The Desire for Change….

With today’s offerings – I return to the issue, which angers me the most – the intentional  invasion and ultimate destruction of this Nation.

The following five offerings (the first since returning from my ‘fishing’ trip) were a part of my broadcast, Life, Liberty & All That Jazz on December 19, 2016.

If I had one single issue, which I could address each and every day – the Invasion of America would be that subject – and with it – the desire for change… Not only the change of taking America back from those who have sold us out, but the name of this website.

For those of you who served “in Country” back in the 1960’s and 70’s – you (‘no Dinky Dau’) will understand the meaning of my desire for change…

The development of a brand new website, called:, which translates loosely into…

Get the phuock outta here!

But for now – you’ll need to continue to find our commentary on this issue posted within the pages of the Federal Observer.

One thought on “The Desire for Change….

  1. John W. Slagle

    Welcome back Jeff. Having spent most of my life armed in defense of this nation dating to a 1963 six year military enlistment and swearing three separate oaths of allegiance to the United States and our Constitution, I can honestly say most Presidents as well as career political minions are “BOOKO DINKY DAU” when it comes to issues of border security , a matter of national security. In over 30 years enforcing immigration laws established by congress, I’ve seen along with many Vietnam era veterans /Border Patrol Agents all of the open borders political nonsense that is destroying this nation.
    We’ve arrested people from many nations seeking to enter the U.S. illegally, most seeking work or entitlements which is against the law in their home countries or ours. We have also arrested career international criminals, human and dope smugglers, mass murderers, MS-13 gang members, rapists, thieves, border bandits to radical Islamic terrorists and special interest aliens from the Mideast and China. We’ve worked organized illegal alien gangs, to human trafficking in early Sanctuary Cities like Los Angeles and Chicago seeking to deport criminal aliens protected by municipal 123 policies which would not allow police to notify INS when a foreign gangster is released from local jails.

    Many friends, academy agents who survived combat duty in Vietnam were killed on duty enforcing 8 USC 1324, 1325 INS laws which makes the issue of illegal immigration very personal to me and all who served. I have read all of the F.O. and didiMau articles which are outstanding. After official retirement,
    and the Iraq Invasion was in place, our country was facing a major invasion of illegal aliens which was not being reported by the main stream media. Frosty Wooldridge and Fred Elbel , video journalists
    from Colorado contacted several retired agents to serve as armed guides on the smuggling trails of southern Arizona. Desert Invasion U.S. was one of the finest presentations from every angle what was occurring in the United States during a time of war. Time magazine, American Legion and many main stream reporters then took notice of the sad situation thanks to Frosty and Fred. As guides on many smuggling trails a (ret) Master Gunnery Sgt. USMCR / former USBP Supervisory Agent and I were able to present the highly traveled routes and massive trash left behind by multi-thousands of illegals. Thanks
    Jeff, as always. Many old salts have never forgotten didiMau and are hoping for a better year in 2017,
    Merry Christmas to all….. Here are a few photos of Christmas, past, present and hopefully to be resolved in the future.

    Pictures of the invasion of illegal aliens into the United States …

    Pictures of the invasion of illegal aliens into the United States – Desert Invasion


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