April 29, 2016: The Bathroom Chronicles ~ 102

I identify as a dog. Where is the nearest fire hydrant? Oh – I can get arrested for indecent exposure? Then why is it not equal treatment when a Perv goes into a women’s bathroom – and don’t kid yourself – they are stalking there. ~ J.B.

LGBT Group Calls for Unconstitutional Federal Ban of Single-Sex Bathrooms in ALL Public Schools!
Sex crimes revolving around men in women’s facilities are becoming commonplace as liberals continue to push their anti-traditional values campaign onto the rest of us, but this fact doesn’t seem to be slowing the liberal march towards cultural insanity… (Continue to full article)

04-28_barstoolPedophiles: The Next Protected Minority Group
When liberals began targeting the sexual attitudes of our population through mass media and junk science such as Alfred Kinsey’s perverted sex studies, suddenly the worst thing one could be was a prude, and the accusation was thrown around almost as liberally (no pun intended) as “homophobe” has been in recent years. In retrospect, we can see that both were part of the same stratagem of shaming ideological opponents into acquiescence… (Continue to full article)

Judge, calling Hastert ‘serial child molester,’ gives former House speaker year in prison
hastertHastert would have LOVED the open bathrooms of today but he isn’t the ONLY politician guilty of molesting young boys and girls. This is the result of electing LIARS to public office. When they LIE about one thing they will lie about others and LIARS are NOT TO BE TRUSTED IN ANYTHING… (Continue to full article)

150 Students WALK OUT of high school after transgender allowed to use girls locker room
Everything about this makes me cringe. This ‘transgender girl’’who calls himself ‘Lila Perry’ and was born as a boy and, frankly, still looks very much like one, was recently allowed to use the girls locker room after P.E., BUT.. (Continue to full article)

More than 700,000 pledge to boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy
“We aim to please – you aim too – please…” (Continue to full article)

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  1. John W. Slagle

    Hillary “Woman Card” Implicated In Peeping Incidents

    WORLD NEWS BUREAU – What started out as a campaign novelty for Hillary Clinton has turned into a nightmare for a number of businesses and law enforcement across the country.

    In an attempt to connect with female voters, the Clinton for America website has been giving out a free “Woman Card” to anyone requesting one. Unfortunately, it turns out that many of the cards have ended up in the hands of men who are using them to gain access to women’s bathrooms and changing rooms. “We’re seeing a sharp increase in the number of men peeping and photographing women and girls in female bathrooms and fitting rooms. They’re flashing these cards to gain access – it’s a mess,” said Phoenix Police Dept. spokesman, Capt. Mike Ortiz.

    The Clinton campaign defended men using the card, calling it “a passport to LGBT equality.”


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