Ripped Off ….. AGAIN!

supremecourtAs we celebrate 800 years of the birth of the Magna Carta, the symbol of liberty, described by Lord Denning, as, “the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

The United States of America, finds itself in a tail spin heading towards 800 years of regression.

We have an out of control government, with unlawful judicial activists who are trying to defy the metaphor that, “a broken clock tells the right time twice a day.”

The United States Supreme Court had rendered two bogus decisions this week, as they invented law out of thin air.

With regards to the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Courts 6-3 decision only affirms the fact that we are living in anarchy.

Justice Scalia exclaimed that, “words no longer have meaning.”

By redefining the meaning of common words, and redesigning the most basic human institutions, the court has crossed from the realm of activism into the arena of oligarchy, therefore it only makes sense to the wicked, to affirm the second bogus decision, to grant sodomite marriages.

Now, according to this litigious Supreme Court, no law is enforceable.

If we can not enforce a law, everybody can do as they please.

new us flagWe can marry barn yard animals, and throw grandma out on the streets to operate a jack hammer to pay her fair share into the welfare system, where the militant members of society while away their time just hanging out, and burning shit down.

These justices really didn’t do anything good to help the people, or to promote the common good.

Thursday’s ruling in King v Burwell, was the courts opinion that Obama Care was too big to fail. so Justice Roberts once again, unlawfully sabotaged this decision using pontifical gymnastics instead of applying his sworn duty to interpret the law, and plucked a decision out of the air, rather than ruling in favor of the 34 states that were opposed to this sinister,arbitrary, “law of the land.”

Justice John Roberts is a disgrace to our legal system, and in my opinion, a disgraceful individual period.

He struts around proud as a Peacock for abolishing Texas states rights with his pro bono work in Lawrence v Texas, where Roberts became a cause célèbre, to the twisted sodomites.

This little sodomite darling has done more harm to our country than any Communist leader, with the exception of Barack Obama himself, the despot who lil Johnny Boy Roberts pimps for.

He is an Obama stooge, helping this evil regime destroy the country.

So, you have to ask yourself, what’s the use of voting in this contaminated system of corruption?

You’ll hear the neo con pundits chirp about voting Republican so you’ll get conservative judges on the Supreme Court, then all of the witless legislation handed down, are the decisions rendered by conservative judges, installed by Republican presidents.

This is mind blowing shit, and it’s the same old stale story with every election.

Hey, vote for me, I’m a law and order advocate“, then you read about this nut sodomizing some kid in a toilet, stating he was lost, Ahh … only looking for the cloak room.

These guys try every machination to get our votes. Licking our boots, and promising the moon, but once the election is over, you either never hear from them again, or they betray you.

I can’t see why more people aren’t voicing their outrage.

Do we have to burn cities down before our legitimate dissent is recognized by these jackasses who have hi jacked our government and are telling us to eat cake?

I don’t think so.

remove flagI think it’s time to have a show down while we still have any semblance of a country left.

Obama Care rip offs, and degenerate, unnatural definitions of marriage, were not lawfully enacted statutes.

They do not serve our country for the common good, so I would advise all veterans to stand by.

They did not rescind our oath to protect the people from all enemies … both foreign and domestic, unless of course, you like living under a totalitarian cess pool.

June 28, 2015

~ About the Author ~
biesada_thumb_newFederal Observer contributing columnist Rick Biesada is the co-founder of The Chicago Minuteman Project.

Although Rick’s radio program is no longer on the air, we applaud the work that he did for so many years on the air – and continues to do through his efforts for the Federal Observer.

5 thoughts on “Ripped Off ….. AGAIN!

  1. hippybiker

    I think we need to think about the advice of one Pancho Villa…”The people need to vote from the roof tops.” I think our founding fathers would approve. What think the Peanut Gallery? Or, are you too busy watching over priced, thug Negroes throwing a ball around?

    1. Osh

      good one Hippy…only it was Generalissimo Emeliano Zapata of Mexico’s Army of the South, speaking from Juarez in 1911…. You knew it was one of those bandit type generals though didn’t

      1. hippybiker

        Thank you, Osh, and I stand corrected. Zapata also quoted John Adams when he said “He would rather die standing on his feet then live life on his knees.”

  2. Osh

    …and thanks Rick for another fine article. Question: How do we go about voting the trash out of office with black box voting now in place. Sine the boxes go to the polls with the winners already programmed, what else is there but the torches and pitchforks parade??..


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