What drives up the COST of medical care????

The BIG issue right now is the Health Care legislation being sold as better than ObamaCare (Hillary Care/RyanCare lite).

I guess at my age I can recall how much less expensive health CARE was in my younger days. This was BEFORE all the insurance industry entered the general population…

In 1957 when I had my first child the entire bill – doctor and three days and nights in the hospital was a grand total of $300.00 – that included both Dr. & Hospital. We had no insurance so neither the Doctor or the hospital had to maintain STAFF (payroll and taxes) to accommodate all the paperwork required when dealing with *insurance* .

My recent trip to the E.R. in Olympia for that extreme belly pain I had endured for 2.5 days and night cemented my thoughts on this issue. Other than the scan and blood/Urine draws they did NOTHING other than to tell me they were STUMPED – they had NO CLUE what the problem was and they released me – handing me a few sheets of paper with names of local MD’s that accepted Medicare. For that fantastic HEALTH CARE they billed a few dollars short of $7,000.00. Oh and I am still getting bills from the labs that performed the tests on the scan – the blood draw and the Urine test. Medicare pays the majority of that, I pay the rest but the point is that the price charged did NOTHING to even determine what was the problems…. but the *Industry* made money.

I wonder how many of you ever consider the increases in costs for medical care when an insurance company and the staff in doctors and hospital offices has to increase to handle all that paperwork. Not one cent of that cost provides any medical care…. but it sure makes MONEY for the insurance and medical organizations.

Another thing insurance has brought forth is LAZINESS – folks are too lazy to take care of things at home like was the habit in my (and still in my home) younger days. A great deal of those E.R. and Urgent care visits could easily be taken care of at home – costing nothing.

Another side effect of this is that the COST of being a Doctor now with all the insurance is that many are leaving the field. They simply can’t afford to pay the associated costs to stay in practice. Those doctors who really care find they have to run from one patient to another as fast as they can in order to make somewhere near the income they used to make… resulting in the patients getting less than proper attention from the doctors. Now it is how fast can the doctor do a FAST diagnosis – write out a money making prescription (kick backs) and advise the patient to come back in a week or so.

Then there is the problem of those chemical prescriptions that have a long list of SIDE EFFECTS which require another visit and another prescription – with another long list of SIDE EFFECTS.

The big push in all this **HEALTH CARE BS** is MONEY. It has little to no relationship to aiding in WELLNESS of the patient. It is MONEY for Big PHARMA – the AMA – and the INSURANCE INDUSTRY. The deductibles are so high that those we are told it is to help have Health coverage that few folks can afford to go to see a doctor. However, those ILLEGALS get all kinds of FREE care (they simply don’t pay for any of it).

We need to get rid of all those items that have increased the cost of FAKE HEALTH CARE and return to being responsible and return to legitimate medical coverage without the institutions that do nothing but INCREASE COSTS – providing NO actual care.

I have said hundreds of time that we need to learn how to provide the care at home other than those real situations that need to be taken care of by a REAL doctor (ie; broken bones , etc.). If you are tired of the HIGH costs then learn how to PREVENT as well as how to care for the common health issues that mothers used to take care of years ago.

Recent news has come out about the increase in colon cancer among the millenniums. This is due to the ROTTEN DIETS they consume. Fast Food (JUNK FOOD) is killing – but it IS FAST!!!!

Learn about and then change how and what you eat and drink. pH balance diets producing an alkaline system – viruses and bacteria can’t survive in an Alkaline system. Eat more raw foods (fruits and veggies). Stay away from those frozen meals that are fills with acidic and fat forming ingredients. Do a search for pH balance – and for Alkaline foods. Since I learned and made the change some years back I have not had one illness related to my diet. My problems lean to the bone and muscles and even there I have found alternative ways to work on healing or at least relieving the pain. I was born with a broken back which then led to the problems of today.

So as you listen to the POLITICAL SPIEL of the need for Health care ask your self WHAT has created these higher and higher expense for medial care? Get rid of the CAUSES — INSURANCE – Big PHARMA – AMA. If the TRUE costs those groups were to be made known it would change the picture being present to make sure those groups keep making hug profits.

When government MANDATES any of this stuff – be very suspicious of what the underlying push is really about. ALWAYS EXAMINE THE ROOT OF THINGS.

Jackie Juntti

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juntii_thumbJackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

2 thoughts on “What drives up the COST of medical care????

  1. Darkwing

    If the US government put in Tort reform and limits on medical law suits, that would cut down on cost. If Government allow all health providers to cross state lines, that would cut down cost. The most inportant thing is get the government out of manage health care, that would cut down cost.


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