For What Purpose?

What… You don’t like the images below?

JFB_2009_portThe Federal Observer was born July 24, 2001 – a mere 50 days before 9/11, and next week we will be full of nearly every broadcast in the country re-airing as much footage as they possibly can, but…

For just one minute – let’s buy into the official story spun by Washington DeCeit… and pretend that it was a bunch of Rag Heads that did the dirty deed…

If in fact this was the case, then why are the American borders open to every damn one of their cousins who want to come to this nation and inflict their evil ways upon us? It’s like ‘Three Blind Mice’ – they want to “cut off our heads with a…” – well – you get the idea.

So now the Federal Observer has surpassed its fifteen year anniversary, but I continue to ask myself, “why?” What the hell do I bother for?

Upon its founding, we were one of the few sites of its type around. Two of the larger ones at the time, have gone on to become over-commercialized money-makers and have long since sold out to the almighty buck. Some of the other truly great sites have long since disappeared – some of which we worked closely with in order to “spread the word.”

Other sites or blogs have come along, which are true to the meat of the fight, while others are just too politically correct AND albeit full of advertising, pop-ups and “click-ons” for soft porn… “CLICK on HERE to see what this hot babe looks like today in here barely there clothing.”

9:11OH – and what was meant by the comment about ‘images‘ at the beginning of this rant? Sometimes a picture really IS worth a thousand words, but rarely does anyone comment or respond to them. Sometimes the images posted say everything which could be said in a lengthy post – so I just cheat a little.

The Federal Observer has had the pleasure of posting the writings and contributions of many truly gifted and committed writers, including some who are now departed. Other contributors seem to have just given up, while still others left us for stronger “markets” or because maybe they just did not care for the direction (which has remained committed to our original mission) of this publication.

And now we are in the final battle for the future of this nation, and I fear that the war is nearly lost. ‘Voters’ have given up and don’t vote (which probably makes no difference anyway – right, Mr. Soreass – I mean Soros?), those that do just arrived from places South of our borders – or Syria or wherever – and have no right to vote, but seem to be joining the polls anyway. Hillary has insured that thousands of illegal invaders are knocking on doors all across America in order to sign up as many people as possible to vote – for HER. And the “choice”? Frankly – we don’t have one!

OOPS – don’t forget the cemeteries of this nation… absolutely GREAT places to register the voters of today and tomorrow.

With the exception of the LGBT crowd – most American’s have withdrawn behind closed doors and are keeping quiet. THEY have shut us down… and my time may be near!

FukitolI could well wake up one morning and just before airtime, come to the realization that mornings with Bonnie are no longer worth it. I might overdose on FUKITOL and just pull the damned plug for the last time… but I ain’t quite there – YET!

Come hell or high-water, my lot in life seems to put more and more efforts into areas where people CAN do something to change their lives, besides wasting their time on the Polly-TIX of Washington. No matter what may happen with this website, the work we do on the behalf of Dr. William D. Kelley, his Estate and his teachings, has given me greater meaning in life – the Victory Over Cancer website will continue on – and frankly – it is there that you will find a wealth of information which will strengthen you for whatever the fight ahead brings forth.

Gird up your loins and prepare for battle…

Without Apology I am,


3 thoughts on “For What Purpose?

  1. John W. Slagle

    Jeff, the image of the upside down American Flag has in my eyes remained unchanged two years prior to 911, working S.I.A.s and long afterward. As you said, curious events in this country when at War with Islamic radicals and our Borders/National Security is of little concern in D.C.

    This will be my last year to vote for a POTUS and this will also be my last year to volunteer as a poll worker, election judge in my county. I will appreciate the opportunity to check voter I.D. elegibility to vote and possibly eliminate localized fraud in elections for my own peace of mind, not for the hope of changing anything . For every state that requires voter I.D. illegals and the dead walk and vote in other states with no poll regulations and there is always voter intimidation.

    The mainstream media is a sad propaganda tool little different than third world banana republics. Very few reporters truthfully report the news and have several bylines to cover any programmed editorial response.

    Kimberly Dvorak, a highly respected independant journalist and investigative reporter who had contributed many articles to the Federal Observer hopefully has continued covering the news. The website closed on July 10. The Denver-based news and entertainment website boasted more than 20 million readers every month. stated that “Media consumption which has transformed dramatically over the years and our content initiatives have shifted with business priorities,”

    On the old St. Louis website… crime / court and gun rights articles were overwhelmed by pop up business ads that were aggravating beyond belief that lost many regular subscribers. Who wants to be submerged in bull shit while trying to read an article that may or may not present a few facts?

    You’re a good man Jeff, and your efforts were never wasted from arming Airline Pilots after 911 to news events very important to all with the ability to think and reason.

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Thank you John. Two issues here: Due to the length of your many comments left on this site, you know that I would be more than happy to post them as columns.

      Secondly: Kimberly is still quite active, although little of her work relates to the invasion any longer. I hear from here several times a week and really should be posting more of her stuff.

      Let’s see what we can do – together.

  2. John W. Slagle

    Morning Jeff, I do get carried away on F.O. comments, a force of habit. Old Service cross trained Intelligence Officers/Research analysts try to present the facts and truth from many sources which is often complicated.
    It’s good to hear Kimberly is still on point. From Dvorak ,Lara Ingraham, Michelle Malkin , K.t. McFarland to many other outstanding ladies concerned for their nation, they represent an America unknown to Hillary.


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