional law which protects the innocent, and the ability to raise the quality of life for all, regardless of mentality/ethnicity/race.

Patriots voted for Donald Trump because he was not a politician and said he was opposed by the political Establishment, the Marxists, the Anarchists, the Progressives, the media, academia, et al. The people understood that much anyway…that if all the bad guys were against him, he must be the one to fight them.

But he has not divested himself of all the Deranged and let too many of them into his tent which accounts for his reneging on the campaign promises which elected him. Perhaps the Deep State is much larger & powerful than even he could imagine. Or perhaps he was a clever plant by globalists who want the voters to keep thinking their vote counts to throw out the bad guys. Or perhaps like Perot, he is now placed in a position of keeping himself & family alive by following directions.

Deranged Snowflakes by Ratch-And-Clank

The question for me always remains—once the elite globalists have killed the Golden (White) Goose, whence comes the $$$ ? But then they are deranged/insane & perhaps incapable of following that simple logical thought.

Whoopee, a majestic throne over a sub-human mess of species who are unable to achieve or create wealth, only to plunder/ravage or to be dependent. Makes no sense whatsoever…but maybe I’m playing checkers with champion chess players & simply can’t comprehend their next moves.

I still have to ask how do you deal with; much less overcome ruling deranged lunatics who appear to be invincible with in impenetrable protection racket ring ensconced around them? Observe all the maniacal, unconstitutional acts with which they have gotten away.

Pity the disarmed, misinformed, illogical youth. ~ Barbara McCutchen

April 14, 2017

Written by and submitted to the Federal Observer for publication by the author.

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One thought on “Deranged vs. Sane

  1. A Reader

    Sadly, is a very accurate characterization of today’s America.

    Thanks to government’s (or the ruling clique’s that controls it) generosity and encouragement from the social engineers of the “Liberal” left, the deranged outbreed the sane.

    What is going to be the result of this was predicted some 200 years ago by Thomas Malthus: the unproductive deranged will drag the productive sane to the hellhole of perpetual poverty.


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