OXFORD – The Fight Back Has Begun

This letter is a response from Oxford to Black Students attending as Rhodes Scholars to remove the statue of Oxford Benefactor, Cecil Rhodes.

RhodesInterestingly, Chris Patten (Lord Patten of Barnes), The Chancellor of Oxford University, was on the Today Programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday on precisely the same topic. The Daily Telegraph headline yesterday was “Oxford will not rewrite history”.

Patten commented “Education is not indoctrination. Our history is not a blank page on which we can write our own version of what it should have been according to our contemporary views and prejudice”

Rhodes must fall ????

“Dear Scrotty Students,

Cecil Rhodes’s generous bequest has contributed greatly to the comfort and well being of many generations of Oxford students – a good many of them, dare we say it, better, brighter and more deserving than you.

This does not necessarily mean we approve of everything Rhodes did in his lifetime – but then we don’t have to. Cecil Rhodes died over a century ago. Autres temps, autres moeurs. If you don’t understand what this means – and it would not remotely surprise us if that were the case – then we really think you should ask yourself the question: “Why am I at Oxford?”

Oxford, let us remind you, is the world’s second oldest extant university. Scholars have been studying here since at least the 11th century. We’ve played a major part in the invention of Western civilisation, from the 12th century intellectual renaissance through the Enlightenment and beyond. Our alumni include William of Ockham, Roger Bacon, William Tyndale, John Donne, Sir Walter Raleigh, Erasmus, Sir Christopher Wren, William Penn, Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA), Samuel Johnson, Robert Hooke, William Morris, Oscar Wilde, Emily Davison, Cardinal Newman, Julie Cocks. We’re a big deal. And most of the people privileged to come and study here are conscious of what a big deal we are. Oxford is their alma mater – their dear mother – and they respect and revere her accordingly.

And what were your ancestors doing in that period? Living in mud huts, mainly. Sure we’ll concede you the short lived Southern African civilisation of Great Zimbabwe. But let’s be brutally honest here. The contribution of the Bantu tribes to modern civilisation has been as near as damn it to zilch.

You’ll probably say that’s “racist”. But it’s what we here at Oxford prefer to call “true.” Perhaps the rules are different at other universities. In fact, we know things are different at other universities. We’ve watched with horror at what has been happening across the pond from the University of Missouri to the University of Virginia and even to revered institutions like Harvard and Yale: the “safe spaces”; the #blacklivesmatter; the creeping cultural relativism; the stifling political correctness; what Allan Bloom rightly called “the closing of the American mind”. At Oxford however, we will always prefer facts and free, open debate to petty grievance-mongering, identity politics and empty sloganeering. The day we cease to do so is the day we lose the right to call ourselves the world’s greatest university.

Of course, you are perfectly within your rights to squander your time at Oxford on silly, vexatious, single-issue political campaigns. (Though it does make us wonder how stringent the vetting procedure is these days for Rhodes scholarships and even more so, for Mandela Rhodes scholarships) We are well used to seeing undergraduates – or, in your case – postgraduates, making idiots of themselves. Just don’t expect us to indulge your idiocy, let alone genuflect before it. You may be black – “BME” as the grisly modern terminology has it – but we are colour blind. We have been educating gifted undergraduates from our former colonies, our Empire, our Commonwealth and beyond for many generations. We do not discriminate over sex, race, colour or creed. We do, however, discriminate according to intellect.

That means, inter alia, that when our undergrads or post grads come up with fatuous ideas, we don’t pat them on the back, give them a red rosette and say: “Ooh, you’re black and you come from South Africa. What a clever chap you are!” No. We prefer to see the quality of those ideas tested in the crucible of public debate. That’s another key part of the Oxford intellectual tradition you see: you can argue any damn thing you like but you need to be able to justify it with facts and logic – otherwise your idea is worthless.

This ludicrous notion you have that a bronze statue of Cecil Rhodes should be removed from Oriel College, because it’s symbolic of “institutional racism” and “white slavery”. Well even if it is – which we dispute – so bloody what? Any undergraduate so feeble-minded that they can’t pass a bronze statue without having their “safe space” violated really does not deserve to be here. And besides, if we were to remove Rhodes’s statue on the premise that his life wasn’t blemish-free, where would we stop? As one of our alumni Dan Hannan has pointed out, Oriel’s other benefactors include two kings so awful – Edward II and Charles I – that their subjects had them killed. The college opposite – Christ Church – was built by a murderous, thieving bully who bumped off two of his wives. Thomas Jefferson kept slaves: does that invalidate the US Constitution? Winston Churchill had unenlightened views about Muslims and India: was he then the wrong man to lead Britain in the war?”

Actually, we’ll go further than that. Your Rhodes Must Fall campaign is not merely fatuous but ugly, vandalistic and dangerous. We agree with Oxford historian RW Johnson that what you are trying to do here is no different from what ISIS and the Al-Qaeda have been doing to artefacts in places like Mali and Syria. You are murdering history.

And who are you, anyway, to be lecturing Oxford University on how it should order its affairs? Your #rhodesmustfall campaign, we understand, originates in South Africa and was initiated by a black activist who told one of his lecturers “whites have to be killed”. One of you – Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh – is the privileged son of a rich politician and a member of a party whose slogan is “Kill the Boer; Kill the Farmer”; another of you, Ntokozo Qwabe, who is only in Oxford as a beneficiary of a Rhodes scholarship, has boasted about the need for “socially conscious black students” to “dominate white universities, and do so ruthlessly and decisively!

Great. That’s just what Oxford University needs. Some cultural enrichment from the land of Winnie Mandela, burning tyre necklaces, an AIDS epidemic almost entirely the result of government indifference and ignorance, one of the world’s highest per capita murder rates, institutionalised corruption, tribal politics, anti-white racism and a collapsing economy. Please name which of the above items you think will enhance the lives of the 22,000 students studying here at Oxford.

And then please explain what it is that makes your attention grabbing campaign to remove a listed statue from an Oxford college more urgent, more deserving than the desire of probably at least 20,000 of those 22,000 students to enjoy their time here unencumbered by the irritation of spoilt, ungrateful little tossers on scholarships they clearly don’t merit using racial politics and cheap guilt-tripping to ruin the life and fabric of our beloved university.

Understand us and understand this clearly: you have everything to learn from us; we have nothing to learn from you.

Oriel College, Oxford

February 13, 2016

Editor’s NOTE: And this is EXACTLY how I feel as relates to the Confederate States of America and history that made this nation what it became. Read Mississippi governor defends Confederate Heritage Month. If you ‘enlightened’ illiterates don’t understand now – then you never will. YOU are the losers. It was NOT about slavery – it was about taxation and CONTROL! ~ J.B.

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250 thoughts on “OXFORD – The Fight Back Has Begun

  1. hippybiker

    Good for you, Oxford! Keep telling the little blighters to Piss Off! I wish the management of American colleges had the stones to publish something as witty as this.

    1. D Paulson

      Your blighted racial slurs are inappropriate in this debate. This is not a discussion about racism, but a discussion of history and a great tradition.

      1. David

        Sorry, but like it or not, any argument between different races is exactly that racist. Stop believing the liberal rhetoric and start thinking for yourself, the entire Rhodes must fall movement is racist and has a racist agenda.

        1. Theo

          You about some up modern day racism. That is, it’s ok for white people holding racist views and being prejudicial to black people as long as they don’t verbally mention race. And anyone who then says an action is racist is themsellf racist for noticing the racism. Many whites are still racist and we are not oblivious to that fact. But for some reason some people act as if this cosmic or whatever event happened that some wiped away anti black racism after centuries of it being the norm for white people.

          1. Weazy

            Dude why is it only whites that can be racist? It happens from all sides but you choose to focus on only the black side. That is inherently racist so you are also a racist if I take your statements into consideration. I have first hand experience of black on white racism and it is rife in Africa and around the world. That good old statement of when a white says something to a black man which he does not like he is racist, when a black man does the same it is black pride or positive discrimination.

          2. Zzzzz

            Get a life! Your attitude is exactly what causes a racial issue. I don’t give a shit what colour a person is , it’s the person themselves that counts. And while we’re at it, if we’re gonna nitpick, it pisses me off when we get ‘ black music awards’ etc
            I would love to see the fallout if we had for example ‘white music awards’ talk about wanting to have it all yourown way!
            Eat that.

          3. Alland

            and what about the black panther movement, black lawyers society, black accountants…….all these black societies catering ONLY FOR BLACK PEOPLE exclusively and no non-blacks are allowed to join, and why? Are they racist?? Come on get real, wake up! The most racist society exists in the places where you least expect it…on your own front door!!

          4. Jan Venter

            We have some of the worst black on black racism in SA it has been around for years.We have had Zulus and Shangaans we have had Zulus and West Africans…we have had Tswanas and Nigerians…if you are light of color and someone is very dark..West African,you will have some sort of racism,black S Africans deny this but,I work with township children and they show this by their behaviour towards their pierswho are very black, also racist toward other whites,we all know that…piers.Whites are also racist towards each other,we know what happened in certain countries under British rule.

          5. Ed

            So your saying black people didn’t hate/dislike/commit racism in any shape, way or form on toward white people for centuries? Furthermore that if something racist happens to you, you have to turn a blind eye and not mention anything els be labelled a racist yourself ? Astonishing…..

        2. Yolanda Nicolson

          This same apparently ‘well educated’ person made a white waitress cry by humiliating her and then bragging about his actions on Facebook!! And I agree with this article how dare this person go into someone else’s home and tell them how to decorate! #historyishistory

        3. Eileen Campbell

          sorry to you , you can not change history, you can not go back in time and change, so that is why we have HISTORY things that were right wrong indeferent good bad, YOU CAN NOT CHANGE IT…. THE STATUE STAYS.

      2. Ian

        Are you serious, the whole premis of their mindset is racialism of their benefactor, they conveniently forget how they are attending that great instutution and who is footing the bill. Kick the buggers out and send them back from whence they came.

      3. Baby

        Its is about race. Its always been and always will be until white people are all killed..I live in south africa its one big mess! Due to the people talked about in this article.

      4. Lorraine Howard

        A well written article. And it is about history – we must not change that but learn from it. Oxford is one of the greatest seats of learning and it is far from any student to tell them what to do. If any student (no matter where they are from), is not happy there, there are many more universities for them to attend and try to change. But universities are for learning not students trying to change.

    2. Ren

      As a South African I’ve been outraged and embarrassed by this bunch of radicals causing trouble where they are guests.

      Brilliant letter, which I endorse 110%

      1. Bevin Sherry

        I agree 100%, it is again reverse racism raising it’s ugly head. Blacks, you need to get your minds into proper Order.

        1. Mxolisi

          You are a bloody racist, who said black people’s minds are out of order? Shame on you, the reason we have such campaigns is because of racists like you. If you think that decolonizing our society is out of order then you do not deserve being a human.

          1. Ostei Kozelskii

            I say what serves blacks for minds is out of order. That is why you always have and always will lead the world in poverty, crime, and virtually every other social pathology one cares to name.

          2. Garry Ward

            you Mxolisi, are a mud hut moron.
            You and your ilk are so determined to drag society into your world of murder and and degradation.
            it is sad to see my side of things bowing and scraping to your sick way of life.
            Return to your mud hut and burning tyres.

          3. Guy Mullins

            The European occupation of South Africa was the most benign colonisation the world had ever seen.The American Indians, north and south will testify to that. The Australia Aborigines will also vouch for it, if you can find any left. For the times, Blacks were royally treated by the colonists and their gratefulness displayed today is proof positive that not annihilating the natives was a great idea.

          4. Celia

            You are an idiot It is people like you that will bring about the demise of South Africa. Back to your mud huts etc., etc., etc. That will be your doing and not the so called racist whites!!

          5. Bess

            Open your eyes and realise that it is not just white people are racist. Healthy discussion and looking at facts if unheeded leads to distortion of history. White people have rights too. It’s not just about you and it would be better for Africa to get its own house in order before pontificating at the world. Let go of your own prejudices, look forwards and not back. Only then can progress be made. That way is best ‘judge not others as you may be judged yourself’. Don’t live in the past, you can do nothing about that.

          6. Kevin Lind

            Mxolisi, colonailization happened and your people benefitted, by being brought up from your completely backward tribal and cultural ignorance. Whites eventually gave you the chances your own culture would or couldn’t have ever done. Progress is very often painful, because of ignorance. Both sides were guilty of it. Don’t regress and become guilty of the past. The past is past. Get over it. Stop being an idiot and a whining little fool, you narrow, small-minded little racist and bigoted asshole. If it wasn’t for Europe, Africa, would’ve not survived into the 21st Century. Disease, crime, famine and ignorant cultural practices, coupled with a corrupted understanding of basic human principles, would’ve destroyed all of Africa. American Negroes, survived and eventually prospered better than those left behind in Africa. Grow up, you ungrateful asshole.

          7. Tom

            I agree, let’s decolonise our society, for the good of the environment. Would you please go first?
            Racism or thinking negatively about other groups has always existed. Its one of the stupid idiosyncrasies of being human. However it’s not quite as stupid as trying to erase history.
            What next, a good old book burning?
            Grow up man! Try doing some good for all humans and stop thinking you are part of some other group.

          8. louis Rischmüller

            Ha ha! The old defence! If someone criticises a black, he is a racist! Ask the leaders of the ANC and EFF!

          9. Gavin

            Decolonising is a racist attitude, and you’re bloody racist, I am just sick and tired of people like you, who use race as an excuse everytime they have issue with white people..we are here to stay, so get use to it.
            By the way if you are going to decolonize, you can start by tearing down every building, get rid of every car, close down every factory , learning institution, hospital, stop using elctronic media like this, ideologies etc, etc, etc… Because this my friend is what the colonies brought to Africa… I would suggest you stop your meaningless racial bullshit, and think of more constructive ways and means to bringing people together rather than tearing them apart with your simple mind and stupid racial attitude….

          10. Larry

            Look around you Mxolisi. While you focus your attention on decolonizing your society (whatever that means), you don’t notice that the black people of SA are being abused more by their current leaders than anyone before. But, that’s ok, so long as they’re not white I guess. Like your people before you, you are controlled by those who know how to manipulate your need to be anti something, to denounce and decolonise and demand.. and the race card works well these days for those who are easily polarised. Did the British destroy everything left by the Romans, or did they embrace their colonisation and go on to become even greater? think about that for a second.

        2. Theo

          What the fuck is reverse racism? What does that even mean? Is it reversal of antiblack racist actions? If so then surely that cannot be a bad thing. Is the doing to white people what was done to blacks? That would be a fucken lie as what’s happening now is materially different to what was done to blacks. So what is it?

          1. skuzzappo

            You niggers will never shed your prejudice and basic upbringing. Get over it…..whites were running around with spears and skins a couple of centuries ago….you guys only yesterday when the white man arrived. No running water, no sewerage system, no lights, didn’t even know how to make a wheel. “houses” with no windows, ventilation and built with cow dung…..and that is our fault!!! Go bury you head in the sand…you racist!!!

        3. Pearson

          Why “black minds”? White people can be just as stupid as this lot.
          However, you would hard pressed to find a more dimwitted and feckless bunch than the ruling party in South Africa, (which is this mob’s chosen field to be sure, burn SA to the ground a la Mugabe)
          An amazing country with human energy, potential and lovely people being flushed down the proverbial by a bunch of fecal brained morons

      2. Theo

        As a South African you would be outraged. Cause white South African racists are at the bottom of the racism cesspool

        1. Kevin Lind

          Theo, obviously you don’t understand the black African, so your ignorance is forgiven. Try living in Africa, before you declare white South Africans, as racist. We are the lost bastion of real civilisation in Africa and we all here understand the black African mindset. It’s bereft of universal conscious thought, it’s racist to a point of incredible horror, indifferent to social norms and it requires social evolution, amounting to another 1000 years, before we can truly engage in a dialogue of understanding. You cannot force black Africans to accept change, when their own cultures are based on an archaic fuedal system. Get your facts right, you stupid, mindless bleeding heart liberal fool.

        2. racism-is-bad-mkay

          How many racists are you familiar with Theo? Sounds like you’ve been around the world on a racist finding adventure to make these kinds of deductions.

          Try not to sound stupid when you comment.

        3. Pauline Lewis

          Who were the idiots who gave the niggers a Rhodes scholarship anyway? They have as much brain as a frogs got feathers Take their scholarships away and send them back to South Africa where they belong and back to their mud huts. Those scholarships should have been given to a white student who would have appreciated it as they know what an honour it is to get one. A white student would use that coveted scholarship to the best of his/her ability and not worry about a statue. If you call me a racist I don’t give a damn.
          Throw all those blacks out and tell them to build their own university, something which they have never done,as their contribution to the building up of South Africa is NIL. All they can do really well is destroy and take over everything the whites have painfully built up.

      3. D Mc Loughlin

        Well done Oriel College, Oxford. Let us hope, and pray, other Institutions follow suite.
        Especially here in South Africa.
        History is history.

      4. Songezo

        Don’t you dare speak for us. You are not representing our views, you of European descent. Rhodes must have been your uncle.
        One thing that is preposterous to us is you wanting us to celebrate criminals. Masinganyelwa bethuna. Tyhini

      5. Lorraine Howard

        Absolutely. I am also a South African, who spent a year in Oxford in 1976 and loved my time there. I was humbled by the knowledge of the scholars studying and endeavored to be like them not try and change them! I worked with a fair number of scholars and Deans of Colleges and found them like sponges – they absorbed knowledge so eagerly – they were such an inspiration. The colleges will be there long after we have all gone and so it should be.

      6. Dorothy

        As a fellow South African I fully agree with you. These things are tollerated and receive top priority to get it implemented to wipe out the past in SA that is why they’ve tried to do the same. Well said in the reply. You can’t e.g. demand that the dessert be converted to a tropical woodland because you don’t like the color of the sand. Plain, common knowledge.

    3. Judith

      One of the best letters I’ve ever read!
      It should be accompanied by a notice of expulsion.
      They’re obviously not at Oxford to learn, but to disrupt.

      1. Shanwynn

        Absolutely agree. The scholarship should have already been removed.
        A White South African

      2. Marlen

        Definitely well written & to the point. I would add to the notion that this idiot who has the luck to get a Rhodes scholarship should be shipped back home.

      3. Melanie Evans

        Agree 100% a petition was signed and sent to Oxford asking for this, but it was refused due to “freedom of speech” practices. Seems you can say anything to get noticed, even bad attention for being a moron is welcomed there, weird.

    4. EA Navarro

      This “letter” is not signed and therefore nothing more than a mere “anonymous”, opinion piece. Albeit well stated and written. And it SHOULD have been penned by (and signed) by someone representing the administration but that would require taking a stand on something which no current collegiate or university staff member has the balls to do. Anywhere in the world. Extolling the truth is a “very” difficult (at best) thing to do and, these days, means losing you standing, tenure and job. So, it would be best to relegate these “gee, I wish I’d said that” pieces to the gossip rags since that is all it will generate.

    5. Janine Botha

      Damn right and thank you. from a white female South African. If only a few more had the courage to take this strong stance.

  2. SamAdams

    Well, it warms my heart indeed.

    Seems America is not the only country plagued with ignorant, uppity negroes.

    Institutions here should take a lesson from this response. Very effectively this put them in their rightful place.

    1. G33

      “uppity negroes”
      I detest sharing similar views to one who’s vocabulary/ views are yet to leave the gutter!

    2. Derek Knight

      As a white South African I find your comment racist in the extreme. I don’t agree that foreign black students can try and impose their ridiculous views on a University of the stature and history as Oxford, particularly when they are benefitting from a Rhodes scholarship, but your comment smacks of elements of the apartheid South African regime and the Ku Klux Klan of America.

          1. Kevin Lind

            Mxolisi, you are the racist. Remember, if you and your ilk push whites, eventually, we WILL get pissed off and push back and this time, might be worse than 150 years ago, because currently whites around the world are beginning to get collectively fed up with your purile and obviously arrogant approach to history and attempting to somehow re-write it, by making all whites today pay for it, the facts are that blacks in the past were just like you, ignorant. Remember Europeans conquered back in the day and subjected whom they conquered and in some instances committed genocide. Don’t go opening up Pandora’s Box, you will find out that we can push back.

          2. racism-is-bad-mkay

            There are far worse things than being a racist. Being a radical progressive is one of them.

        1. Colin

          I agree wholeheartedly with Derek. His response is measured and balanced.
          If only we can stop and think how we can positively treat our fellow South Africans rather than only listen to negative outpourings and brand them as racist.
          Unfortunately negativity emanates from both sides of the divide. Please my fellow South Africans, while not forgetting the ills of the past, let us look forward and strive to live in harmony. Black, White, Brown, and every other colour.

        1. alexxxx

          What. A joke it isn’t reality and won’t ever be, lol can’t even figure out how to start a power station a few years ago now its blame it on the white, that’s called mocking the hand that feeds. Hey. And completely ungreatfall

      1. Theo

        They are benefit from the fruits of their exploited forefathers and stolen African mineral resources. Just look at it as penance.

        1. Kevin Lind

          Theo, go join some cult, because it’s totally obvious that you are an ignorant fool, bereft of any understanding of what is happening in the world. Speak about what you know, not what you percieve, come to South Africa, first and then decide, but don’t be an ignoramus of collossal preportions. You look stupid.

        2. Tony Garcia

          Interesting how one only looks at the aspects of history that suit us; Slavery – African tribes warred before the white man arrived, simply to take captives and kill them. The white man offered to buy them, so instead of them being killed, they were sold into slavery. This in no way takes away anything from the appalling inhumanity that was slavery, but why, oh why, are only the whites to blame? Here in South Africa, where we already have a lousy schooling system, protesters have burnt down several schools; in a country where we are struggling to find money to support people unable to support themselves, where are we find the money to replace those schools, and where are the erstwhile pupils now going to find an education? Black people traditionally worship the ancestors; I respectfully submit that we are the ancestors, and we are giving future generations ample reason to curse us, not revere us.

        3. racism-is-bad-mkay

          Resources don’t belong to you.
          If they did, you could tell us how many resources you own. Resources belong to the earth. Nobody was disenfranchised out of minerals. Land was sold and minerals were excavated. They wouldn’t have helped tribes with anything apart from a quick sale, because they couldn’t get to them and hardly even knew of their whereabouts. The certainly didn’t have a value for diamonds or gold. Outsiders valued gold and later, the Rand company used advertising to convince everyone into believing they need a diamond for their wedding. Now if you understood the western world, you’d understand how capatalism works. And if you knew that, you’d easily understand that no, white people do not benefit when a company profits. The company benefits. We trade our money for something they’ve produced via mining. We don’t get anything for free bozo.

          You’ve been brainwashed by progressives to think that you’ve been disenfranchised from every angle. And I know you will never put in the research to see if you’re believing the truth or not. Even when people will tell you how things work, you will deny it and cry racism. Well we’re all sick of it. And once we’ve felt we’ve given enough of an explanation to you raggamuffins, we will ignore you. If your movement wants to persist with your regressive disharmony, you will quickly find out what it really is to be an outcast and hated. By the whole world. Racism against you will become the least of your concerns.

          Because believe me when I say it will come.

        4. Gavin

          Firstly whites have not stolen any minerals, it is still there and it is still being mined, any fool can see that, but not you. Why? Because you are completely blinded by your black racist attitude.
          Africa is a continent that is rich in natural resources and all African countries are independen of white colonial occupation and rule and have been for many years.

          The people that are exploiting and stealing minerals and resources in Africa are the governments of Africa. They are selling concessions to the highest bidder and the money that they are making from these concessions are not going to white people, they are going into the pockets of these african governments…even the the black poor people of the continent do not get to share in the procedes…
          They are the people that are becoming millionaires and billionaires because of this, and it is they who are are the ones that are corrupt.

          I have travelled Africa extensively on business and I actually get to see this first hand, so please don’t talk trash to me.

          The Chinese are so entrenched in Africa, that they are raping and pillaging the African continent right under you noses, and it is the Chinese who are making false promises of building infrastructure and so called investing in the continent. The infrastructure by the way is of poor quality and workmanship, being built by prisoners sent to Africa by the Chinese to get rid of their scrap…..

          The Chinese my friend, are not stupid they are busy colonizing this continent and stealing this continents resources and minerals right from underneath your arses and for a mere pittance of what the actual values is.

          They have 1.6 billion people to feed and where else are the going to go shopping at a discounted rate, “Africa of course” you dumb ass, why? BECAUSE AFRICA STILL HAS THE RICHEST RESOURCES OF RAW MATERIALS IN THE WORLD.

          So if you want to talk crap and troll with stupid and skewered racist remarks , I suggest you choose a place where stupid people say stupid things and intelligent people don’t give a damn….you have nothing constructive to say and neither do you have an intelligent remark to add.

          You sir are a racist and a dolt…..enough said!”…….

      2. John Charles

        Well said, Derek. The call for the removal of Rhodes’ statue is indeed ridiculous, particularly as it comes from recipients of the Rhodes Scholarship. Where were their principles when they applied for and accepted the Scholarship? Nevertheless, this letter reeks of the worst colonialistic arrogance.

  3. Craig Tarter

    I’d take a week off of work to see this article “discussed” on d’0prah Whinny Show, or the montel williams’ mess. Listening to either one of the said intellectual derelicts, and watching the camera pan back & forth from the duo of dumb to the Paid To Be There Audience, as they discussed antimatter With grim countenance PROJECTED…ahh shit, it ain’t gonna happen, uhhh, DAMN! That was an excellent piece there y’all, & I thank you for it.

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Butz de pro’lem beez izz dat dis bich ain’t gotz no reg’ler program noze-mo’. She only beez loozin’ monee fo de stockhol’ers of de wate-loss peeps. She dun shutz down de Harpo Stoodio lass week. Peepel beez tahed ob her jive.

      All datz green she gotz, an’ she don be doin’ shitz fo’ her peeple – only some gurls in Afreeka atz a skoo named fo’ her fat abuttz.

  4. Get Real

    Stupid and Arrogant Stupidity is what this is.
    “we have nothing to learn from you.”???

    Of course you don’t Because you are a stupid English idiot! And I hope NO one ever send their kids to this university. There are thousands out there that do a lot better than this.


    Regards to your stupidity!

    1. Henk

      Lol. Please shut the fuck up, like they said, we have nothing to learn from you, oh and FYI there are not thousands out there doing better, shows what you know. And the people that go there a have scholarships which means they Can’t just pack up and go somewhere else, because they have nowhere else to go. So be greatful for the chance and stop trying to break things down the way you want to, there’s a reason things are the way they are and I promise you white minority is not to blame. #regards_to_your_ignorance

      1. Theo

        White minority? I gues you are South African. You are to blame. All this bad shit was created by the white minority. The ANC is merely failing at fixing the white minority’s fuck ups.

        1. beejay

          Hey Theo you are a complete arshole. You are commenting on a subject that you have no idea on. I know from your uneducated replies that you have never been to Africa !!!!!!!!! I live here and have been for many many years and I am originally from Scotland.Go and find a hobby to occupy your time you tosser !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        2. Kevin Lind

          Theo, please beg for money and go to your local sex toys store, walk in, purchase the largest dildo, that you can find and go home. Lock your bedroom door and go and FUCK YOURSELF, YOU USELESS, STUPID, BANAL ASSHOLE

        3. Dave

          Just one thing to say…..22 Years…that’s right….22 Years of democracy ….yup twenty two..(say it out loud)…that the ANC have been screwing their own people over,and over,..and over…and the elite run what was a world leading economy into the ground….and line their pockets…with sickening amounts of ill gotten fortunes….and yet..it’s still blamed on the white colonials/South Africans…words fail me, and any response with those facts would just be plain STOOOPID..!!!!

        4. Pearson

          Under the new government all fundamental measures are down.
          Life expectancy, infant mortality rate and so on. A poor performance from the ANC.
          Some of the problem are caused by reckless population increase (I blame apartheid here) The apartheid government provided better healthcare and primary/secondary education (the latter at a cheaper rate too). to a sector of the black population. Apartheid built black universities, and hospitals.
          The new government’s response has been feeble, blame Mandela, Mbeki and, dare we say it; Zuma. Useless, corrupt, inefficient, incompetent government.
          Under the new regime, the population has created no new wealth, no newspapers (New Age = Gupta), no banks, no new industries. They have rather chosen to parasite off the existing commercial infrastructure, “transforming” instead of “creating”.

        5. Glynis McGrath

          The Anc inherited a country with an excellent infrastructure, a working country where supplies of essentials such as electricity and water were maintained. This is not the case now. To black Africans, who now have all the power they need to improve their lives, stop blaming the whites, who have as much right to be there as you do, for all the things going wrong in the country. Instead open your eyes and minds to the fact that the country is failing due to the gross ineptitude of the government you elected. Stand up and admit this is your doing. Keep the ANC and Zuma in power and life will only get harder – with no whites in power to blame. It is so much easier to blame others instead of admitting your own failings.

        6. Gavin

          Theo are a bigger arsehole than I thought, piss off and troll your crap somewhere else, as I mentioned in a previous comment “you are nothing but a racist and a dolt”

    2. Bee Jay

      Touched a nerve did it.You walkin around with a huge chip on your shoulder ??And its “sends’ by the way!!!!!!!

    3. Bonita

      Ooooo, actually we have somethings to learn from you, how to loot, lie, steal burn trains, necklace people…need I go on?

        1. Jan

          If the whites did not came to Africa, NO minerals would have been discovered and South Africa would still be uninhabited except for the Koi San with a grass hut here and there…
          Everybody benefited from the mines etc.

      1. StevenR

        Yesterday, for some strange reason, his ‘brothers’ in Viyani, South Africa burned down 13 primary schools. By this morning the tally was 17 schools destroyed by fire. As I post the number has increased to 23 and counting………
        Oxford take note !

    4. Alastair Roy

      Worry not – that letter is almost certainly a hoax – no way is any of it written in British English

      1. Ostei Kozelskii

        My thoughts precisely. This letter cannot have come from Oxford or any other academic institution, for the matter of it. But we can dream…

    5. Anon

      Unfortunate they are right, their history and development has taken years of trial and error making them an Empire…….your comment Idiot…..laughable…………An African country has yet to achieve being an Empire……an African women told me once that she had observed that European males losing their jobs was a big issue for them not being able to provide having to rely on their spouses. Her assessment of African Men was ‘ they preferred being off Work due to strike or whatever and drinking at home while their spouses worked’

      1. Theo

        So the establishment of empires is desirable? It’s what we should aspire to? No thank you. Also that African woman story is just stupid. There are European bum males just as there are African bum males. You and that woman should both go fuck yourselves

        1. Chris

          Theory, looking at your comments and language; you are probably a retarded mentally incapacitated non white person…

        2. racism-is-bad-mkay

          You should aspire to having some moral dignity. And before you say white people took it from you, go and learn what dignity is.

    6. Renette de Wet

      No, you’re stupid you ignorant wanker. Give me ONE, just ONE great thing that the black African has done, by himself that is, that has enriched, enlightened or advanced society. Nothing, fuck all, aziko. The only thing you do know is mayhem. Stop sucking shit out your thumb and think you’re talking sense. Idiot

      1. Mxolisi

        Oh shut the fuck up you bloody racist, your comment is an expression of the sewege you call a heart. You do not deserve being a human fuck you and your racist comment!!

        1. Ostei Kozelskii

          Sorry, Shitavious, but your racism charges cut no ice with us. You and your side of the ideological divide are far more racist than us, but at least our racism is rational. You clowns, on the other hand, simply wish to destroy the race that has made this world livable, even for sub-cretinous apes such as yourself.

        2. Eric

          Mxolisi… You did not answer the man. What have Blacks ever done to build or improve humans? All I hear is silence… and that you know that is deafening…There is nothing you can come up with. Blacks in American keep talking about Black history… There is no such thing until blacks in Africa captured slow blacks and sold them to muslims who inturn sold and then shipped them to the American continent… Something I personally wished never happened… I keep telling them that if it weren’t for that, they would still be beating their food in front of their grass hut with a friggin rock… just like they do now.

          1. Lindsay

            I am a white South African… I think black people like Nelson Mandela and Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu have done a considerable amount to “improve humans”. The problem with your comments, like many others here, including those opposing you, are bigoted generalizations. It shows the ugliness of our humanity. You all need to take a deep breath and think before saying such revolting things that display the worst side of yourselves. I am pretty sure that this letter is not from Oxford but it does a good job of bringing so many people’s racist views to the surface. Your comments are not constructive dialogue and really just make both sides of this matter worse. White or black, if you wanted to “build or improve humans” you would not be making the comments you have made.

      2. Theo

        What one great thing have you done that has enriched, enlightened or advanced society? Deal with you stupidity and lack of achievement on your own instead of trying to be better than blacks based on the achievements of other white people.

        1. bloopy

          Don’t forget, they like to fuck a lot and make as many babies as they think will be necessary to make a living after selling off their daughters.

      3. Baldie

        You go girl. Now they(blacks) say we stole the land from them. BULLSHIT. We made it a better place. You on the other hand stole the land from the San people. They were the only people in Southern Africa to occupy this country before anyone. So, they are actualy the only people that has the right to claim their land back. You guys just want, want, want. What the hell did Zuma do for this country except ruining the economy and running it into the ground. No other country wants to do business with SA, except communist China and Cuba. The cANCer goverment must wake up and realise that communism fell a couple of decades ago. You hate the white man with everything you have, but yet you dress like them and want to look like them

    7. Melanie Evans

      Please, name one thing “Get Real” that can be learned, I’ll give you a week, no wait, a month, hell have a year, you still will not come up with one thing…

  5. Stelltheaspie

    Wow. The snobbish tone of this letter is like some sort of parody of the worst hollywood sterotypes about “snooty Brits”. “Well, we’re English, and we’ve been around for a long time, and you’re just a bunch of Negros who’s ancestors lived in mud huts, and we’re not like those silly American universities”….

    …”btw, we’re not saying we agree with Rhode’s racism” (but it sounds a lot like you do!)

    1. Alastair Roy

      Surely you realised the letter was a hoax? No university, let alone one of the best in the world, would write in such an unbalanced way, using such a ridiculous tone. As or the English – it screams South African…

  6. David Morgan

    You know I am thinking ” the one who shouts and the one who answers , who is the winner ? . It must be the one with facts.
    I read this letter, with great interest, however my interest was not in the reason why the letter was written, it was in how the letter was written.
    I read every word of the letter, however, I am studying a Univerity of Leeds as a part time student. I don’t have to study, I just wanted to know more about what I have been doing for the last 30 years. I find the course work and exams extremely hard. I don’t know if I will complete the course, but I want to continue as long as the University allows me too. But surely it would of been much better to educate and explain to those who are demonstrating against the statue what you have mentioned in your letter. This would of made a fantastic lecture and debate. You may of been able to convince them the reason why the statue should stay and then ended their calls to remove the statue. On the other hand you may not.
    It was a great letter and well written, however I am sure if you had a great mind and had been educated at a secondary modern school, you may of acted totally different and possibly sent a much bigger message of respect rather than insult around the world.



    1. D Paulson

      I appreciate the civility of your response. I personally don’t think this was an official letter from the university. I agree that it is snobbery at its best. But the notion of ripping down an icon of the person who has funded your education because of flaws in his thinking stemming from having lived in a different era, is absurd. Sometimes destroying perceived evil also destroys vestiges of good. There is so much parallel here with the destructive mentality of ISIS that it’s focus is disgusting. The diatribe against American universities is spot on, but that is for another discussion. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this letter and, apart from some blatant exaggerations and simplistic exaggerations, I wish I had written it. Actually, I wish I could have gotten into Oxford. I’d like to hear the opinions of Bill Clinton and Grorge Stephanapolis on this letter, as they were both Rhodes Scholars.

      1. Archie Meyer

        There are many statues of many people around the world, Lincoln, Hitler, Shaka, Rhodes, etc, etc (and even Saddan Husayn). They have deserved their place in history with all their successes and/or failures. For some people, learn from their short-comings and for other learn from their successes. Take from history and be reminded by history – that is why we have statues.

        1. Theo

          Bullshit. Statues commemorate. They celebrate. They are not history lessons. He have books for history lessons.

          1. Baas

            You are a little fking wanker.
            My word bud. Your the type of person
            That should just shut the fk up an die….

      2. Alastair Roy

        The simple answer is that they would laugh. The letter is a hoax and clearly written by some South African with a dodgy education – his/her English is excruciating, at least to a British ear!

    2. LittleMe

      Dear David…the part you won’t understand since you are living in the USA and not Africa is that you cannot have any debate or mature arguement with these so-called students. They don’t have and don’t want to have the means to understand anybody else’s viewpoint. All they know is to break down, destroy and burn down anything in their way they feel is “against” their warped ideology. There is no chance of engaging with them in a useful debate or discussion.This is most probably the best open letter I have read ever.

      1. The Publisher Post author


        Your choice of words is brilliant, however your statement, “you cannot have any debate or mature argument with these so-called students. They don’t have and don’t want to have the means to understand anybody else’s viewpoint. All they know is to break down, destroy and burn down anything in their way they feel is “against” their warped ideology. There is no chance of engaging with them in a useful debate or discussion.” – is EXACTLY what is also going on in America today.

      2. Theo

        Oh please. What have you done to try and engage these student in an open debate? You aprobably think they should listen to you because you are probably older and “wiser” and that you are white. You have not even listened to them, you don’t know what they are about or the arguments they are presenting but you still feel the need to respond. You are probably like the author and come up with dumb shit like they want to rewrite history. History cannot be rewritten. That’s impossible. This is about the present which itself will be a part of history.

        1. LittleMe

          Your ranting and raving and bulldozing through an entire blog has exactly proven my point! This is an open debate and look at the way you behave. When you dont like someone’s comment or statement your reply is “bull@@#”. No factual rethoric ..no constructive arguement…just wiping someone else’s point or view off the table. You have proven me 100% correct.

          1. Brendan

            Too true …. I can’t help myself from thinking that it is this racist, abrasive and entitled attitude that led to black folk being banned from certain establishments in the first place

        2. Baas

          As always you are dumb as fk…. the Anc has changed the education system so many times. Dropped so much historical content from our educational system. Theo your a knob and it seems probally black as well. Tell me why is it blacks have such a jannie jammer gat attitude , such a lazy hateful nation u lot are

        3. Kevin Lind


        4. Dave

          Theo, okay then, so here’s a real first world approach to things, let’s destroy, burn, pillage, loot, steal, destroy…..instead of constructively debate (take a lesson from Mr Mandela here)…so when we’ve burned, stolen, looted, thrown bricks and attacked innocent students..THEN let’s complain that there isn’t a university to go to as it has been destroyed (as in the Free State) that all the surrounding retailers closed due to looting and damage, and THEN, let’s blame the colonials/ South Africans, the white ones in particular, forgetting that YOUR Government, have been running these institutions for the Last ……(drum roll please)….22 YEARS…….oh…you silly little, little man.

      3. edgar

        As I read through these comments, I cannot but feel deep anger at the language of expression and the aggressive attacks from both pokes of argument. I am a white in Southern Africa, livibg amongst bkacks, Indian, Chinese, Koi, Coloureds and whites from all over the world, I have travelled extensiveky and learnt racial tokerance. Fact remains I am a white German birn South African. I am not black. There is a clour difference and a difference in the races. That difference needs to be accepted and respected. But let me carry on with my kife and yiu, black man, with yours.

    3. Melanie Evans

      I agree with you David, however, sometimes it takes direct replies, to the point facts, for people to listen (all races, all creeds). Nice talk is, half the time ignored, or entirely not listened to. People who do not listen when engaging in debate are already thinking of their response or to elaborate on an earlier point that they had raised. It reminds me of parents talking to children about the hazards of sticking their fingers into a plug point. A light smack on the hand and then explaining that it would hurt 100 x more if they did that & got a shock, would stick in the memory quicker and longer then some long winded “nice, tactful” explanation. To the point is what political correctness has stopped us doing, there is a point when you have to say “enough is now enough”. How much longer do we have to apologize for our history, or for being white/european? Have you noticed that being white is the only race that is not ‘permitted’ to have racist comments directed at? It does not matter what colour you are, if you are racist, you are racist (no reverse about it).

  7. hippybiker

    I will go along with the black gentlemen Mr. Sotameyor. He says “Niggaz are Shit! I don’t want Niggaz in my Hood! I don’t blame him. I don’t trust the fuckers either.

  8. Marcus

    the first steps towards knowledge is to recognize that we are ignorant !!! keep well guys. im Black proud to be. whatever those status are there or not that will not change who you are or what their think you are. be proud to be you. you black then be happy to be!!!!!! the anger on this letter can sow how the majority of them are just IGNORANT and they pretend to know something!!

    1. Alastair Roy

      Hey, stay cool, man – the letter is a hoax. No university in the world, let alone one of the best, would publish such garbage!

  9. Nie Langner

    Written by the same arrogant empire building thieves we stole shamelessly in the name of the British Empire. Morally corrupt despite having had some famous and worthy scollars. Where were the Nurenburg Trials for what you did to the Boers and native Africans whilst pillaging our country!

    Look at what “White Previlledge” has bought the world? Our planet is on the brink of disaster as you have continued to rape it for wealth which you clothe as civilization. If you want to see civilized come and learn from African people! Not those corrupted by your money, but those untouched by your influence.

    An institution claiming to have anything to learn from others is near its own end!

    1. Sven

      The Nurenburg Trials had nothing to do with the Boer war, nor the Native Americans, it did however have everything to do with the War Crimes of the Nazis during World War 2. If it weren’t for the British Empire, China and Japan would still not have the wheel and Africa would still be mostly in the Stone Age with a few Southern Tribes in the early Iron Age.

      Learn your history and discover that the Slaves sold to the Americans by the Black Tribes actually arrived in a country that treated them better than the countries that they had been dispatched from as chattel and if they had been part of the hundreds of millions of Blacks traded by the Arabs, there would not be even one still alive in the USA.

      1. Loraine

        Sven, you are a total igmaramus?! Killing the Boers and starving to death thousands of woman and children sounds like ‘war crimes” to me!!!!!!!! Afrikaner

      1. tony gee

        As the bible says. Let He who is without sin throw the first stone. We have all sinned and fallen short of glory. I’m of Brittish decent with German roots entwined . Self pity is one thing. Racism , violence and jealousy are another. Mix them and u have what’s crawling out of Africa today.

    2. Alastair Roy

      Get a grip – the letter is a hoax, written by some disgruntled white South African! How can you all believe a university, any university, would publish such garbage??

      1. The Publisher Post author


        I have also published the official statement issued by the University (college) on this site. And although this posting may in fact be a hoax – I somehow suspect that this rather arrogant verbiage by the “speaker” could well be indicative of ONE Chancellor or Professor, but that the University may have had to issue an “Official” statement – just to cover their hind-ends.

        Consider the insanity in this world today, and acknowledge the fact that both of these postings COULD be legitimate – and say – thank you for your participation in this discussion. It alone has been worth the posting.


  10. Garth Chait

    Do you know that your Cecil imported some mercenaries and killed about 100 black people in an afternoon – for fun – he organised champers and a braai to celebrate that evening.

    I don’t really care how much intellect you have – in SA we’d call you a doos (a receptical or box for which you don’t have to be too clever to interpret the meaning)

    1. Sven

      What history books have you been reading? I suppose those written by the SACPzanc, no wonder you sprout such undiluted sewerage on these sites that prefer citations and references in history books.

    2. Jason Nolan

      The funny thing is that Shaka Zulu killed over 2 million Xhosa. But there are no calls to pull down any of his statues. In fact they just built a new one for him at the airport they named after him. It seems that black on black killings are fine, of which there have been a far greater number than white on black killings.

      1. Theo

        That’s bullshit. Actually. Shaka never killed over 2 million xhosa. Also you can protest shaka and let us protest Rhodes.

        1. zombie

          It was called the “defacane”…or great killing, major part of S.A. history I’m. afraid…did you school even?

  11. The Publisher Post author

    ’tis an interesting situation we find ourselves at at this late hour (10:45 p.m., April 11, 2015) as this column alone has drawn in excess of 6, 500 viewer/readers on this day alone. There is about 70 minutes to go before the clock strikes midnight.

    And now the question is posed – is this story real? I do not have the answer at this moment, however I would like to believe that somewhere in this world – there are Professors who will not stoop to the level of political correctness. I personally am tired of the pansy-waste (spelling intentional) calibre of students that we entertain in the American Universities. It’s a tough world out there. Take responsibility for your actions – and grow the hell up!

    If the above is true, all I can say is, “Jolly good show!”

    1. Sven

      It is true, even the Rhodes must fall at the University of Cape Town were human waste was thrown and smeared on the Rhodes statue.

  12. Kevin

    I see positive and negative comments here….depending on where you stand……however no one has been able to argue the fact ….that….black Africans….have an intellectual deficit……sad actually…..now they want to turn the whole thing around…and lay blame at everyone else’s door…..no one owes you anything…get over it!…..there is no political correctness here……I’m gust “correct”

    1. Theo

      Take any of the Rhodes must fall black african student in Oxford and evaluate your iq against theirs. They are probably much smarter than you. If they have an intellectual deficit then I don’t know what that would say about you.

  13. supag

    As a white South African, still living in SA…I am so tired of every “view point” becoming a protest that turns into a violent burning frenzy. Wanting to burn and break anything that was built by a white man. The constant demands, and if you dare stand up for your rights as a citizen, you are deemed a racist. So very very tiring. If only a new debate could be started with facts and insight, instead all that is ever done is play the race card. over and over and over again. Say something NEW?

    Take a stand against something more relevant: the current corrupt arrogant nepotistic ANC government that are squandering millions instead of investing in the universities and students!

    1. Theo

      Racism is relevant. I don’t know what cosmic or supernatural event happened in the past 20 odd years that brought about the extinction of anti black racism after it being a norm for centuries for white people.Or how dealing with the impact of past oppression, racism, white thuggery, disenfranchisement, theft, rape and murders of black people is not relevant. Facts and insight is supposedly what you have? And all these students have none? Stop with the bullshit.

      1. Tired of the race card.

        Theo you are clueless and part of the problem. In 1992 just short of 70% of white registered voters voted AGAINST apartheid! Over 2/3’s of white South Africans were NOT racists. We are NOT racist JUST because we are white. When you start THINKING and stop accusing anyone of racism just because of the colour of their skin, THEN you will be able to debate in a mature and intelligent fashion. That article made some offensive statements but one statement is true; mature intellect debates, they don’t tear down. Something is not true merely because you say it is.

      2. clayton

        So segregation was rape? You second rate human being… your own culture is known for murder torture rape theft , how many news report have you read of a house being robbed by white men
        While they take turns raping the woman and children , then torture babies and murder the occupents for shits and giggles.
        The black species is the number one most racist group of un evolved human beings. You hate white people. You lot hate chinese people. You lot hate the indians … you even hate your different cultures. – your own people ffks… i for one am tired of your existence…

  14. supag

    A quote from Nelson Mandela (you can follow the official Twitter account of the Nelson Mandela Foundation @NelsonMandela)
    “The preamble to our Constitution reminds us to honour those who sacrificed for justice and freedom in our land and to respect those who built and developed our land. Those two phrases represent a profound call to reconciliation amongst the various strands of our often conflicting history”
    Couldnt have said it better myself.

    1. Umfundisi

      A new generation of Black people in SA considers the Constitution to be out of date , having no relevance to their aspirations of Black replacements and supremacy. Non-Blacks are being excluded more and more from government employment and contracts, land ownership, college education and national sporting selection. This is euphemistically called Transformation, Affirmative Action and BEE (Black Economic Empowerment)….all of which are unmitigated racial, social and economic evils. The Mandela/de Klerk high hopes of racial reconciliation , integration , the sharing of power and of equal opportunities for all citizens have long been forgotten and been replaced by new oppressive political policies. This is much worse than Apartheid ever was because then, at least ,each of the several Black tribal nations had their own self-government, more advanced than Lesotho, Botswana or Swaziland.
      The only way forward now in the political evolution of the country is to replace the current autocratic Democratic government …where winner takes all… with a Republic form of government made up of representatives from the numerous ethnic groups. This will lay sound foundation for peace and prosperity for all citizens.
      Vuka, Mandela, vuka ! Your country has need of you.

    2. Theo

      Would it not be nice if we just came up with quotes and that somehow erased atrocities and made everyone equal? Reconciliation is a process. It’s not just respect. Also Mandela purposely held sycophantic views aimed at calming the country. Also Mandela is not the brain power of black people. We are individuals who think for themselves.

  15. Rod. Kruger

    I am a Historian in South Africa. I so agree with your letter, Rhodes was a difficult man but one of vision, who used his wealth to move the country forward. How many rich men have done that?
    As to ‘Great Zimbabwe’ it is almost certain it was not built by the Bantu Tribes, but by another, brown skinned peoples, who built in stone all over Southern Africa. There are ruins not far from where I live. These peoples were in all likelihood wiped out during the Bantu emigration into Southern Africa.
    Do please give credit where credit id due: the Bantu Peoples never lived in mud huts! They lived in grass huts.
    I deplore the recent removal of Rhode’s statue from the University of Cape Town and the burning of paintings there, some (not surprisingly) painted by blacks.

  16. David G

    Bravo Oriel College, a superb piece of writing!

    I am a South African who happens to believe that we should EARN our place in civilized society, not by some gracious right, but by applying our talents for the betterment of ourselves and others.

    Please feel free to dispatch those IGNORANT rowdy b@stards straight back from whence their undeserving arses came, and replace them with more suitable students – the type that wish to benefit from a higher learning institute so noble as yours.

    I can only dream of what my life would have been had I been given the opportunity to acquire my qualifications from this renowned and respected place. The hallowed halls of OXFORD should be filled with FREE THINKERS, not FREE LOADERS

  17. Brenda Nel

    I am a white South African for context. History is seldom pure facts or the truth. It is a truth. Even the truth as interpreted here is a truth. It looses credibility with the utter lack of understanding or then truth about the black African ( Africa is not just black) because the interpretation is purely from a British or western perspective, and the measurements of a successful society holding true for the western culture, which might have science and buildings and bridges to boast about, but not much more. By saying this, I by no means condone violence and ignorance, nor the damage or destruction of anything or anyone, but that is not just an African trademark. It is a human trademark. I do fully support the upholding and protection of your proud institution and its history. Do so proudly and with right. I do not support your condescending tone and shortsightedness of the African culture and history, however blemished today. South Africa today faces many challenges, most as a direct result of British conduct, many as a result of the current conduct of the ruling government under various ideological influences, including British. Insult and belittlement does not belong in this dialogue.

    1. Steve

      It is interesting to note that history is more often than not recorded from the perspective of the conqueror and not the conquered.

  18. Raj Bunny

    If I were a profiler, which I am not, I’d say the author is a white South African male, but there are amateurish (or more worryingly – genuine) mistakes, which leads me to believe this truly was written by a white guy from across the pond.
    To be clear, I agree with the author in as much as we should not be re-writing history, it should be preserved in all its glory and it’s undeniable fuck up’s – otherwise how will we learn! The author presents his arguments well but manages to promote his distaste for Africa’s contribution to the world we live in today, as if it’s just another logical argument.
    I’m sorry but I saw what you did there, and either you did it, on purpose, or not.
    Privilege is when you look at YOUR History and count all the accomplishments that got you where you are today
    Privilege is when you look at YOUR History and NOT count the impact of all the accomplishments you benefit from on those who paid the true cost of those benefits
    Privilege is when you look at YOUR History and say Look how far we have come from Conquering Imperialists to Conquering Capitalists – this is YOUR great measure of success!
    Privilege is when you look at YOUR history and fail to ask what if western civilization had not won out – what would our inheritance be today if our culture was one of Ubuntu and not capitalism? What if we’d embraced African culture, what would the history books have said about you and yours? What makes your world view so much more worthy than anyone else’s. Argue your case, not your prejudice!

    Luckily this contribution is now in the history books too!

    1. Umfundisi

      Ubuntu is a narrow tribal concept…..akin to the ubuntu of vultures and hyenas. You take what you can from the carcass but never contribute to the welfare of greater humanity. Ubuntu has never opened a clinic or a school; never planted an orchard or a vineyard; never invented a wheel or a world view. Before civilisation came the marauding tribes from the north were annihilating the weaker tribes as they pushed their way down Africa. Despotic rule and fear, ignorance and superstition , starvation and sickness were the common lot of the people. The slaves were the lucky ones to get away from this miserable existence. UNTIL….until civilisation came and brought order and stability, industry and thrift. It was the start of a new era which has evolved into the situation we have today where Africans can hold the highest positions in society and deliver the services of a modern civilised society. It is a work still in progress but the ability and the means are there to achieve success for all citizens, not only ANC comrades. Tribalism and anti-white racism are the tools of the non-achievers …… the fools of this world who do not see the dangers of reverting to the communality of the jungle .

      1. supag

        Your first reply to my earlier quote by Mandela was very well written, with much insight. And so is this one. Very well said.

      2. Andre

        You should check out the Ubuntu contributions party running for municipal by elections in 2016. It may give you a more hopefully outlook on Ubuntu.

  19. Milton Bilyeu

    If they don’t like it don’t go there send them back where they belong if they want to education fine but leave things as they are

  20. Phoenix Rain

    I know only this… That love is the only thing that’s real… Rhodes or no roads(and the spelling is on purpose for the literate among us)… Only love is real!!! Its when we lose respect for ourselves that we desperately grab and pull and kick and scream… Any feable attempt to make sense of it all… If one can imagine a chicken whos head has been freshly cut! Who are we without our stories, our racially charged stories…in actuality… Perfect beyond measure! ONLY LOVE IS REAL… Human Being from Planet Earth

  21. John H

    Would you please consider me as a replacement for this individual and I will be glad to accept and finish his scholarship. :-)

  22. Damian Budd

    As a South African who has lived in the UK (and visited Oxford)… All I can say is brilliant letter. You tell them straight!

  23. Rod. Kruger

    Reading the various comments about Nelson Mandela, I am surprised at how ignorant most people are about this man and what a splendid white-wash job the ANC have done for him. The bombs he planted in public places killed not only whites but black women, kids, dogs and did great damage, just like the Irish IRA bombs did. These bombs were designed and built by a white husband and wife. Mandela was tried for high treason and multiple murders, not for his political thinking. Just at the moment there is much debate in South Africa about weather to release the murderer of Chris Hani, an ANC activist. This man has been jailed for 20 years for killing just one man. Mandela killed many!

  24. Alex

    As a South African Student, who has been caught in the middle of the Racial Strikes, “movements’ and, in some cases, violence, I absolutely loved that!! The man did not hold back either, mentioning specific names, brilliant. If only This response could be circulated to those behind the “movement”.
    where is the “go Viral” button?

    1. Marinda Botes

      Excellent. What a refreshingly honest write. Why on earth are white people so scared of honesty because they are white? And why do black peoples believe they have the right to abuse because of the colour of their skin? How petty one must be to think that a statue can harm you? Nothing we take down or break down can change the facts. Only the living can make an effort to ensure that wrongs will not be repeated by living it. Look forward, live forward. Take your time and energy to endevout to change the future for the better and stop bitching about the past- especially as you were not exactly there. From that very past you are gaining and you have no idea of suffering. And if you should try to change the facts then your children will never know them. Without true knowledge, there is no foundation for the future. What a waste of money, time and energy. If it is also a waste of intellect, I have missed it.

  25. Len

    My my. Who would have thought that Oxford is really THAT backward. It really is revealing itself as the provincial backwater of contemporary politics. How the might have fallen.

  26. Len

    Ok. So you probably need me to put that in a language that you can understand. Sigh. Yawn.

    Just because you can buy your way into the Carnegie, doesn’t mean you can sing.

  27. Peter Kemp

    I hope you all go extinct, you are a disgrace to nature. Push the button and get rid of the human trash.

  28. Louis Turner

    Even a well balanced chip of burning Hickory on each shoulder would limit the distance of the small minded, lest the smoke show them the way to the town called “enlightenment!” This is an absolutely brilliant article! Great post Jeff Bennett!

  29. Kevin Large

    We non graduates in South Africa are dumbstruck by the behaviour and mindset of these activists who are mainly on bursaries from the state or institutes. There is a definite political aganda behind these rebellious students who have partaken in the desecration of part of our (and their) heritage. It amazes us how the days, before all this protection for the lazy, unwilling to work mindless people, have disappeared where if you were not happy with your employer or place of employment you would resign and seek other, better employment. Not today. It’s strikes, marches, looting, and anarchy. We say withhold future bursaries and make everyone who wants to study further for the betterment of their lives go out and work to obtain their degrees.

  30. Len

    Sad thing about Oriel’s argument – (wasn’t Oriel the name of a fish in some animation movie? If I remember correctly it lived in a fish bowl?) – is, of course, that you can only hold all those opinions about Africa and its people if you’ve had a very mediocre education; one that is no doubt being inflicted on all the poor students at Oxford. To the author: Dude (yes, I am assuming you are a white male), go get yourself a copy of Bernal’s Black Athena. Don’t bother going to your poorly stocked library – it won’t be there. Get it on Amazon. When you’ve read it, leave a message here so we can further your education.

    1. LittleMe

      In the mean time you can go to the Disney section of your local video shop to take out ARIEL..oh sorry – I don’t think it has a black fish in it – so it will most probably then be labelled as a racist movie.

  31. Pippa

    This letter was never issued by Oxford University. This entire debate is based on a falsely attributed documented. You should all do some background research before you start arguing about deeply complex and sensitive social/ historical issues.

    “A letter about the Cecil Rhodes statue at Oxford University began to be widely circulated via social media and e-mail after it was originally published on the web site Breitbart in December 2015. The message (a missive that in part laments today’s politically correct culture) is often preceded by the claim that it is an official letter from Oxford University’s chancellor, Chris Patten. The original posting on Breitbart starts with a small disclaimer informing the reader that the following message is what Oxford should have told its students, and not what the university actually said:

    Instead of standing up to these hoity-toity grievance mongers – led by two black South African students on scholarships – Oriel has caved.

    Here is the letter that Oriel College should have written to the campaigners from Rhodes Must Fall.

    The above-displayed message was eventually stripped from the letter and replaced with the claim that it was an official piece of correspondence from Patten to the student’s of Oxford”


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  33. Ena Eastcroft

    Been to see Rhodes Memorial in Cape Town recently. The “students” cut off his nose. Left all the rest of him still sitting looking over Cape Town. So they cut off his nose to spite whose face. What a pointless excercise. And this from the future intelligeca of South Africa. We already have one idiot ruling the land, how many more to follow?

    1. Kevin

      Agree cannot understand why we apologise to these ignorant idiots who are Incapable of creating anything cannot even feed themselves yet always blaming whites for all yr incapabilities and failure to compete with civilisation
      Everything you know is from white man we do not need anything from you
      NO more apologies to this breed please

    2. bloopy

      And history will revile them the same way it does other groups and cultures who destroy historical reference.

  34. Ryan

    This very student refused to tip a white waitress after services rendered and instead wrote on the bill ‘ we will tip you when you give the land back’ and then when onto further gloat on his Facebook page about how he made this young woman cry ‘white tears’ and how that in turn brought a smile to his face! I for one think this to be appalling behavior from a so called educated man…

  35. Pappie

    As an South African I can confirm that these activist are struggling since birth and they will struggle until dead. The only thing they can do is DESTROY, they themselves has and never will build something from nothing. They think an education take them out of the bush, huh?

  36. Nell

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion… no one on earth is entitled to undervalue Africa’s contribution to the world. You lost me at talking about mud houses… ancient civilisations that never felt the need to colonise… we are dealing with historical entitlement versus modern day entitlement. If you pay restoration for plundering us in the past, we would fare far better than you with the funds. Pioneers who did the first heart transplant to mentioned but one achievement. Brilliant and creative minds… And, if a Saffa wrote this, we will say so. My country is known for being direct. Greetings from a white South African.

  37. Dorette Van Rooyen

    I applaud the author of this letter. As a South African I hang my head in shame when I read about the ungrateful attitude the Rhodes scholarship students show towards their benefactor. It seems as if they are not intelligent enough to realise that the person they hate is the person that made their further studies possible. Could the student not be stripped of the privilege of studying on a Rhodes scholarship at Oxford? Dorette I wish I could have the privilege to set foot, let alone study, at such a revered institution.

  38. Doctor Marie

    Very well said sir! I wanted to stand and clap my hands while I was reading this. Nelson Mandela must be turning over his grave! What an arrogant pip squeak!

  39. Kev

    For all the comments above, we all forget that his actions were purely to demoralize and humiliate the waitress and to boast his own ego in front of his friends. He is only a low self esteemed egotistical pig for his uncalled for actions to the waitress.

  40. Henricus vd Ryst

    It’s simple . we are all part of the human race. Do unto others as you wish to be done unto you. Love thy neighbour as thyself. Real Christians don’t have race issues with one another. If these guys had Jesus in their lives , this would not even have been a issue .

  41. Noelene Oakley

    Thoroughly enjoyed reading people’s views. Did not agree with everybody, but found it entertaining.

  42. Gareth

    What really makes me laugh is that most of these so called activists were not even born during the apartheid era…they were born after it ended.

    I was just of voting age when the referendum was held to decide if apartheid should end….and I voted to end the injustice.

    Now all these years later these snot nosed little shits who have been born into a so called free South Africa want to play the hard done by race card. Well let me state that the only freedom is to leave or be brutalised , burgled ,beaten ,raped or murdered for being white, if you’re white you have no prospects . all the years of colonial rule and apartheid management that saw S.A flourish even under trade sanctions , the infrastructure and agricultural and general business development has been utterly wasted and is in such decay that a self sustaining independent future is about as realistic as being told you’re the winner of the Nigerian national lottery.

    Apartheid was NOT right but it worked.
    It kept the educated minority in a place where they could developer and grow the economy.. There was a time when the exchange rate proved that.

    The real issue is not race …its mentality. If you hold onto the past (especially one not of your own experience) then there is no future.
    African Americans in general still cling to slavery like a safety blanket …Black Africans to apartheid …

    Every race group has built actual tangible societies and cities, monuments etc with infrastructure and roads , amenities and monuments…..what has the black man ever built??? The Egyptians did, the Babylonians did , the Indians did, the Chinese did, heck even the Mongolians did…the only group who never did!!!!!! Quick to tear down and point the finger of injustice .
    Having said that..IT IS A GENERALISATION as there are individuals who have the right mindset and drive to suck it up and crack on.

    Now that I am no longer welcome in S.A because I’m white do I wait for a handout or bitch about injustice, do I protest for removal of anything that historically has led to this point…. No… I get off my arse every day and work hard at everything I do to forge a future for myself because I know one day the land will once again be empty thanks to disease, war or natural selection and once again it will cry out to be re colonised by every man woman and child of every race creed and colour who actually just want to get on with it.

  43. Justin

    Whoop, a platform to potentially appreciate my line:

    This is whack consciousness for a’zany youth :D

  44. Sports

    Lots of angst. What gets me is the limp wrist attitude to bad behaviour, there is supposed to be a code of conduct. Its called discapline. Well there was. Now it’s all stuffed because every time a black doesn’t get his own way it’s because he is being oppressed or hard done by off course Whites. I served in the last actual South African Army, with whites and proud discaplined self respecting blacks , who fought tooth and nail to suppress communism in Southern Africa ( fat lot of good that did , seeing they don’t realize communism is as dead as disco) Those proud fighting battalions regognised as the best in the world were immediately disbanded by the ANC as ” mercenaries ” and replaced by the standing joke called Nkonto se zizwe. The Army is a joke , the Airforce planes are flown by ” white consultants” and the Navy is in the dry dock with everything stuffed beyond repair. If the current defence force got training like we did , it would be regarded as abuse. They formed a defence union??? So they can’t be discaplined. So they are all fat, incompetent and arrogant. One Navy Commander told the media we need Subs so the personal don’t get bitten by sharks. Like every single state institution or entity is stuffed since they took over, and they blame it on Rhodes, colonialism and apartheid. It’s all a resource for a John Cleese comedy” How not to run a country ” it would be a best seller. Racist ? No, the truth yes.

  45. Gavin

    Theo you are racist troll seeking attention, your rants and torts are pathetic, especially your stupid reasoning…

  46. Doug Botha

    Thank You Oxford, these useless tossers need to be put in their place. I am ashamed to say I am South African. They should rather focus on things that are needed in SA like the prevention of their parents robbing and stealibg our treasuries empty every day. South Africa has really gone backwards.

    I must add that the number on Africans now in the UK is alarming. You are being infiltrated for a takeover. Look at how your towns streets are deteriorating and going backwards.

    There was a reason we had apartheid in SA, these elements need to be controlled and cannot function on their own will. When they do you have the likes of these tossrrs who are raducal idiots that need to be disposed of immedistely.


    The white man that they so intensly dislike is the one who feeds them and keeps them alive. They are nothing without us.

  47. Alf Hutchison

    Ode to a proud Oxford Rhodes scholar…

    I used to be an Oxford scholar, but I am no more,
    Because I am a radical racist to my very core.
    I showed that white waitress that I am big and strong,
    Telling her that in South Africa, she does not belong.

    I was so happy and so proud of being a racist Black,
    Mocking that white waitress and watching her crack,
    Breaking down in tears , after mocking her fair skin,
    Letting her see her ‘evil’ and my hatred deep within.

    My name is Ntokozo Qwabe with a tiny wasted brain,
    Happy to use a Rhodes Scholarship; and to feel no pain,
    Mocking the very man who paid my entrance fee,
    Gladly biting the benevolent hand that was feeding me.

    My country needs me to promote more disharmony,
    The ANC they may make me minister of skulduggery;
    And maybe Malema will crown me with a red beret,
    Then when we ‘toy-toy’ sing my Oxford “Hip, Hip, Hooray”

    Alf Hutchison .
    Author Sounds Of Distant Drums

  48. Liza

    I just want to say to the author of the letter in discussion, well said -“so ‘n bek moet jêm kry”! :))

  49. Ken

    Black Africans genes are closer to Bonobos than to those of white humans. They lack the foresight gene and want the white mans world , but don’t want the white man in it. What their underdeveloped brain cannot fathom out is that the White mans world comes with him and leaves with him. This can be seen in every country north of the Limpopo. In 1980 the Zim dollar was equal to the USA dollar. 36 years later 100 trillion dollars was worth 3 USA dollars. China owns more of the country than the local Africans. Please don’t let that happen to your country.. For the record my ancestors arrived in the Cape in the mud 1600s, before going to Rhodesia in the late 1800s. I would love to know what would really be achieved by removing Rhodes statue. I bet no one could explain.

  50. Ken

    Africans lack the foresight gene, which would make it difficult for Mr. Qwabe to justify his need to destroy a statue. They do not have the foresight to understand the outcome from a set of actions. This can be seen in many. examples, one of which is that they want the white mans world without the White man in it. They fail to understand that these things leave when the white man leaves. It takes a while for this to be realised. Look at every country north of th Limpopo, like Zimbabwe where it took less than ten years to fall apart. Another example showing the lack of foresight is that of the millions of inventions throughout the world, none were made by an African. For South Africa to survive the twenty odd races are going to have to use each other’s strength and tolerate their differences.

  51. Mr me

    Black people are no angels and are just as fallible as anyone else. But now that we’re on the subject of British imperialism, let me share a little of the British history we’ve learnt about (no offence intended): They got rich stealing loot stolen by the Spanish from the natives of South America. They invaded North America and Australia where they committed mass murder (genocide) against the native peoples so they could steal their land, unopposed. Does the disastrous Iraq invasion, which left over a million innocent Iraqis dead, ring any bells? They invented segregation (apartheid) and modern day concentration camps where even their white (boer) brethren were starved to death. (apologies to the Nazis). As for Rhodes, the less said, the better. But they are, afterall, your ‘heroes’, and you can keep them. Even Adolf (aryan man) Hitler is still a hero to some! In Africa, we consider them as evil invaders who came to kill and steal, something even our sky high crime rates have failed to match. Please feel free to come and remove all his statues and bones from our soil. As for the mud huts being our contribution to humanity, perhaps if you had to include a bit of pre-European history in your hooligan training grounds (schools), you would know that blacks were the world’s first explorers who reached Asia, the Americas and Australia long before Europeans left their cave dwellings. That is why the natives captain Cook found and murdered in Australia were blacks, straight blond hair and all. And apologies for my poor English. It is a foreign language were i am from.

  52. Mr me

    By the way, did i mention that it was the British who made drug addicts out of an entire Asian nation? God save the queen indeed!

  53. Vusi

    Laughable, I am not amazed at this so called reply by Oxford…obviously high googled up words trying to impress. Rhodes statue might not have any adverse meaning to you as it’s presence still instill the sennse of impotance and superiority over the black, however is the opposite to those that were abused by this hoodlum. If you want to glorify the thieves that built churches for your kind, kings that were dictators and murders, fine celebrate them; we however refuse to have the people of this ilk shoved down our throats and have to be grateful for your greed and the rape you have dished out to our continent. As recent as the Iraq war that the brits and americans waged on the Iraqi people; statues that simbolise oppression on the people have been brought down, this has been happening all around the world…so why the hell is it different when South African Blacks feel it’s time to tear them down, we as a people might ne late, but it sure damn is time! Get off your high horses and accept that yyou are not god’s giftt to human race… There is this arrogant nareative that you keep bringing up that your arrival was a blessing to Africans because of the so called civilisation you brought to the continent…let us correct that, your arrival messed up the natural order of things.. when the chick is about hatch you do not break the egg to assist it. You, yourselves started in skins, mud houses and rocks and progressed from there if you even call it progression. You atarted exploring and through meeting up some people learned even new skills and brought them to your lands…When you came to Africa you decided to enforce your way of life to the residents the same way you did with the Asians, the American Indians and wheresoever you have set foot. You brought dieseases and greed thus corruption, basically you practically fucked up our land. And for heaven’s sake, yes we had battles and wars… didn’t you in your lands…how the fuck do you think the great britain was made up? Question, what was different that King Shaka ka Senzangakhona doing to your previous so called conquerors? I get it “autres temps, autres mœurs”
    Your opinion is not greater nor intelligent because you are writing in big words…it is your past that you are reaping it’s benefits that we attempting to correct, I have no problem with your whiteness, but I do have a problem that you are in my way of trying to bring down the walls that have enslaved my people for ages….I have no wish for my offspring to have to deal with this shit thus see it as my duty to deal with it now so it does not have to burden them in the furture!


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