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Twenty Cool Uses Of Coca-Cola

While many of us love to drink an ice cold Coca-Cola, did you know that Coke can be used in a wide variety of ways other than mere consumption?

1. Pest Killer
If you’re searching for a new, original, and effective way to rid your property of pests, pour Coca-Cola into a small bowl and place it near your outdoor flowers and plants. The smell of this powerful soft drink will attract pests, prompting them to taste the cola, thus resulting in death by acidity.

2. Defrost Your Windshield
Are you unable to clean and clear your windshield of ice? Simply pour Coca-Cola across your windshield and wait 60 seconds. The potency of the cola will cause the ice to change into slush thus resulting in a much easier task in terms of removal.

3. Clean Cooking Pans
If you’re having trouble removing gunk and grime from your cooking pans simply treat the pans with Coca-Cola. By pouring Coke on dirty pans, while simmering, the soft drink will slowly break up harsh and difficult to remove residue. Soaking kitchen tools in Coca-Cola is also a great way to loosen gunk and grime before you begin the washing process.

4. Removes Bugs From Windshield
Is dirt and debris accumulating on your windshield? Simply soak a clean cloth in Coke and rub it across your windshield in the traditional motion. As a word of warning, but sure to keep the cloth on your windshield. Coke is potent enough to strip paint from your vehicle.

5. Remove Rust From Your Car
Cola-Cola is a wonderful rust remover. By dipping a large folded and crumpled strip of tin foil in Coke, you can create a serviceable scrubbing pad to remove rust from your vehicle.

6. Loosens Rusted Bolts
Are rusty bolts an issue? Are you unable to remove bolts because of years of rust build up? Simply loosen the bolts in question by half a turn, apply Coca-Cola to the bolts, wait several minutes, and then wipe down the area with a clean cloth. The strength and acidic qualities of Coke should be enough to not only clean the area but return the bolts to full strength.

7. Removes Stains From Fabric
Do you have various fabrics with grease or blood stains? Apply Coca-Cola to darker stained fabrics in an effort to add new life to your favorite shirts and/or pants.

8. Removes Oil Spots
Do you have messy and visually damaging oil spots in your garage and/or driveway? Simply pour an ample amount of Coca-Cola to the problem areas, allow for soaking time, then hose off the areas with an intense water stream.

9. Relieve Pain From Jellyfish Stings
Have you been stung by a jellyfish? Apply a small amount of Coca-Cola to the area in an effort to relieve the pain.

10. Cleans Your Car Engine
Is your car engine not as powerful courtesy of gunk and grime build up? Bring new life to your vehicle by cleaning your engine with Coke. This practice has been used by Coke distributors for decades.

11. Cooking With Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola can clean cooking tools and also add flavor to your overall cooking. Pouring Coke over various meats will aid in the tenderizing processing. Additionally, mixing Coke with ketchup can make a unique glaze.

12. Clean Old Coins
Are you a coin collector? Are your coins covered in noticeable dirt and debris? Place the coins in Coke for 10 minutes and watch your coins shine like new.

NOTE: As a professional numismatist, I strongly urge that you do NOT alter your coins (hence its true value) by ever cleaning them. They maintain stronger value in their ‘original’ state or condition. ~ J.B.

13. Clean Your Tiles
Coca-Cola is a fine alternative to implement in an effort to remove grout from your bathroom and/or kitchen tiles. Pour Coke over the tiles, let stand for several minutes, and then wipe the area.

14. Energize Your Compost
Are you looking for easier ways to speed up your compost? The ample sugar supply in Coke can serve to feed microorganisms while the harsh acidity will allow your compost to break down plants and food waste much faster.

15. Removes Gum From Your Hair
Many parents will likely be happy to read this news. That giant glob of chewing gum can be removed from hair without the means of an impromptu haircut. Simply dip the gummed area in a small bowl of Coke and let sit for several minutes. The chemical make up of the soft drink will slowly breakdown the gum allowing for an easy wipe off.

16. Fade And Potentially Remove Unwanted Hair Dye
Whether you’ve come to regret dying your hair or simply performed a temporary dye job for a special occasion, Cola-Cola has the ability to fade professional dye and remove temporary dye. Simply apply Coke on your hair, allow it to sit for several minutes, and then wash your hair in the traditional fashion.

17. Cleans Marker Stains (For Non-White Carpets)
Do you have marker stains on your carpet? Apply a small amount of Coke to the problem area, scrub thoroughly, and then clean with soapy water. While Coke is quite useful in this regard, this treatment should only be applied to darker colored carpets. Attempting this method on white carpet could be rather problematic given the brown color of Coke.

18. Clean Your Toilet
Pour Coca-Cola around the bowl of your toilet and simply walk away. The potency of Coke is strong enough to remove dirt and grime from the inside of your toilet without the means of scrubbing. After a respectable period of time has passed, simply flush your toilet and watch the muck disappear.

19. Feed Your Plants
Although Coca-Cola is a sugary and acidic soft drink, it does contain nutrients that are good for certain plants. Most notably azaleas and gardenias. By adding a small amount of Coke to the soil, flowering plants can flourish courtesy of much needed nutrients.

20. Bug Remover (Outdoor Eating, Picnics, etc.)
Are you tired of bugs bothering you when you eat outside? Simply pour Coke into a small bowl and place it near your eating area a full 60 minutes before your meal gathering begins. Any bugs in the area will be drawn to the sticky soda rather than your food.

Written by Alice Morales for and published at Canada Free Press ~ January 15, 2015.

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