Dwyer: The Real Purpose Of Diversity

“You’re FIRED!”

As the plots of the Democrat Party’s operatives and their useful idiots to impede the functioning of the Executive Branch of the U.S. government unravel before our eyes, it becomes more and more obvious what has been the real purpose of engineered diversity that was being imposed on our country for last five decades.

It was not to alleviate social discontent among America’s minorities in the aftermath of race riots and other unrests in mid-1960s.

It was not to promote harmonious coexistence of different races in the U.S.

It was not to ensure a more equitable distribution of wealth and power among country various racial and ethnic groups.

It was not to make up for past injustice, both real and alleged, done to the previously under-represented minorities.

The real purpose of engineered diversity was to disintegrate the American nation to the point where it can no longer self-govern itself along the lines of self-determination as prescribed in the Declaration of Independence. Multitudes of spies on behalf of alien ethnies and their hostile to America masters, who have infested our governments and their bureaucracies, sabotage any meaningful effort to resist submission of the majority of mainstream Americans to the transnational ruling clique. They will keep doing their termite job until the power structures of our Constitutional Republic break down and this great nation that we and our ancestors have built and defended collapses.

Barrack Obama and his administration were the fruits of that engineered diversity and they fulfilled its real purpose. During Obama’s reign, our country was pushed on the road from sovereignty, exceptionalism, and world domination towards submission, mediocrity, and second-rate importance. Being more of a citizen of the world than patriotic American, he could not relate well to the needs and expectations of the majority of Americans, and was administrating his prescriptions for what – in his eyes – were the maladies of the American nation with calculated cruelty of a detached outsider. And the results were truly disastrous, for us, mainstream Americans, that is. Our country is more divided now that it has been in the last 100 years. The living standards of American workers are on the downtrend spiral. Our national debt doubled to about 20 trillion dollars. The size of the white population, a constant target of anti-white policies and regulations, is steadily decreasing. And the social disturbances fueled by the discontent of millions of individuals with loyalties outside our borders are becoming more and more common. Now, he and his minions are doing whatever they can obstructing President Trump’s agenda to return America back to We the People.

In California, where the Democrats rule practically unopposed, the mass importation of unassimillable aliens has helped electing diverse state government that does not seem to hesitate to engage in treason against the U.S. in its effort to reduce America to the provider of free goods and necessities to the Third World. Here, patriotism is regarded lowly as if it were crime, and treachery on behalf aliens and their nations of origin is praised as a virtue. Mexican government is openly directing its army of illegals how to avoid being caught by the federal authorities. California Senate President Pro-Tempore, a product of engineered diversity whose speeches do not leave a doubt which side is he on (and it is not the American side), will openly brag that half of his family are deportable illegal aliens. And all three branches of California government made it clear that they would obstruct Trump administration efforts to repatriate foreign-born criminals and the “undocumented immigrants” to their countries of origin (mostly, Mexico). The state formerly known as the “Golden State” became a beachhead for foreign invasion that met with helpful hands of Democrat activists under the pretense of promotion of … diversity. And all those who expressed their disapproval for such a blatant betrayal of Americans were promptly branded racists, xenophobes, and otherwise mentally sick individuals who suffered form anti-“immigrant” phobias.

Whether you like our new president or not, his words and actions were like MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scan that revealed how wide-spread is this metastatic cancer of anti-Americanism in the U.S. governments of all levels that was brought about by the imposition of diversity. We have just four (perhaps eight) years to undo some of the most damaging incursions of diversity engineers. It may well be the last chance we will ever have to do that.

I wish somebody tell President Trump to not get distracted with “hot” issues of today. I wish he focus mainly on purging the “swamp” of the holdovers form the bygone administrations fixated on diversity, the Obama administration being the most obvious example of. After all, he may be the best qualified person to fire them all.

March 5, 2017

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