Juntti: Government Living ‘Under Sharia‘ Regimen that Prevents Acknowledging Jihad Threat

The Ultimate Trojan Horse

Trojan HorseJune 14, 2016 ~ America should have retained the entry of immigrants thru Ellis Island practice. Those *immigrants* had to clear numerous tests before being let onto the mainland. Many were denied entry due to health or other reasons. America allowed ENEMIES WITHIN to gain power to govern and became like Troy in the story of the Trojan Horse.

“Well, the Trojans didn’t want to upset Athena either, so they rolled the big horse into the city of Troy. It was so big it wouldn’t go through the gate, and they had to tear down a piece of the city wall to get it in. They left it at the temple of Athena, and then the Trojans had a big party to celebrate the end of the war. (Still the Greek soldiers inside the horse kept very quiet).

Finally everyone fell asleep, and NOW the Greek soldiers came out of the Trojan Horse and killed the guards on the walls. They signalled to the other Greeks to come attack Troy. They could get in now because the walls were torn down. There was a big battle and the Greeks won. All the Trojan men were killed, and all the women and children were taken back to Greece as slaves.”

When The traitors in Congress allowed Bathroom Barry to take occupation of the oval Office they let the Trojan Horse into the city – tore down parts of the WALL (Ellis Island and other entry points) – denying any effort to ALERT the people of the DANGER that Congress had let inside our *city*. Then in SILENCE they did nothing to stop Cruz, Rubio, Jindal from running to take over the same illegally held Oval Office. Those in Congress REFUSE to build a wall or to even ENFORCE the immigration laws – rather to open the gates and let them all in.

I find no mention of America in scripture so I am presuming that America is going to be destroyed prier to the rapture followed by the Tribulation period.

I do so hope and pray that those of you who haven’t repented, asked Jesus Christ into your heart will do so soon. It hurts me so to think of any of you spending eternity in the Lake of Fire.

America has set up a welcome mat to the ENEMY when it should have set up armed troops to keep them out.

June 14, 2016

~ The Author ~
Jackie Juntti (Granny) is a daily reader and frequent contributor to Kettle Moraine Publications. She can be reached for comment at idzrus@earthlink.net.

2 thoughts on “Juntti: Government Living ‘Under Sharia‘ Regimen that Prevents Acknowledging Jihad Threat

  1. John W. Slagle

    Jackie, thanks as always for a thoughtful article. With age always comes wisdom unless a person is a career politician. For many decades those of us on the U.S. Border have seen Trojan Horse diversions in every size, shape and nationality. My time in life is limited but never have I regretted stating the facts and fearing for my country when most citizens remain in apathy and political correctness. You nailed it, once again…


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