Joint Session of Congress: He Hit It Out Of The Park

American statesman Ben Franklin once said, “We better all hang together or we’ll all hang separately.”

He referred to the fact that each signatory of the Declaration of the Independence faced death at the hands of the British back on July 4, 1776.

Today, we face the most fragmented and fractured electorate since the Vietnam War era. Democrats blame republicans for many ills facing this nation. And vice versa! Ironically, both parties equally contributed to America’s horrific $19.5 trillion debt. Both parties voted for the 15-year long war in Afghanistan and Iraq costing taxpayers trillions of dollars—but accomplishing nothing. Both parties watched America’s inner cities turn into war zones like Chicago, and unemployed Americans into the millions.

Each blames the other. When Obama entered the White House, he promised “hope and change.” Instead, he doubled the national debt. He promised to bring jobs. Instead he added 10 million people to food stamp rolls. Instead of peace, he continued war in the Middle East. Instead of helping African-Americans gain educations and jobs, he spent a lot of time on the golf course.

During the State of the Union by President Donald Trump, democratic women wore white outfits in protest of the president’s policies. Minority speaker for the House, Nancy Pelosi sat dejectedly in her seat with a scowl and sour attitude.

Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) grimaced during the entire speech. Muslim House member Keith Ellison (D-MN) sat with anger written all over his face during the address. He never stood to honor the widow of the slain Navy Seal William Ryan Owens. House Member Maxine Waters (D-CA) stayed home. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) continued his non-stop scurrilous attack Trump.

During the speech, democrats rarely stood, made a few snide comments and pointed their thumbs down at several of Trump’s attempts to call for unity on both sides of the aisle in order for Congress to go to work for the American people.

Instead, you could cut the air with a steak knife with the animosity seething from the democrats. They appeared to still be in a state of shock over Hillary Clinton losing.

At one point, Trump singled out several individuals for their heroism, courage and determination. When he recognized Carryn Owens, widow with three small children, and the wife of the Navy Seal William Ryan Owens, the entire Congressional body erupted in the longest applause on record—but the Muslim Keith Ellison sat angrily in his chair. Few in the MSM admit that Ellison maintains ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization.

When Trump talked about stopping illegal immigration and terrorism by extreme vetting and building a wall on the Mexican border, democrats fumed in their seats. When he spoke about creating V.O.I.C.E. “Victims of immigration crime enforcement”, democrats rankled in their seats.

Across the country, over 300 Sanctuary Cities allow illegal aliens to work and roam freely in violation of U.S. laws. When Trump pledged to bring them to justice, New York City’s Mayor DeBlazio promised to fight Trump. Same with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Colorado’s Governor John Hickenlooper. Same with California’s Governor Jerry Brown. All of them pledged to continue violating U.S. laws. No matter how many Americans die at the hands of illegal aliens!

At the end of the speech, TV anchor Brit Hume said, “Trump knocked it out of the park tonight.”

Pundit Chris Wallace said, “Donald J. Trump became President Trump of the United States tonight.”

Nonetheless, Schumer, Pelosi, Ellison and many other democrats fumed and scowled their way out of the chambers after the speech. They degraded the speech as well as the president in front of television cameras.

Much the same bitterness occurred at the Continental Congress back in Ben Franklin’s time. As the old statesman sat during the proceedings, he witnessed the anger and cynicism at that time. He came up with and I am paraphrasing, “All of us must state our cases for this new country. And, we must compromise in order to birth our new nation with a sense of purpose and cohesiveness. If not, we shall fragment beyond repair.”

Today in 2017, if the democrats and republicans remain at odds with each other, we all lose. If the mayors and city councils of Sanctuary Cities continue violating US laws, we all lose. If we allowed endless legal and illegal immigration, we all lose. If governors of states defy our laws on the books, they promote anarchy and civil conflict.

If we fail to maintain and enforce our laws, if we fail to compromise for America’s values and her peoples’ rights—our country faces degradation into a Third World country. It’s that simple and it’s that ugly.

March 3, 2017

~ The Author ~
wooldridge_thumb_08Frosty Wooldridge, teacher, author and journalist has bicycled across six continents – from the Arctic to the South Pole – as well as eight times across the USA, coast to coast and border to border. In 2005, he bicycled from the Arctic Circle, Norway to Athens, Greece. In 2012, he bicycled coast to coast across America. His latest book is: How to Live a Life of Adventure: The Art of Exploring the World. Copies are available by calling, 1-888-280-7715.

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One thought on “Joint Session of Congress: He Hit It Out Of The Park

  1. John Slagle

    Many thanks Frosty. Viewing the Presidential speech and the childish antics of the democratic side of Congress was comical for sheer mass stupidity. Elected democrat representatives were totally devoid of respect, personal character or even basic knowledge of their own political party that placed ” Hope and Change Obama ” and his team of power hungry, unaccountable “czars” in the White House. Obama’s first one hundred days of cabinet appointments became a constant embarrassment as would be appointees were exposed as tax cheats or had to withdraw for criminal activity. As Democrats in 2017 try to obstruct every Trump nominee, Obama in his first hundred days had 65 Officials confirmed with 7 page application forms and 63 questions, vetting, rigorous background checks were not really important. Obama’s team was the Best of Washington insiders, business as usual minions, true swamp dwellers.

    I’m sure hard core liberals still remember ACORN, A community of organized Racketeers nationwide and Union cronies in SEIU who squandered millions of tax payer and dues money to enrich themselves and expand their power. Perhaps Obama’s Wall Street money men and corporate lobbyists that ruined the economy and enriched their friends are remembered. Sleeze, Corruption and self enrichment of the Chicago political machine is a fact of life and history. Obama, impeached Governor Rod Blagojevich and Chicago Mayor Richard Daley’s exploits are not forgotten nor is Obama’s speech on illegal immigration,
    when he stated, “We are a nation of Laws” . I could continue with countless sources of historical information regarding 8 years of Obama and his minions but it would be a waste of time. The democrats displayed deep character flaws on every issue but when the widow of U.S. Navy Seal Owens was disrespected, their true colors were shown. There was no compassion and the women wearing “White” sported the right “colors”. They surrendered their basic link to humanity and similar to the female protestors wearing “fake vaginas” over their heads to protest Trump and support of women’s rights, their ignorance was on display to the world. Mrs. Carryn Owens, military widow with small children to raise alone should be an example of courage to everyone including female politicians.


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