Live Your Life Until the Beautiful End

The most beautiful image I have ever seen.

The most beautiful image I have ever seen.

Over the past few months, many of us have been watching the beautiful but ultimate end of one journey and the beginning of another. The story of Country Music entertainer, Joey Feek, her husband Rory and their now two year old daughter, Indiana has been a wonder to watch.

I’ll not spend time in this brief column to share their adventure, but Joey was told before Thanksgiving of 2015 that her cancer “treatment” was going nowhere, and that she need to prepare to go Home within a matter of weeks. Joey beat the odds, but finally succumbed on March 4 after having lived more in her last few months of life than most people experience in a lifetime. Her complete journey can be viewed at This Life to Live.

Although Joey passed away from Cancer at age 40 – she has now reached the Ultimate Victory.

Thank you Granny for your daily updates of this marvelous story.

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COMMENT received from Gwyn:
Thanks so much for posting ‘This Life I Live’ “God only gives each of us a certain amount of time to be on this earth and every day when we wake up, we get to decide how we are going to spend those precious minutes and hours. There are no do-overs, no second-chances, no next-time-around’s to get it right. Joey knew this and she has made each and every day count.“-R. Feek

Joey Feek lived her life with true grace, what a ‘light’ for us all.. – Gwyn R.

4 thoughts on “Live Your Life Until the Beautiful End

  1. Craig Tarter

    Thank you, Whoever’s had a hand in putting this on your site! It’s an indictment of myself first and foremost, but it could be applied to others as well…I dunno! I’m so quick to acknowledge that pain & misery are real, but when I’m happy & content; in my State of Inanity Continuum, I fail to realize the REALITY of the contemporaneous ambiance. What a dolt I am! God created me with inherent prerogatives; to embrace the here & now with unspeakable joy & gratitude, or to be a whiner harboring some spontaneously concocted belief that He should be my celestial bellhop when I run out of beer, or my sheet of acid is utterly consumed. I’d never heard of that gal before, but I read her husband’s eulogy, it struck me as having been written by someone in possession of a mindset that would serve untold millions well to adopt.

    1. The Publisher Post author


      I take full blame. Joey’s story has been inspirational since Granny first made me aware of it. I spent over an hour listening and watching her video’s on line at You Tube today. Maybe this will warrant my doing a Friday evening ‘Sessions’ of their music – a very calm and inspirational way to end a troubling week for many.

      Thanks for being a part of our Federal Observer family.

      Without Apology,


  2. Craig Tarter

    Howdy. Your taste in music resonates. I heard no references to “rap”, so in my mind you remain in good health. But, that’s comin’ from a moron who slaps together a different religion to suit…whatever! Religion is often merely a person’s psychological crutch. I can’t do this or I can’t do that. What a load! Jesus gifts me things to DO, and if its dying, so be it. Thank you for your response.


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