What is your take on this?

priestSunday morning I received an email from Father O’Leary asking me the question posed in the title of this column.

I was referred to a column on Economy and Market entitled, Harvard Economist Warns “$700 Gold by Mid-2017. While visiting the column, I noticed another column titled, “Property Prices to Drop 40%” (in actuality – it was an advertisement).

Well – for one – if “column” #2 is accurate then the Harvard Economist is an idiot – but we are getting away from the point of this post…

My response to the Good Man that he is…

Let me explain it to you this way Tatu…

fantasy-island-to-get-reboot-with-female-leadWhere do all of these guys come up with this stuff? Everybody wants to be a contrarian.

For the past year all of the newsletter guys have been saying, $5,000 and $10,000 gold. Now we have people saying $1050 and now $700.

It all sells well to the rubes out there and each of them have their “reasons” but where is it all going.

In effect – is this guy saying that we are going to have a major economic recovery – a REAL one? And why – just because Buckwheat will be out of office and maybe Janet will stop Yellin and die – and Jesus (NOT Hey-Soos) will become the next Fed Reserve Chairman?

Oh man – I can see it now…. All of the illegals are going to willingly go home, all H1-B visa’s are going to be cancelled and ‘mericuh will once again be fully employed. The sons and daughters of O’Bozo will all get on the Queen Mary and go back to Africa so unemployment, ADC, housing and cash assistance will be a thing of the past. Tear down Cabrini Green and all of the ghetto slums – and neither Trump nor Hillary will go to the White House. Ron Paul will be our savior and the Federal Reserve will be abolished.

As was once said, “Welcome to Fantasy Island!”.

His response to me…

I like the term Buckwheat!

Remember when Trump gets in his administration will live up to the term “Revolution”; which in French means “CHANGE”

I though the guy was or needed to be on Legal Drugs.

I have heard so much BS with the Gold thing so I guess we stand by locked and loaded and keep our powder dry and see what happens.

I concur with the master plan and who knows some of it just might happen!

Don’t you feel like we are in a new version of a country like Rome when it was about to fall and we don’t get any Marinara sauce or Garlic Bread.

To which I replied…

the-gay-buckwheatRome – oh yeah – with Caligula (Obama) as our leader – corn-holing and all.

And in conclusion, the Good Father replied…

Next he will go to Congress dressed as a “Football Player”; like Caligula went before the Roman Senate dressed as a “Gladiator”.

And if you are offended by this rant – you should be – we should all be.

Without Apology I am,


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