Juntti: EMP & ELF – Sound Wave Weapons

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June 15, 2016 ~ In times past I have written about the EMP (Electronic Magnetic Pulse) and it seems it is time to post out the warning on this WEAPON that you can’t see but it can kill you.

Just like the High Intensity/Low Frequency (ELF) sound waves that I had to deal with when I was at my former apartment and the neighbors who thought playing that music with that BOOM BOOM BASE was really cool in spite of my telling them what it was causing my heart to do.

You can’t see sound waves but they are WEAPONS and can be Weapons of MASS DESTRUCTION. Check this at Omnisonic.com

Jackie Juntti

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North Korea’s arsenal raises the stakes for US grid security
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Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

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