These are the voyages of the Star-ship WTF…

Common Sense – a missing frontier – it’s lifetime mission to search for those who understand and obey the United States Constitution – to seek out renewed life and intelligent civilizations; to weed out those aliens who are illegal, and to boldly bite the living shit out of every evil Snowflake in the galaxy…

One thought on “These are the voyages of the Star-ship WTF…

  1. John W. Slagle

    On board always for the mission, hoping for non parasitic life forms that stand up and be counted.

    This election was about people saying enough with the bullshit. This is a country in crisis, and most Americans don’t care about transgender bathrooms, or safe spaces, or government speech laws. This was about people taking some control back for themselves.

    It was about them saying that they won’t be bullied by the toddler tantrums thrown by pissy and spoiled millennials and they certainly won’t put up with being told they’re stupid and wicked just because they have a difference of opinion.

    This election was about hope for a better America; an America which isn’t obsessed with identity and perceived ‘privilege’; an America where being a victim isn’t a virtue and where you don’t have to apologise for not being up to date with the latest list of socially acceptable phrases.

    It was a brutal rejection of the nonsense narrative which says Muslims who kill Americans are somehow victims. It took the ludicrous Green agenda and threw it out. It was a return, on some level, to a time when people weren’t afraid to speak their own mind without some self-elected language cop shouting at you. Who knows, we may even see Trump kicking the UN out of New York.


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