October 21, 2016: Afternoon Brew


Cashless Society – War On Cash to Benefit Gold?

target_03Cash is the new “barbarous relic” according to many central banks, regulators, and some economists and there is a strong, concerted push for the ‘cashless society’. Developments in recent days and weeks have highlighted the risks posed by the war on… (Continue to full article)

To Some, it “Feels More Like a Crash”
crash_prediction_of_27_webThese US Markets Have Cracked, and the Cracks are Spreading. “There’s enormous risk in public markets because that’s the one that central banks have distorted to the greatest extent”… (Continue to full article)

All Time High Levels of QE Are Coming
001-0927123324-Federal-ReserveThe Central Banks are going to go absolutely nuclear within the next 18 months.In the last few weeks we’ve seen the Bank of Japan, the Bank of England, the European Central, and the US Federal Reserve all push for fiscal stimulus instead of monetary stimulus.What this means is that Central Banks are collectively saying, “We have reached the end of… (Continue to full article)

gold-and-silver.jpgWhat happens when a government spends as if there is no tomorrow, with no concern for the future? What happens when the printing presses of any nation crank out worthless paper fiat currency around the clock? What happens when those nations, who purchase America’s bonds, one day wake up and say, “no more!”? There is an old adage that says, “He spends like a drunken sailor.” Well, even a sailor stops spending when he runs out of money – but this government does not. The end of the modern Roman Empire draws near… (Continue to full article)

Gold: The Best Performing Asset of the 21st Century
piles_o_gold_02Had you acquired a 100 ounce bar of physical gold on December 31, 1999, your total out-lay would have been $29,025.00. The value of that same gold bar today would be approximately $132,800.00. That could easily pay off a mortgage, provide for a child’s college education, or buy a great many other items that would change the lives of most people… (Continue to full article)

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