Gone Fishin’…

“Up a lazy river in the noon day sun…”


I guess that I was long overdue – far more than I realized. Sitting out on the deck of a house just north of Morro Bay, California. The surf is pounding onto the beach – which is better than the pounding in my head that has been going on for too long.

Will I post this week? I don’t know. Right now – I don’t really care. On the 28th of June – I will remember 21 years of broadcasting. For what have I continued to do this? What has changed? What has improved in the United states and around the world? What have we lost? What have we gained?

Change? Not much for the good – if anything.

Improvement? Nothing that I have found to be acceptable.

Gained? Tens of millions of illegal invaders and mixed bathrooms for all to share.

It is no more for me to answer. It’s up to you.

In the words of Barry Manilow, “What am I doing here…?”

For the moment – I am not.

Oh – and my “fishing partner” above?… only in my dreams.

Without Apology I am,


9 thoughts on “Gone Fishin’…

  1. John W. Slagle

    Jeff enjoy the R&R.. You have reached countless people by radio and website through the years which is greatly appreciated nationwide. There’s still hope when more and more American’s are “sounding off” and standing up against clueless politicians. The lame-stream news media has recently presented a very brief presentation by a former U.S. Navy SEAL and his thoughts on gun control. The youtube link listed below is outstanding and very concise start to finish and well worth the time to watch. The Navy Seal “pulls no punches”.

    Subject: Political hacks pretending they know an AR 15 (VIDEO)

  2. gwyn

    Those who generously give of themselves for the good of others never see all the good they’ve accomplished; it isn’t surprising to read that you are left wondering. Your amazing skills at finding the significant, delivering that information with panache, and challenging your listeners and readers to ‘be their best’ and to ‘expect the best’ are honorable and appreciated by many more than you will ever know.
    You touch us, and because of you, I for one, have also been able to more confidently reach out to others to share and ‘teach’. Though there are so many things to dismay us about our country’s state of affairs, you have helped many to become aware and at least some of those to become ‘engaged’. Thank YOU Jeff for all your years of contribution ! Enjoy the r&r with your ‘brothers’.

  3. Neal

    June 28th huh? That’s Heidi & My birthday; I turn 58 and she’ll unabashedly admit she’s 52. We’ve been married 26, almost 27 yrs now and in all that time we’ve never had any R & R. In August that is gonna change. I’m taking an entire month off; flipping the USA the bird and forgetting about everything that is going on in this country.

    I know nothing I say or do is gonna change things for the better, but I do need to get away and recharge my batteries. I’ve found myself becoming more easily agitated, (to use polite terms), with people lately and I simply need a break from it all.

    Enjoy yours as I damn sure intend to enjoy mine…

    1. hippybiker

      Know what you mean, Neal. I think I’m going to re-vist the Keys again this summer. Like the man said…”Goin fishing!”


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