Juntti: How to Drain the Septic Tank Called VOTING

enemaNovember 5, 2016 ~ How to reduce the number of dead and ILLEGAL voters. I don’t believe that we can eliminate them all as those who intend to lie and cheat will always find a way to do so but we CAN greatly reduce the number.

The evidence of so many dead people still being on the voter registration rolls proves that the voter registration rolls need to be PURGED. The number of ILLEGALS who are registering to vote is a CRIME!!

First: Delete all names from the current registration rolls and then everyone who WANTS to vote and is eligible to vote according to the LAW will need to re-register – in person – with absolute proof of who they are. That means PROOF with photograph ID (drivers licence or I.D. card) – current billing for utilities or other mail with the address clearly shown – and PROOF that the person registering is a LEGAL U.S. Citizen – (no green cards or Visa’s).

Then the registrar must send mail to the address to verify it is not some empty lot but is an actual residence… no forwarding allowed. Once the address is verified a Voter ID card with photo will be sent to the address to be used /presented when voting. This should eliminate most of those DEAD voters… we will always have the brain dead voting though. Until the registered party receives their Voter ID card in the mail they are ineligible to vote. No more same day or even 30 days out registrations.

Then to make sure that the registration rolls remain fairly clean we must PURGE the registration roles every four years following the Presidential elections or at least every eight years following the Presidential elections. this will clean out those who have died and those who have moved and not changed their addresses.

A severe fine needs to be instituted for anyone who registers in more than one location or under two names.

No more absentee voting as a permanent method of voting. In order to obtain an absentee ballot it must be applied for EACH time the person wants to vote.

  • Eliminate the *Motor Voter* or any other way of registering other than as described above. No more on-line registrations.
  • Eliminate the MAIL IN VOTING BALLOTS as there is NO WAY TO GUARANTEE who is actually filling out those ballots.
  • Eliminate the current *Early Voting* … Replace it with VOTING IN PERSON (AFTER SHOWING THE PROPER picture I.D.).

Election Day should remain as it is (2nd Tuesday in November) but then extend it for 5 days (Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Saturday) to allow folks to get to the polling place in person).

Along with that limitation on voting, ALL campaigning must cease on the Monday prior to Election Day. This way all information is out (as opposed to what we are dealing with now) and ALL campaigning stops at Midnight of the day prior to the Voting taking place. This reduces the false statements we are now dealing with.

voteI came upon this idea after my experience in the 1990’s in Pierce County Washington – when, as a PCO, I and another PCO near by went door to door in our precincts and discovered how many people had moved, some had died, some remarried and had name changes but none of this was showing on the registration rolls. We took this information to the County Auditor – our print out of the registration rolls with our notes from our door to door efforts. We requested that those who had died or had moved be purged from the registration roles. We were told she wouldn’t do that – that each of those persons had to come in person and request they be removed. I asked how those who died were going to do that. She had no answer (she was a Democrat). That told me (alongwith the years of reports of the thousands of DEAD who vote regularly in Chicago) that the voter registration roles were not honest or accurate and this was due to the actions of the Auditors who were supposed to keep those roles clean.

It is my deepest hope that my suggestion will be considered and result in the voter registration roles being cleaned up and kept clean. Voting is a highly important part of being a citizen – it is a PRIVILEGE and not a mandate – it shouldn’t be set up to induce FRAUD as it is now.

With the recent revelation of the computerized voting machines being controlled (flipping votes to another candidate) it is all the more important to return to PAPER BALLOTS.

Educating voters to not leave any slot blank (which allows someone else to fill them in when votes are counted). A spot should be included with each slot of candidate or issue for a box to say NONE OF THE ABOVE – that will greatly reduce anyone from filling in blank slots.

This present system is over ripe for the FRAUD that has been taking place for decades. It is TIME to clean it out – Time to DRAIN THE SEPTIC TANK!

~ The Author ~
Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

One thought on “Juntti: How to Drain the Septic Tank Called VOTING

  1. John W. Slagle

    Thanks Jackie
    Yesterday, Nov.8th was a massive turnout, long lines at all polling areas. In my voting district where many former military people reside including WW II, Korea and Vietnam veterans, young and old cast their votes as well as multitudes of concerned citizens.

    Volunteer poll workers and watchers ,active and retired law enforcement officers who were observing the turnout in many districts had very few problems of outright voter fraud, intimidation nor detectable illegal aliens. Perhaps one main reason was strict voting requirements in Missouri which requires a state voter ID card and personal photo identification to vote. Verification of the voter’s address on the official voter district rolls is checked with verbal address confirmation and a signature is required prior to reciving a paper ballot which is marked by a ball point pen. No electronic voting machines which could be manipulated to ofset election results or punch cards complete with” hanging chads or dangling dents ” were used.

    A sign stating that voter fraud is a felony was also displayed for the uniformed including Obama who believes illegal aliens have the right to vote.


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