Guia Del Migrante Mexicano

In early 2005, I came across a posting which remains accurate and on target to this date. It would appear according to the website, that the Invaders and the Consulates in America, took a tremendous amount of heat for the posting you are about to review – and had it removed – but it miraculously popped up again. You will want to follow the ‘Continue Reading’ link (in Spanish) to view the entire comic book ~ Publisher

The following is the Mexican Government’s “disclaimer” – with their tongue in their cheeks, so to speak.

This consular protection guide is not promoting the crossing [of the border] of Mexicans without legal documentation required by the government of the United States; its objective is to make known the risks implied and to inform about the rights of migrants regardless of their legal residence. (Sigue leyendo)

One thought on “Guia Del Migrante Mexicano

  1. Günter Tretrop

    It is high time for President Trump to send all the Illegals, most are Mexicans, back to where they came from. I am a German and I know, what uncontrolled immigration does to a Country!


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