Snaken’ it!

snakeAs you may have noticed – updates have been few and far between lately – other than the occasional political statement made through images. Well – I’ve got myself into another fine mess as I am doing clean-up, some minor repair work, landscaping and painting at my daughter’s home before we put it on the market.

Seems like we have been here before. My old team of Craig and Riley are working with me on this project as well – but it won’t be a long one. Should be done in about 4 to six weeks – then I am off to Calee-fornicate and Morro Bay for a week on an annual retreat with two friends from the Jungles of ’68 to ’70.

So why the pic of Snake with the eye patch? Apparently I damaged my dominant eye by using my smaller, traveling laptop for the past week. It felt somewhat swollen and painful to the point of general discomfort. Sometime during the night on Saturday, I must have rubbed it in my sleep – which exacerbated the situation and I awoke with a huge purple mark just off of my nose. Scared the hell out of me and the doc says that I need to not use it too much for the next few days – kind of stay off of the computer. I brought the Big Mac from the office – and I can SEE the damned thing – but still want to be careful for a few more days. Then we’ll get back to work.

Until then – just tune in to Life, Liberty & All That Jazz – won’t-cha? And I’ll TRY to be there everyday this week – but no promises. Life happens.

Oh – and one more thing. On Saturday (May 7th) I stopped by my old home to see Armando and his wife and to bring them a bottle of wine to celebrate. It was the one year anniversary of the day I closed the door for the last time on MY home and turned it over to some marvelous people. They have maintained my dream, decorated it beautifully and expanded upon my original plans.

See you at Sundown.

Without Apology I am,


3 thoughts on “Snaken’ it!

  1. Osh

    frankly, I do believe we need a National “instrumental’ to go along with the National “anthem”…I vote for the Snake Theme….outstanding… BTW, I figure we he should run for Pres along with Jack Reacher somewhere in the cabinet…perhaps Reacher for Att. Gen’l USA!!
    …pic taken from the best scene of the movie…
    …hope your eyes heal up pretty soon Jeff…

  2. John W. Slagle

    Jeff, take care and thanks as always for your efforts in presenting the facts . From another Vietnam veteran who has served his country in peace and war for decades, these are very strange times in politics not far removed from the fictional movie and Snake depiction of political leaders.

    Subject: The Official Motto of the United States—“In God We Trust”.
    By Capt Joseph R. John, on May 11, 2016

    The most important election in the 240 year history of the Republic will be held in less the 6 months. So Patriotic Americans can:

    Protect and defend the US Constitution from the continued violations of its provisions by the current occupant in the Oval Office and from Hillary.

    Save The Free Enterprise System from the Socialist agenda driven into the federal government, over the last 7 ½ years, by the occupant of the Oval Office and from Hillary.

    Halt the hallowing out of the US Armed Forces, stop the degrading of its “Combat Effectiveness” by the occupant of the Oval Office for the last 7 ½ years and from Hillary.

    Close the wide open southern border to halt the flow of drugs, terrorists, & Illegal Aliens that the Un-American US Chamber of Commerce has fought against for 24 years.

    Halt the Congressional out of control and irresponsible spending by the Republican leadership, that has driven the National Debt to $20 trillion, and close to US bankruptcy.

    Put a stop to the entry of over 915,000 Middle East and African Muslim Refugees, being resettled into 185 US cities, until the FBI is permitted to interview those refugees to determine if they have terrorist ties with ISIS, Al Q’ieda, and Radical Islamic Terrorists.

    Defeat Hillary to ensure that she is not allowed to appoint one more leftists Justices to the Supreme Court, like Obama’s two leftist and pro Illegal Immigration appointees.

    Cut off the federal funding to 300 “Sanctuary Cities” created by Obama, that are harboring thousands of Radical Islamic Terrorists, Convicted Criminal Illegal Aliens, and over 15 million Illegal Aliens

    Put a stop to the funding in billions of dollars in food stamps for Illegal aliens, billions of dollars in income tax rebates for Illegal Alien children living in Mexico, billions of dollars of much better medical care than Veterans receive, billions of dollars in financial aid to subsidized the cost of Illegal Alien housing that retired American senior citizens do not receive, billions of dollars in the cost of education for the children of Illegal Aliens, while degrading the high quality education once taught to the children of US citizens, and put a stop to the issuance of drivers licenses to Illegal Aliens, so they can perpetrate fraud, and can register to illegally vote.

    Repeal the passage of Obama’s Unconstitutional International Fast Track TPP/TPA Trade Agreement that destroys jobs for millions of US Citizens, abandons US Sovereignty for enforcement & gives that authority to UN International Tribunals effectively eliminated Immigration Enforcement by creating porous US borders at Seaports/Airports/the Southern Border/the Northern Border, brings in “millions of Illegal Aliens” from 12 Pacific Rim Nations who will work at very low wages that American citizens can’t possibly afford to work for, and gives millions of Illegal Mexican Aliens green cards to allow them free entry into the US.

    Republicans leaders who swore to support the Republican Party nominee, have since violated that oath. The Washington Ruling Class betrayed the will of the American voters for so many years, created the current situation. They should put their inflated “Self-Importance” aside, and realize that this election is not about who they decide they want to “Anoint” as the standard bearer for president, nor should their “Inflated Egos” interfere in what the voters have decided, This election is about the survival of the Republic and protecting the National Security of United States from the damage Hillary would inflict on it, like she repeatedly violated US Federal Laws, she swore to abide by; since she improperly allowed over 2000 classified messages to be open to the enemies of the United States, which she stored & transmitted on an unsecure server in her home, she forfeited her right to hold any other appointed or elective office in the United States for the rest of her life.

    Hillary was responsible for the death of four Americans in Benghazi because she repeatedly “refused” to provide proper security for the US Mission in Benghazi, despite the fact that hundreds of requests were made by multiple US Intelligent Agencies, the US military, and the US Ambassador to Libya who made 12 “personal & direct” desperate requests to Hillary, over a nine month period. She lied to the parents of the deceased Americas, while standing several feet away from their deceased bodies.

    Hillary must not be elected to the highest office in the land, she should be indicted, tried, and sentenced to a very long jail term, for severely damaging and undercutting the National Security Interest of the United States, and for repeatedly violating the Federal Laws of the United States while she was Secretary of State and beyond.

    President Abraham Lincoln said: “America is the last best hope on earth.” It is! Americans who sincerely care about the survival of the Republic, will pull together.

    Copyright 2016, Capt. Joseph R. John. All Rights Reserved. This material can only be posted on another Web site or distributed on the Internet by giving full credit to the author. It may not be published, broadcast, or rewritten without permission from the author

    Joseph R. John, USNA ‘62
    Capt USN(Ret)/Former FBI
    Chairman, Combat Veterans For Congress PAC
    2307 Fenton Parkway, Suite 107-184
    San Diego, CA 92108
    Fax: (619) 220-0109

    Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
    -Isaiah 6:8


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