The REAL State of the Union – 2016

congress_sessionMen, Women and Manettes – I love you all! Finallya gross image that got your juices flowing, but – but – but – where is that butt-head Snarky to disagree and tell us that, “Wikipedia tells ME that this is impossible! There is no way the three elected officials would ever stoop to such vulgarity.“

Well Snark-one – you lose buddy, because each of them do it WITH each other each and every day they are in session. Don’t believe me? Tonight is the State of the Onion address by YOUR boy from the South Side – except this time – they all be sticking it up our a….. Don’t you know – it’s an annual ritual.

They all get to take off early for the day, go home (or back to the office with their choice of male or female interns), down a few drinks to try to muster up enough courage to listen to Barrys ‘ Bullshit – and then maybe – just maybe – one more Congressman or Woman will scream out, “YOU Lie!”, or a Supreme Court Just-US mouths the words, “Not True!” while Ginsburg dozes off out of shear boredom (or too much Manischewitz Concord Grape).

EmptyChairBut don’t worry folks – there will be at least two empty chairs in the hall. The first one not being filled will be that of Ted Cruz (who CLAIMS that he refuses to show up), and the other in remembrance of one Barrys’ ISIS/ISIL/Muslim buddies. And hell – there are then only three more half-days of work before the weekend – and on Monday it’s Martin Luther King Day. HEY – let’s let all of the brother’s and sisters run back to Ferguson and burn the damned place down again.

Read ’em and weep folks! Read ’em and weep!

America burns and Barry just returned from another vacation.

“I said, Shotgun, shoot ‘im fo’ he run now. Do the jerk baby, do it right now.”

Without Apology I am,


7 thoughts on “The REAL State of the Union – 2016

  1. 160by2 login

    “With his last State of the Union, will Obama bring back hope for common ground?”


    Best explained by an old joke: How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?

    One, but the light bulb has to want to change.

  2. Craig Tarter

    I hear Iran has somehow common queered two uvvuh wo ships. Maybe Hilrod might oughtta consort Eleanor with Loretta lynchpinhead as a virtual medium? or at some other such bizarre ass capacity?

    1. The Publisher Post author

      Thanks Teresa.

      There is a very distinct reason that my program is heard on the net and satellite only – I endeavor to piss everyone off at one time or another. the hell with FOX, CNN and all of the rest. I call it as I see it.

      Without Apology…

  3. Craig Tarter

    One man’s trash is another one’s (please don’t overlook the potential ambiguity of 0NE!) potential oracle. Just rearrange the found treasure, turn it inside out, hike up your Kevlar panties, and present it to the world sideways; SHAZAAM!

  4. Teresa

    Too damn funny !! Glad you guys write here & I found you !!
    I love the articles which hit the heart of the grave situation the world is in.
    But the fact there is an injection of humor means we still have our humanity !
    I salute all of you ! Bravo!


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