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Prior to the enactment of Obamacare, we had the very best health care in the entire world and our life expectancy was very high. Now we see our life expectancy dropping for the very first time in U.S. history, and the reason is Obamacare.

People just aren’t going to the doctor when they feel something is wrong with them physically because the deductibles for Obamacare make it impossible. My own wife received a bill for $1,072.00 per month with an $8,000.00 deductible! So we’d be paying over $12,000.00 per year in premiums alone and face a $8,000.00 deductible, which really comes to a $20,000.00 deductible when you add the two before you get care other than an annual physical, which is very limited under Obamacare. So cancers and heart conditions are not being diagnosed in time to save the patient, thus our reduced lifespans.

What this government should do is tell the insurers to start selling private and employer coverage the way they did before Obamacare, but to allow children up to age 26 to stay on their parents’ plan, and to allow insurance buyers to purchase health insurance over state lines.

Much has been made about pre-existing conditions, so let’s discuss this. If a person has shown responsibility in buying health insurance, even if it is only for catastrophic conditions caused by accident or disease, and then the insurer sends them a notice of cancellation, forcing them to buy insurance elsewhere at a prohibitive rate they usually cannot afford, that should be a prohibitive conduct. However, if somebody wants to roll the dice, refuses to buy even low-cost catastrophic coverage and then develops a catastrophic illness or injury, then they should be on their own.

I’ve got 43 years under my belt selling insurance, – so forget about individual insurers for a moment and think of a big insurance pool where all the responsible people deposit their money and take from the fund when they get sick or injured. If the premiums are sufficient, that system works very well, but if we allow the irresponsible among us to delve into that fund when they get sick or injured, the plan will fail every time because they never paid a dime into the pool, so why should we allow them to participate in it?

Radio personality Lars Larson of Portland, Oregon has been advertising a company selling catastrophic coverage for only $30.00 per month, and the people participating in it are choosing to pay the Obamacare fine in addition to that $30.00 per month in order to avoid the prohibitive costs of Obamacare they get nothing from anyway. Don’t even try to tell me that all these people running around with expensive tattoos and smart phones cannot afford a catastrophic plan costing a whopping $1.00 per day! If they choose not to participate, they get no coverage, period.

We are not a Socialist nation quite yet, which means we are a nation of people who live in a Capitalist nation, and people who live in a Capitalist nation pay their own way!

It doesn’t matter which party is in power: Everything the government touches turns to shit, and I’ve got a very bad feeling about how this Republican plan is going to perform. If there are any subsidies of any kind like tax credits, the plan will fail because abuse and fraud will surely follow. If Trump is truly a states’ rights guy, he’ll recognize that nothing in the Constitution gives the federal government the right to control our health care, which means doing so is a direct violation of Article 10 of the Bill of Rights. Health care and all forms of insurance are matters left to the states.

What this government can do is put policies into place that drive down the costs of prescription drugs and medical devices and procedures like Canada did. We can actually buy RX drugs from Canada that cost less that we can through our local pharmacy, and the only reason is that Canada imposed and enforced price controls. Right now there are no price controls whatsoever, and as you know, anything that can be abused, will be abused to the extent that medical costs have eclipsed the normal rate of inflation by 300% just about every year. That must be controlled, yet I’ve seen no movement in that direction. One of the primary reasons Obamacare is collapsing is due to the fact Obama didn’t have the wherewithal to impose price controls and Obamacare allowed anyone, previously insured or not, to participate in Obamacare after they developed a serious condition. If you allow those who didn’t contribute a dime to the pool to draw from the pool when they get sick or injured, the Obamacare plan was doomed to fail before it got off the ground.

And the Republican plan will fail too if they make the same stupid mistake. It is not the responsibility of our government to provide healthcare to the citizens, and don’t even try to tell me the so-called poor cannot afford $30.00 per month for catastrophic coverage. If they decide to pay for a tattoo or a monthly smart phone bill instead, then they get left out in the cold of they get sick or injured. That’s called personal responsibility.

March 6, 2017

Carl F. Worden

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