NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

nasaThere’s the official explanation for why NASA is spraying lithium, a pharmaceutical drug most often used to treat people with manic depression or bi-polar disorder, into our ionosphere, and then there is the probable reason(s). It would be easier to accept NASA’s official explanation if they were not so secretive about everything they study and do in space – but one thing is for certain – NASA’s own personnel have admitted that lithium, along with other chemicals, are intentionally being placed into our environment regularly. It is possible that many of NASA’s own employees aren’t even aware of the true motivations for carrying out such a project, ironically displaying the very behaviors that these chemicals/pharmaceuticals are meant to instill. (Read the Complete Expose’ and SEE the Video)

2 thoughts on “NASA Confesses to Dosing Americans with Air-borne Lithium & Other Chemicals

  1. Osh

    …even the Chinese are more honest with their citizens…at least when they murder somebody they go to the family and demand the equivalence of eight cents for the bullet they used…

  2. Larry Miller

    Now I know how an experimental rat feels like down in the basement of some university lab. It knows it is being poisioned but is not in a position to escape or do anything about it.

    Solutions anyone?



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