Hillary: It’s ALL Related

Hillary-Doll--1064482222I’ve never made a secret my disagreement with females in public office. It is a RARE female that can sit in a position of such authority – my opinion is that most all females will fall back on EMOTION rather than LOGIC. What I find sad today is that the pussification of the Males by those hell bent with fury females – to the point that now the MALES fall into the EMOTION rule as well, leaving LOGIC in the locked file cabinet. When God created woman it was for us to be HELPMATES to the Man – not to put Man down and rule over him.



The thought of Hillary and the fake Indian for $$ female in office is too scary to think of for me. Either of them by their selves is bad enough but to pair them up????? A small taste of Hades is what comes to mind. Makes the rule of Kim Jong-un look almost good in comparison to being under Hillary. Hillary has had POWER and CONTROL on her mind since she was young and she has made sure that she is in line to get it. I always look into the eyes of others and her eyes tell a story of HATE and ANGER with intent to pay back her misconstrued belief that she is so much better than anyone else and it is her RIGHT to Lie as much as she wants to get her desired goal. Failure to bow down to her has brought many a person to that LAST BREATH of life.

Lately when Hillary is on the news, I find myself mentally doing something that I used to do to my husband when he was telling me another of his lies about where he had been or where he was going… I used to stand before him and raise both hands in the air then while bring them forward and downward as in bowing to him I would say ALLA – ALLA – repeating it three times and ending the last bow with ALLA, ALLA, ALLA bunch of Shit!
Kind of funny how the ‘ALLA’ is now in the news before some terrorist activity.

If Hillary should somehow gain the Oval Office – watch for what gets wrapped in carpeting and removed to some park. ~ Jackie Juntti (Granny)

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