Rick Does Hillary

biesada_thumb_newLong time Federal Observer contributor, Rick Biesada – author of “The Angry White Male and the Horse He Rode in On,” does a guest stint on the Frank and Friends program.

You have heard me talk about this story on my program for many years. Now you can hear the story – First Hand from the man – Rick Biesada.

Oh Rick….

Without Apology to Rick I am,

2 thoughts on “Rick Does Hillary

  1. Jackie

    that *pearl* wasn’t in her left ear yet. I think it is funny that she wears her *tell -a – LIE* pearl in her LEFT ear. So Appropriate.

    Loved the interview!!!! Hope many will tune in and listen .

  2. hippybiker

    God! That is a most horrid picture of a most horrid creature. It gives me the willies just thinking about waking up next to that. If it was laying across my arm, I would have to chew same off to keep from waking it up. Ugh!


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