Hillary’s $1,200.00 jacket needs cleaning

Hillary's jacketI’ve noticed that Hillary has been wearing this one particular jacket (the $1,200.00+ Armani jacket) a lot lately.

I thought of how it is much like the Black jacket that the North Korean leader wears so far as style.

Then, this morning I saw another report on her and she was wearing that same jacket again and it hit me that her LAUNDRY must be too busy laundering all those FOREIGN DONATIONS and emails so they can’t be cleaning her jacket right now.

Maybe she could get Fauxapontis to wash it for her… ~ Granny

5 thoughts on “Hillary’s $1,200.00 jacket needs cleaning

        1. Craig Tarter

          And, I enjoy your posts. And what of it? The infamous Craig’s approval has been taken as being worth its weight in the virtual ink it’s generally scribbled in. I don’t have in my possessed possession the necessary gravity to make red lines in the sand, so I do what I…shouldn’t? It’s good to see you’re still posting.


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