May 28, 2013: Obama Signs The Monsanto Protection Act

roundupThe title of this posting is not the day Obama signed H.R. 933 into law, but the day the following film was posted to You Tube.

In addition, we have chosen to post in light of our current posting, Major Monsanto Lawsuit Completely Blacked out by Media on Dr. Kelley: Curing the Incurable

From the video posting “Obama signs Monsanto Protection Act! It’s Time to Label GMOs! We regret to inform you that President Barack Obama has signed H.R. 933, which contained the Monsanto Protection Act, into law. President Obama knowingly signed the Monsanto Protection Act over the urgent pleas of more than 250,000 Americans who asked that he use his executive authority to veto it. President Obama failed to live up to his oath to protect the American people and our constitution.

5 Appalling Facts About The Monsanto Protection Act Obama Signed Into Law

Seeds Of Death is a Gary Null Production all rights belong to him. The truth belongs to all of us!

The leaders of Big Agriculture–Monsanto, DuPont, Syngenta–are determined that world’s populations remain ignorant about the serious health and environmental risks of genetically modified crops and industrial agriculture. Deep layers of deception and corruption underlie both the science favoring GMOs and the corporations and governments supporting them.

This award-winning documentary, Seeds of Death, exposes the lies about GMOs and pulls back the curtains to witness our planet’s future if Big Agriculture’s new green revolution becomes our dominant food supply.

2 thoughts on “May 28, 2013: Obama Signs The Monsanto Protection Act

  1. Craig Tarter

    This stupid piece of SHIT that continues to be mislabeled “President”, only POSSESSES one “cure”. It pertains to LIFE! What is it? Being blessedly shy of Bury’s immaculate misconception of things, I can only speculate. It’s most revered institution is DEATH! And it wants to “share”. That’s my guess/conclusion/summary of its given ambiance/interpretation of its innumerable vapid rhetorical dispatches of uhhhhhhs, mmms, & “well, you’ve gotta knows”. FUCK obama.


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