Why I Oppose Women in Leadership Roles

vote_womenThose who have known me personally for many years are well aware of my opposition to women being in positions of leadership (president – congress – in the pulpit). I am not against them being in *influential* roles but I find no place in Scripture where they are placed in *leadership* positions. Scripture mentions Deborah, Huldah, Esther but they did not sit in positions of *leadership*.

Scripture also mentions other women who are wicked, EVIL, and those are to be avoided at all costs. They were women who served Satan and did what he wanted. They were LIARS, Harlots, Prostitutes,. Think of Delilah, Salome, Jezebel, Herodias, Nefertiti, Lot’s wife and his daughters, and let us not forget that it was Eve who defied God’s Word to not eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge but she listened to the Snake (Satan) and then got her husband, Adam, to eat of the fruit as well – thus bringing about the SIN that is the DNA in every human being.

WOMEN in leadership is WRONG. God created us to be *HELPMATES* not leaders.

Take a good look at the EVIL women in scripture and then take a good look at those women we have not only allowed but in many cases supported, promoted, voted for to rule over us. Isaiah 3:12 As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

While there are limited exceptions to most all *rules* – even the Women in Scripture who were influential – they were NOT placed in *leadership*.

I am almost 77 years old and have witnessed many things in those years and one that has held strong in my mind is that women (allowing for those RARE exceptions) think (and therefore rule) with EMOTIONS and not LOGIC. That *emotion* can be of many types but all too often it is detrimental to those they hold control over. It can be soft and nurturing but fail to PROTECT against the EVIL in this world. It can be conniving, scheming, undermining, seductive, incestuous, deceitful, – whatever personality deemed necessary to accomplish what EVIL they want to happen.

As I watch this present presidential, congressional, campaign, and several of the past where women were in the running find my position on why I am so against women running for or serving in leadership positions to be right on. Again I am hard pressed to name a female who got elected that I could accept as the best one chosen. Read Isaiah 3:12 again to see how God’s message was given to Isaiah to speak.

If you want to be ruled by a LIAR – a proven liar – one who has lied throughout her entire life – who has seen to it that HER goals were to be accomplished no matter how may laws, lives, fortunes, would be destroyed in her quest for POWER. She has no desire to be *President* – she wants to be a god (little g) – worshiped by all. The list of those destroyed, whose lives have been lost, fortunes forfeited is long and she just smiles and says, “I don’t recall”, or, “At this point, What does it matter?” A list of some of her transgressions can be found at: http://www.politifact.com/personalities/hillary-clinton/statements/byruling/false/

bill-hillaryHer sexual preferences has long been in question – which could be why she enables Bill to molest, rape, so many women. She made it clear early on in their marriage that POWER was her goal not the marriage but she would allow him to do what he wanted – she did what she wanted – while pretending to be this *couple who were good people. WRONG!!! there is nothing – NOTHING – *good* about either of them.

Take a good look at the people who are supporting, financing, endorsing, Hillary – look at the faces of all those who are in the audiences for her – These are those who have SOMETHING they want (free stuff which OTHERS pay for) – or some position in government to further destroy this nation. Hillary likes to proclaim how they were BROKE when they left the White House (in spite of all the property the STOLE as they were moving out) and then look at the money they have garnered since them. Those speaking fees were/are nothing more than PAY TO PLAY via Hillary’s crooked hands.

As I watched Jentezen Franklin this morning his message was one I wish everyone would watch/LISTEN to: https://www.jentezenfranklin.org/broadcasts/pray-fast-vote

Does the one you will cast your vote for come closer to what God says or is it more in line with the FATHER OF LIES (Satan)? If you call yourself a Christian there is no way you could cast a vote for a LIAR named Hillary,. Is your candidate for or against Abortion, Sodomy, Blasphemy,? That will tell you right off if you can vote for that person. If that person is PRO those issues then you better run as fast as you can away from them.

Another great guideline is written by Pastor Robert Jeffress of Pathway to Victory… “How a Christian Should Vote” – You can order a FREE copy of this excellent booklet by calling 888-333-0287 I have one and it is well worth reading and then sharing with others.

This election is going to determine the continuation or total destruction of what we have known as AMERICA. Most of us grew up with it being known as the LAND OF THE FREE but that *freedom* has been regulated, executive ordered, UN over ruled decades ago – line by line – authority by authority.

We turned our collective backs on God and we are now at the tipping point – Do we turn back to God and cast out the Demonic forces that have been invading this nation and those who we allowed to rule over us or do we continue to DENY God which will result in the prophesy of the END DAYS raining down on this land very soon. Those who are Born Again will be raptured and escape the Great Tribulation – those who continue to deny God and His Son, Jesus Christ shall suffer the words written in the Book of Revelations and then spend eternity in the eternal FIRES of HELL with no Hope for relief.

Now is the time each of you who read this must make a decision – God gave all of us FREE CHOICE – We can Deny Him and suffer the consequences (hell) or we can REPENT, CONFESS our sins and ask Jesus Christ into our hearts ( Jesus is THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER!!!!) and enjoy the consequences of spending eternity with The Father and Jesus Christ.

Sinners will not be granted *immunity* as the DOJ, FBI, and the Clinton/Obama demons are enjoying.

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October 12, 2016

Jackie Juntti (Granny)

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juntii_thumbJackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to the Federal Observer.

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  1. Redhead Trish

    It was a mistake –
    My opinion – it led to prohibition which led to the depression .
    And I’m a woman!


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