US” – as in, “We, the People

I have not said too much about this election since the start but this is how I feel…

I am noticing that a lot of you are not graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost. In fact, you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those of us who voted for Trump.

Some of you are apparently “triggered” because you are posting how “sick” you feel about the results. How did this happen you ask? Well here is how it happened!

You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.

You created “us” when you attacked our right to bear arms.

You created “us” when you attacked our Christian beliefs.

You created “us” when you constantly referred to us as racists.

You created “us” when you constantly called us xenophobic.

You created “us” when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.

You created “us” when you attacked our flag.

You created “us” when you took God out of our schools.

You created “us” when you confused women’s rights with feminism.

You created “us” when you began to emasculate men.

You created “us” when you decided to make our children soft.

You created “us” when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.

You created “us” when you attacked our way of life.

You created “us” when you decided to let our government get out of control.

You created “us” the silent majority.

You created “us” when you began murdering innocent law enforcement officers.

You created “us” when you lied and said we could keep our insurance plans and our doctors.

You created “us” when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.

You created “us” when you took a knee, or stayed seated or did not remove your hat during our National Anthem.

You created “us” when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.

In addition, we became fed up and we pushed back and spoke up, and we did it with ballots, not bullets.

With ballots, not riots.

With ballots, not looting.

With ballots, not blocking traffic.

With ballots, not fires, except the one you started inside of “us”

“YOU” created “US”.

It really is just that simple.


Mr. Paul Genova served as Wireless Telecom Group’s Chief Executive Officer and a member of the board of directors since November 2009 and served as the Company’s CFO from September 2003 to 2010. From 1994 to February 2002, Mr. Genova served as Chief Financial Officer of Wilson Logistics, Inc., a supply chain management and industrial services provider. From 1985 to 1994, Mr. Genova worked with Deloitte & Touché LLP as a Senior Audit Manager, working with various global manufacturing companies. Mr. Genova is a CPA in New Jersey and New York, and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Manhattan College.

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2 thoughts on “US” – as in, “We, the People

  1. Mark

    I want to thank Obama and all who supported his self described RADICAL TRANSFORMATION of the United States of America. Because of him and their support…that lit my personal dormant Constitutional fire.

    Many of U.S. took his and his adoring fawning masses (supporting the threat) as real and got off our butts and became blades in the grass roots of the TEA Party. We bought millions of pocket copies of the Constitution, read it until it became rote…and gave them all away…and then bought more.

    Mr. Genova’s articulate list filled U.S. with determination…we gathered and gave and rallied and called/wrote/blogged and voted out our in the tank for the RADICAL TRANSFORMATION representatives and senators and governors and below. The party of the Jackass lost over 10,000 national political positions since the RADICAL TRANSFORMATION was smugly announced.

    A sea of red is lapping at the shores of the bright blue bubbles…they should not be worried about climate change drowning them…fly over country is the rising tide!

    Then, after much endurance and belief (even after the IRS came after U.S. with a wink and a nod from Obama) we endured and defeated the lying, crooked, globalist pants suit pawn (Obama and the Left) wanted to shove down our throats to continue the betrayal of the Founding Fathers blood and their vision of our REPUBLIC.

    Don’t worry about your legacy Barry…if you really did wire tap…worry about your future…PERIOD.
    (Yea. you can keep your lawyer if you want your lawyer).

    Obama, the globalist charismatic pawn/never ending PC race card and his mentors/worshipers (the unholy trinity: Big Media – Hollywood & Academia & last but not least in numbers the LIBTARDs) all have their hair on fire!!!

    Mr. President…..MORE GASOLINE!


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