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terrorismThe threats we face today are showing themselves more and more. You can assign it to whatever you want; Obamunism, availability of prescription drugs to be abused, unchecked and undiagnosed mental health issues, easy access to guns and trucks, or cats and dogs living together. Whichever…

But there is no doubting that interesting times are upon us. The reality of the threat today versus the fantasy that most want to live in is that there are newly emerging kinds of threats that require a different response than what we would have done not that long ago.

The Racist Terrorist isn’t new. As we saw in Dallas however, they can be effective regardless of ideology. The availability and ease of access to social media has leveled up their game to ludicrous levels. Micah X thought that the white police should die for the problems in the black communities they patrol; so he gathered up his guns and decided to use them for evil purposes because he believed white police were the problem.

The Islamic Terrorist isn’t new either. Those cats have been around since before the Barbary Pirates when the US Marines had to go to the shores of Tripoli to introduce them to how the new America did business. They are a metastasizing cancer that isn’t going away on anything short of a thermonuclear solution. Now that we figured that fracking thing out and are sitting on more oil than those dudes have; that card might be on the table politically, but dealing with this kind of terrorist and his AK-47 and C-4 strapped to him with a dead man switch at the mall is a whole new wrinkle for soccer moms.

The Crazy Guy Terrorist also isn’t new, but we formerly knew them as people who got electroshock therapy or relegated them to living in shelters and under bridges. I recall twenty odd years ago that this is the guy you might encounter in garden variety muggings and the occasional home invasion robbery. The worst thing you might face was to be in the center of a home invasion or a poorly planned takeover style robbery. The advice ranged from “run away if you can” to “just give them what they want so they will leave.” The premise being that a takeover robbery or home invasion, while demeaning to your dignity and interrupting your peaceful life, usually did not lead to you becoming a homicide victim. And that for the most part was true.

So the advice was to submit and that it would soon be over, insurance would cover the losses, bandages and wounds would heal and with enough time, the pain would subside. But that same kind of advice given to airline passengers and crews in the wake of the hijackings of the 1970’s and 80’s wasn’t very effective when on 9/11 the end game of the hijackers was not a short hop to warm islands and beautiful girls while getting their brethren freed from incarceration; but instead seeking martyrdom and virgins in the afterlife.

It is impossible to love an enemy into submission and it is equally impossible to negotiate with an enemy that sees death as a promotion.

In the last six months we have seen the murders in San Bernardino where two diehard jihadists murdered their fellow employees (who showered them with gifts forma baby shower BTW) and then shot it out with cops. In Orlando, we have seen gay men murdered by an Islamic Terrorist with some self-loathing about his sexuality and a wife who knew what was going on, but told no one; yet the government somehow knew who he was and it still happened anyway. In Colorado, we have a Crazy Guy Terrorist (actually a couple of them now) and now in Dallas a Racist Terrorist who the Black Panthers said had to go.

The doctrine of submitting and giving them what they want or seeking cover and waiting for the authorities to arrive and save you was already a non-starter for me, but for many, this was perceived as the right thing to do.

The American Gun Community, populated with the variety of people that own and use those firearms (or not) has always and in some circles, continues to preach a fear based mentality regarding placing warheads on foreheads with deadly intent. The hand wringing of some who are prominent in the gun world is so driven by the fear of courtrooms or home owners insurance claims that it is my belief that they would rather see their wives gang raped in their living rooms and to have their homes ransacked and defiled, and family members shot and left for dead, than shoot anyone committing these evil acts upon them; lest they be sued by the aggrieved family or prosecuted by a DA seeking a reputation. The rules of engagement for a run of the mill self-defense shooting against a common criminal; whether by police officers at a traffic stop or by a soccer mom with Glock at the ATM is absolutely not the same as an event involving an active shooter of any of the terrorist varieties that I have mentioned committing rapid mass murder. This is especially true if they have already begun shooting and killing.

There have been a number of academic studies done on active shooting incidents, or their more apt name “Rapid Mass Murder.” The statistics bear out that developing educated tactical responses and immediate action drills based upon the knowledge that help or backup of any kind will be minutes away is the best idea.

These are things we know:

  • The average active shooter incident lasts 12 minutes, while 37 percent last less than five minutes.
  • 49 percent of attackers committed suicide either at the conclusion of the event or when challenged, 34 percent were arrested, and 17 percent were killed by responders.
  • In 10 percent of the incidents, the shooter stops and walks away.
  • In 20 percent of the cases, the shooter goes mobile, moving to another location.
  • 51 percent of the attacks studied occurred in the workplace, while 17 percent occurred in a school, 17 percent occurred in a public place, and six percent occurred in a religious establishment.
  • 43 percent of the time, the crime is over before police arrive.
  • In 57 percent of the shootings, an officer arrives while shooting is still underway.
  • The attacks ended before the police arrived 49 percent of the time. In 56 percent of the attacks ongoing when police arrived, officers had to use force to stop the killing.
  • 2 percent of the shooters bring improvised explosive devices (IEDs) as an additional weapon.

The number of incidents that are going to involve some sort of IED is certainly going to rise, given some of the many factors we see in the world now (failure of government to regulate immigration from Muslim countries, the effectiveness of weapon itself, law enforcement incapable of dealing with the threat, dedicated actors willing to use this tactic). And we know the racist terrorist in Dallas was wearing hard armor plates as evidence from the death photos, which is very likely why he was killed with a bomb instead of a gun. All of these terrorists know that they will eventually be killed, or they seek to have that be the end of their time on planet Earth, so suicide vests and other IEDs are likely to be a part of the plan.

So in the face of the totality of the threat, how we as a free people would respond to this threat must change. It is no secret on what you need to do…

Engage the enemy. Forget defense or defensive postures or thinking; attack the enemy because your life depends on it. Draw your gun and go hunting.

You must do this because you, and anyone around you with a mindset like yours knows the delay in police response and impossibility of anyone saving you and your family and the other nice folks around you the very moment that hostilities begin.

This stance does not make me popular among those in the gun community that fear lawyers much more than they fear incoming fire. It certainly may get me pulled into a court of law, and people will call me an outlaw for advocating it; but it is a cold hard truth. Always carry your gun; even if it means violating city codes on things like no guns in city parks, or in your waistband at your child’s school because they put up “gun free zone” signs, or when you are in a Non-Permissive Environment. Carry at all times, be ready to engage the terrorist in the most violent and immediate of ways. Conceal your handgun well and be prepared to fight.

And the reason that I am advocating this act of civil disobedience is that you need your gun to kill these terrorists. You need your handgun on you because what are the chances you are going to be standing next your car where your bug-out bag is with your master-blaster AR-15 with the red dot and IR flashlight along with your plate carrier and 6 SureFire 60 round Go! Mags when Farooq Al-Haieed Da Salami shows up to do his evil deeds?

Perhaps I have said too much… And besides, when the cops show up, you don’t want to the guy standing there, holding a rifle standing over a dead body wearing armor and looking bad-ass. You will absolutely be shot to death by the police for looking exactly like the guy some soccer mom was screeching to a 911 dispatcher about.

There are two kinds of shooting that you would be doing in these scenarios. You can be forced to “React” to something happening right in front of you, such as a terrorist douchebag materializes out of thin air in front of you. But the more likely situation is going to be that you “Pro-Actively” Target the terrorist douchebag. Now, keep in mind that unless the terrorist surprises you (the aforementioned materializing out of thin air), which requires a completely reactive, crazy, off hand “help me Lawd Jesus!” zipper drill from belly button to forehead; all proactive shooting must be to the face or head of the of the terrorist in order to not only neutralize their current activities; but to stop the possibility of them setting off their Human Borne IED.

And let’s clarify what we are talking about when we talk about shooting proactively and how that relates to terrorists. Self-defense shootings are unexpected events that involve reacting to the actions of someone trying to hurt you. Proactively shooting the terrorist means that you intentionally go to where the terrorist is at that moment and shoot the terrorist in the head and face. One is an accident and the other is a hunting trip.

With a self defense shooting, you will need to justify and explain your actions; very likely to a jury of your peers and in a well lit courtroom. With the active shooter terrorist du jour, the justification will be self evident by their actions during the event.

I think the majority of the American Gun Community needs to get out of the business of aspiring to write for the law review and debating the particular benefits of which legal strategy works on the jury and get on to the gun range. That way, they can join the minority of us that realize through training and application of learned skills that a reactive self defense shooting to prevent you or your family from being the victim of a criminal act is not the same thing as attacking one of the aforementioned terrorists quickly and decisively in order to stop them from killing anyone else with whatever weapon they have chosen (AR-15, Truck, Car, explosive underpants etc.) and also to proactively prevent them from setting off a suicide vest filled with nails and rat poison before they hop on the rocket sled to Hades.

Worrying about “can I shoot?” is no longer a concern if a guy wearing plated armor is shooting at people from an elevated parking garage or moving through the mall selecting innocents to shoot as they cower behind the frozen yogurt stand. Deciding that you will shoot the terrorist in the back of the head while he moves or reloads and then anchor shoot him while he lies on the ground is the best way to proceed.

So, having all this in mind; start changing your mindset from one of thinking about lawsuits and criminal charges to the ways to send the terrorist to his doom. Incorporate this into your training. Find training that emphasizes the basics of marksmanship and the skills for hitting small targets. Practice head and face shots. Make those kinds of shots an integral part of your practice.

The terrorists have shifted their paradigm; it’s time for us to shift ours.

Written by David Bowman and published on Patrick Henry Society, July 17, 2016.

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  1. Allan Hampton

    U.S. Citizens best do America’s children a favor and gear-up to vote OUT every State and Federal Lawmaker (President is NOT a Lawmaker) come November.


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